Monday, January 5, 2015

Why The Male Is the Key

If one listens to the Feminist theories, and their backing by the spineless Y chromosones that are subservient creatures to them...I will not call these creatures males, as they are not, not even Gammas, one is led to believe that the male is pointless. That women can do all the work and raise all society (well what's left of it) to new heights and males are only needed for breeding and even then technology is working on that issue.

However, if one is to look at actual societies around the world, it becomes quite frankly visible that the male is the key.

What do I mean?

Let us review what the main feature of northern societies that accomplish great leaps in technology are and that of primitive third world, mostly tropical societies, are. The Mediterranean warm climates are a mid way point.

Of course the first thing anyone will say is that starving is almost impossible in the south as food is everywhere and no work is required. And here we come to the crux, no work is required, at least no really heavy work. Once predators are killed off, not even that kind of work is required. One would expect that under such conditions, science, arts and crafts would flourish, with all the spare time. None of it so.

The key characteristics of the third world males are: lazy, aggressive and selfish. The woman, in the paradise, is the worker, she does everything and the male just shows up to breed and eat. So why are these societies not flourishing but have continued to waller in poverty and have technologically not improved?

Indeed, as one goes further north, the male becomes more active, as more work is required in order to survive. At the very northern climes, where winter lasts 4-6 months and survival from the elements is a real question, the males are extremely active, first and foremost in preparing for winter and secondly in creating.

Again, if the Feminist thesis held true, these societies, where the males do all the heavy lifting should be in the rear of the utopian dream, for it is quite that, the utopian dream. As seen by real world evidence, where males are denigrated, effectively not needed and are not the over working, bread winners, poverty and social stagnation rules supreme. The Greeks were quickly conquered by the Romans when they denigrated their males from their roles and when homosexuality flourished. The Romans did the same 400 years later to the Germanic tribes, for the same reasons.

Feminism, like so many other Western humanistic fantasies proves out that it is just that, a fantasy, where historical and current reality need not apply. What we are witnessing now from the West is the same cycle of degeneration and final collapse and possible extinction that has plagued many a society in the past.


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you wrote - being of the female gender I feel it is so important to tell women what a vital role they have in the development of the family - without which the human race ceases to exist. It is mind-boggling to think women give up the joys of motherhood to go work from 9-5 shuffling papers, or whatever.
I gave up a career in music to stay at home to rear 4 children.
Our house was filled with joy, laughter, teaching, schoolwork - great times. As a result they looked forward to marriage and children. So now we have 13 wonderful grandchildren - all homeschooled, learning to walk with God, excellent readers and thinkers. I wouldn't have given that up for anything!!!
Thanks for the article - it needs to be said over and over.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up.

They gored my ox this week:

Less than 24hrs passed before events provided a rebuttal:

Almost inconceivable any newspaper office wouldn't have a shotgun for defense against crazies ....."Whut were they thinkin'?"

Or is it possible the French do not allow citizens to defend themselves? Like the Brits, the Australians?

Putin is up next week....your critical insight might be useful. *If* Russians refuse to be muzzled by government clowns.

Caryl said...

Loved the comments of Anonymous. I, too, am a woman who has always detested feminism. The sad thing about feminism is that it causes women to hate being women. But everything here in the USA is topsy-turvy because there is insufficient tradition, culture, and true religion to counterbalance the incredible "head trip" that has permeated the West. It is the idea that thinking is more real than experience, hence you can design a society based upon mere ideas. This notion, descended from Kant and philosophical idealism, has long since arrived at the toxic phase and has become a weird parody of theological "grace"-- that is, "grace" is what is anti-nature, unnatural. Hence you get women pretending to be men, men pretending to be not-men or sexless, and people desiring to be neither male nor female but "transgendered." These things are in the atmosphere here today. But thank God not everybody is taken in. Christian Russia is the future: that much is known by spiritual and knowing people.

vortex said...

There are actually two feminist movements in the US; gender feminists and equity feminists. Equity feminists came into existence as a reaction to the fact that the entire leadership of NOW and other feminist organizations consisted of unmarried, childless women, the majority of whom self identified as lesbians. Equity feminists had had enough of the pervasive anti-family and anti-male hatred that came to dominate the mobement, particularly since it had nothing to do with equality so they broke off to form a new movement.

vortex said...

P.S. The spineless Y chromosomes you speak of are also known as Manginas.

Jake said...

Could you comment on the recent resurgence of shelling by the terrorists against Novorussia?

Is the war about to start full scale?