Friday, January 30, 2015

The Banality of Europe's Irrelevance

The Banality of Europe's Irrelevance.

And yet our soul is open to Western culture; we see it, study it, know it and, if there is something to it, make it ours; we speak its languages and value the work of its best artists; we have the gift of sympathy and transformation. 
Europeans don’t have this gift. They understand only that which is similar to them, but then distort everything to conform with their own way. For them, the Russian is foreign, disturbing, alien, strange, not attractive. They look down at us proudly from above and consider our culture either worthless or some sort of great and enigmatic ‘misunderstanding’.
***********************And so, Western Europe doesn’t know Russia. But the unknown is always fearful. And Russia, because of the size of its population, its territory, and its natural resources, is enormous. An enormous unknown is always considered an existential threat, especially after Russia showed Europe the glory of its soldiers and the genius of its commanders in the 18th and 19th centuries
But fear is degrading, and so people conceal it with contempt and hatred. Ignorance, fed by fear, contempt and hate, fantasizes, rants, and fabricates. It is true that we saw German and Austrian prisoners of war return to Europe from Russian camps dreaming of Russia and the Russian people. But the majority of Europeans and especially their democratic ministers feed on ignorance, are afraid of Russia and continually dream of weakening it.  
****************************Europe’s fundamental attitude to Russia is that it is an enigmatic, semi-barbaric ‘void’; it needs to be ‘evangelized’ or converted to Catholicism, ‘colonized’ (literally) and civilized; if necessary, it can and should be used for trade and for Western Europeanobjectives and intrigues; nevertheless, it is always necessary to weaken it. How? 
By dragging it at an inconvenient moment into destructive wars; by not allowing it access to the seas; if possible, by dismembering it into small states; if possible, by reducing its population (for instance, by supporting Bolshevik terror, which was the policy of Germany from 1917 to 1938); if possible, by sowing revolution and civil war (as in China); and then by installing international agents in Russia, by stubbornly imposing Western European forms of republicanism, democracy, and federalism which the Russian people cannot stand, by political and diplomatically isolating it, but insistently exposing its ‘imperialism’, its imaginary ‘reactionary nature’, its ‘lack of culture’ and its ‘aggression’.  
'Against Russia' Ivan Ilyin - 1948 (Russian Political Philosopher)

The present crisis, the door step of the new Cold War or worse, has shown us Russians in the first and the rest of the world in the second, the truth behind the masks of Europe and the EU in particular. The European superstate and its ruling elites, with their army of gray, unelected bureaucrats and technocrats have been unmasked and it is not some flowing beauty that was discovered.

Several things have become apparent. First and foremost, Europe, with few exceptions, has no will of its own. It is a harem of whores, standing on street corners, collecting their geld for their American pimps and owners. Europe has no will of its own, no political might and no self identity. It is based on godless greed and desire to stay in power to reap the wealth that its peasants produce. That is the modern EU, a state first and foremost ruled by the madam of the European House of Sodom: Merkel, who herself answers to her owners in DC.

Secondly we learned that European wealth is also a precarious creature. Even before our eyes, the Euro is devaluating at an incredible pace against the dollar and the Swiss Frank is all but dead. By following the dictates of her owners, Europe has laid down upon Russia a host of sanctions, which were followed by the double sanctions from Russia: the direct sanction on food and the indirect sanctions of a depreciated ruble driving out European goods.

Europe, regardless of the rabid flow of blood from the many self induced wounds, continues to cut itself as a masochistic slave, on command of her sadistic masters in DC. Nothing will stop this, at least not as long as the whores of DC stay in power and with few exceptions, the dumbed down slave races, that make up the majority of the European populations, will never rise up in revolt. They have been brainwashed, neutered, dehumanized and deChristianized. They have been fed on easy credit and over indulgence on one hand and fear on the other. In otherwords, they are broken and if pushed out, like a house cat, would quickly run back and ask to be locked back up in the communal gulag called the EU.

Secondly, we have seen that regardless of its actual status, Europe's leaders are deep in their own self importance and self love. They have gotten used to the ever presence of the country bumpkin, Russia, at Europe's ceramonies. That awkward giant who just wants to belong but is never good enough and can always be counted on for some good laughs and cheap resources.

What Europe missed in the years from 2008-2013 was that Russia had already psychologically started to wake up and renew its own self worth. The Georgian War had started that slow fuse blowing. The water fall of lies and negativity over the Olympics had fed petro on that flame. Ukraine had exploded that charge wide open.

Europe, of course, did not understand this and still does not understand this. They are confused or have convinced themselves of the temporary nature of the Russian turn away from Europe. High on their own self opinions and egged on by the spoilers in DC, the Europeans continue to come with high demands, not noticing that not only are the gates closed but no one is on the walls to listen to them.

The two gas deals with China, the work on a gas deal with S.Korea, the work towards a gas pipeline to India, the economic development deals with China and India, all worth hundreds of billions, the joint currency swaps, the military and open support for Iran, The close trade and military relations with Brazil and Argentina, were not creations of the last minute. In all cases they were in the works for several years and have now had the importance for their fulfillment.

Equally the development of Russia's own payment platforms and the joint Russian-Chinese Swift system and ratings agencies have demonstrated that Russia can do everything that Europe offered, itself, without the European condescending scowls.

Europe's response has been to further pressure Russia without realizing that Russia is no longer interested in playing the game with Europe, in being European or even looking at Europeans as equals, but more to something akin to a big cage full of hamsters. In other words, Russia has packed up her toys and left the European sandbox, building her Eurasian one in its stead and inviting a whole new gang of kids over.

This was further affirmed by the cancellation of South Stream and its rerouting to Turkey. The Turks have wasted no time in putting their foot down on Europe's collective throats as this is going to be pay back for the Roman slights of the past 30 years. The generous Russian discounts for gas will now be gone, the Turks have said as much. There will be price increases. So no matter even if Europe still gets some share of the Russian gas after 2019, it will be more expensive with the Turks playing landlord to the European energy.

The Europeans, who over played their hand, by ignoring the written and signed contracts and tried to force the Third Energy Packet on Russia after they had agreed on South Stream, could not understanding that the game was up. They declared this a strategy of Moscow and that they would arrive at the palace of the barbarians and teach them how things are done by the civilized Europeons. And Peons they proved themselves.No one answered the door chime.

To all this, the Madam of the EU whore house has decided to "appease" us poor Russian bumpkins. In her view, if we are kind enough to betray our country's self interests and surrender the Russians in Ukraine to terror, murdered and denationalization, then Merkel will shower us with the gifts of free-trade with German. So we surrender our future and the Germans will flood us with German products on which we can not even collect import duties? Wow, how could we barbarians ever turn away from such a deal?

Equally is gone Russia's participation in PACE. PACE, another body of worthless European bobble heads, who even have an out and out Nazi from Ukraine's Right Sector, as a parliamentarian, over played their hand. Europe has shown that it is not a worthy or trustful partner, that it lies and weasels on its deals. It has continued to escalate the war in Ukraine and blame Russia for not upholding its duties of the Minks agreements. But what duties are those from Russia which is not a direct party to this war?

Europe pushing and cheerleading Poroshenko's nazis to greater heights of murder against Russians in opposition and oppression of Russians in occupation is upholding their duties? Europe allowing a river of its nazis to flow freely into Ukraine, ignoring the hiring of jihadists by Kolomovsky, of genocide, is playing its part? We always expected that from American masons, but had higher hopes for the Europeans...the foolish Russian soul.

The masks are off. Russia has left PACE, it has cut off South Stream, it has cut off Europe from the food market, the full force of which will be felt this spring as hundreds of thousands of European farmers go bankrupt.

But we have also learned to play Europe's games. You decide you can enter our politics and support openly whom you want, well so shall we. Greece is a prime example of what is to come.

We will do our utmost to help the EU kill itself but as many cuts as it takes.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you have noticed, Stanislav, but the Greeks are clearly on your side now.

It makes much more sense for Greece to be allied with Russia than with the EU. Last time I checked they were Orthodox Christians.

And more good news for you the SYRIZA policies of Greece on their 40 point plan say on point 40, closure of military bases of foreigners within the country and an immediate dissolution with NATO.

The guys are even warming up to Turkey which I thought was as possible as Israel getting along with Palestine.

We are witnessing a geopolitical shift of monumental proportions.

Too bad my American compatriots are more obcessed with a football game and alleged cheating by one of the teams, than with the imminent loss of their power.

Jake said...

You realize, of course, that the EU, US and NSA will blackmail the new Greek government into submission, if they can.
Since the new gov't is made up of humans, they've certainly had affairs, unfortunate lapses, minor and major sins.
Unless Russia does something to help protect them, they are also at risk of physical elimination.
It is time for Russia to step up to the plate to protect people who want sovereignty, around the world.

Anonymous said...

(shrug)So you're a barbarian. Welcome to the club. Europeans have always looked down on "furiners"....get over it.

So what is the real purpose of this rant? Does it serve any purpose other than justifying the continuation of this stupid war? Every war during the last century was built of grievance metastasising.

Here is reality:

Little people getting crushed for high sounding bullshit. And if there is a difference between either side - it's not real apparent to outsiders. Shouldn't seem different even to you.

So what can you do? Well, you squeeze your political representatives to do what they can to stop it. If they're properly afraid of constituents - they'll make some effort. I've done that. Have you? Do your representatives fear you? Are you even permitted to have an opinion?

Or is this wallowing in grievance and insult your only contribution?

Another observation. Just what is happening to those "who don't buy the party line" in each of the contested regions? Are Russians in western Ukraine facing abuse? Are Ukraine supporters in the east facing abuse?

This is something to watch....because atrocities have no "do overs". Both sides need to be told in no uncertain terms....if you abuse citizens - reckoning will eventually come.

This ethnic cleansing has to stop. What better place to make an example than Ukraine? Bad characters on both sides need to know fear.

And when you have an example of a "non aligned" civil servant who does his best to carry out duties for *all* citizens - that individual deserves serious and ferocious protection. Regardless of the local situation. That's the right thing to do - and all parties know it.

Stanislav said...

When the Kiev side is owned by the US regime, they don't much fear their people as much as the people in DC...and DC doesn't have anything to fear from its own sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Re: Stanislav
January 31, 2015 at 11:56 PM

And sheeple are there to be slaughtered - right? You seem to know a lot about sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Have no idea if this is staged or real. Hoping Russian reporters will see this one to conclusion.

"Chaban goes on to explain to the mother that Ukrainians face a host of problems — corruption, crime, poverty, unemployment — and chased former President Viktor Yanukovych from office in February to have a better life. Chaban assures her that Ukrainians aren't fascists who eat babies or rape disabled pensioners, but ordinary, peace-loving people who love their country and children. "Tell your son that making a living by depriving other people of their lives is NOT good. May he return home and find other work," Chaban wrote. "May he live peacefully and not take sins on his soul."

Yup, sounds like a Nazi to me

Stanislav said...

1. the Ukinazis have been shelling Donbass towns for 8 months now and murdering people left and right
2. Human Rights International has several times sited them for human rights abuse and genocide
3. Novorussia's practice has been to give the prisoners back to their mothers, one of the reasons the Ukis keep a full blockade now so no mothers get through
4. This is from the Finnish owned (and never once showing a profit) Moscow Times

Its western disinformation at its finest.

Stanislav said...

Knowing much about sheeple is easy, when the West is made up of 600 million of them.

Using the Western owned disinformation source, the Moscow Times aka the "privately" owned version of the CIA Radio Free Europe, is a dead end.

Modern weapons? Ghee, yet to see any of those modern Russian weapons in the hands of the Novorossians, unless you mean 30 year old sniper rifles, 20-30 year old tanks and BTRs and artillery...oh wait, I am quite wrong, they did capture a host of modern American 50 cal browning sniper rifles and M-16s off of the dead mercs.

Anonymous said...

Stanislav said... February 1, 2015 at 8:05 PM

"Using the Western owned disinformation source, the Moscow Times aka the "privately" owned version of the CIA Radio Free Europe, is a dead end."

Sorry, caught that later. This company's headquarters is in the Netherlands. While that doesn't mean it's necessarily a bogus would need a whole lotta insight to give it a clean bill of health. And a native source would have been preferred.

On the other hand, Pravda seems stuck on this "It's all the Amerikan's" narrative...never considering we're not really that good.

So where does that leave us? Someone is lying.

Your description "600million" is probably correct from the standpoint that 99% of these people are not watching this mess....but it's off the mark when it strays into expansions of disinformation. Bluntly, there is no "public servant" in the west who gets a free ride anymore. Anything they say isn't true until verified. Has been that way for a long time - and they know it.

I'd like to believe that Russians are equally skeptical of their "public servants".

Know this idea would probably be shouted down in most countries, but is there a chance both sides could settle down if their rights were protected by law *AND* by force? Say a really tough Bill of Rights + *free* rifles for every citizen?

While there is no question Ukrainian "nuts with rifles" will become a problem - that's still statistical noise compared to the damage this artillery is doing to civilians and infrastructure like airports.

ALL THE TANKS COULD BE PARKED AND WATCHED BY SATELLITES, civil government could return, and some acceptable means found to resolve these conflicts politically?

Just eliminating the fear of naked aggression might allow some wiggle room to calm things down? With "30 year old sniper rifles" acting as the insurance?

If you were here Stanislav, I'd show you shopping malls containing walls of Russian made bolt action rifles for sale. Discounts are offered regularly, and long lines have been known to form...because these are the best bargains around - and everyone knows this.

Haven't looked lately, but suspect those prices are moving up as sanctions start to bite :( Undoubtedly the restrictions will lead to more than a few pissed off people.

But I'm beginning to think Russians may need these more (shaking head).

It's a lot easier to be generous or understanding when you feel safe. And that stuff Russia was shipping here might do the deed for you.

Anonymous said...

Europe is a vassal of the US, and while being tied at the hip to the US has been infected with the same madness that rules the US. Will Europe wake up?

Anonymous said...

Yep. Europe has never understood Russia and it never will.

Europe is a place, a geographic area.

Russia is an idea, a culture, a way of being.

The fact remains that the globalist elites want Russia to fall so they can get their hands on its vast store of mineral wealth... The same reason that white South Africa had to go. It was never about democracy... If the sheep pulled their fingers out of their backsides long enough to do some critical thinking they would be able to join the dots quite easily.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps I've stumbled upon the wrong place :( "This world" seems wedded to grand strategies carried out with unfailing competence?

"My world" seems more "foolish/ignorant people" just trying to cover their ass - or stumble through not looking completly foolish :)

Have tried to imagine events which fit narrative #1 - but can't think of any.

Have asked myself if this is a cynical world view. But pretty much have decided it's not - since most of us really *do* routinely inflict humor upon ourselves.

Case in point. In the west, marketing rascals direct a constant barrage of encouragement for "consumers" (hate that term) to load up on "aspirational purchases". Ie, if one loads up on the trappings of the rich - one might be mistaken for the rich (rolling eyes). Guess this helps keep the economy running by generating demand - but the reality often seems frivolous. Can also be destructive if these people get lured by the debt slavers.

Find myself wondering how much of this Ukraine mess is simply being generated by "monkey see, monkey do"? Not some grander scheme of things?

If the Europeans have serious protections for civil liberties...that certainly might spin deliberation. But I have an awful feeling a lot of this argument is simply people chasing "stuff". And not thinking much beyond that.

From what I've been able to piece together here, Ukraine was in stagnation....but Russia had made progress vs its demons (every country has demons). Then at some point, Ukraine decided it needed quantum leaps...and that's when the fissures appeared.

Now if Ukrainians are willing to painfully sacrifice for their kids...there may be some hope here. Determined parents can make up for a lot.

But for today's parents? They'll probably get nothing. No one ever really knows how to fix things...that takes time, stubbornness, and lots of experimentation. In the meantime - these social arguments which kill people and tear up hard to replace infrastructure truly are heavy baggage.

What were they thinking?

And the follow on effects yield fear everywhere...generating more self fulfilling paranoias. None of us needed this.