Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yugoslavia All Over Again

Its the season for Deja Vu, or it should be the feeling of anyone who has any idea of how Minsk 2 is dieing.

Back in 1992, when the Bosnian Civil War was just starting off, the Germans made a herculean effort to stop the fighting before it escalated out of control. To that point, they were able to get all three sides: the Serbs, Bosniacs and Croats to agree on a federated republic of Bosnia. All three sides signed the ceasefire and peace was in the air, or at least that was what it seemed like.

Unfortunately for humanity, the Empire of Chaos, which had not yet been unmasked as Mordor on the Potemic, was hard at work to make sure blood flowed and it and its closest were guaranteed big profits. To that end, the Voice of Mordor of those times, Holbrook, went to Izabegovich and guaranteed him that if he broke the ceasefire and federation agreement that he just signed, that Izabegovich, with American backing, would rule over the first real Islamic state in Europe.

Of course we all know about the four years of blood and murder that followed, just like the Satanic forces in DC wanted. All the German efforts at peace were to naught.

Let us now fast forward some 22 years and we find ourselves in the same spot: Minsk 2. We will ignore the whoring ways of Merkel and bunch in punishing Russia twice for supporting their efforts and pushing through Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 to the Novorossians, by laying additional sanctions on Russia before the ink was dry. Regardless, the effort was made and as Duchess Nuland, the Whore of Mordor, put it: "Merkel is doing her stupid Russian thing". Merkel, not having the spine to really go against her dark masters, reacting half hearted to those direct insults.

And so, Mordor has made sure everything was done to ruin Minsk 2 and make sure war would go on and escalate. The Ukranazis did not pull back equipment like promised, though the Novorossians have. They did not stop shelling, though they did cut it down quite a bit for a while, but that has been escalated. They refused to recognize the two republics or even the leaders with whom they signed the agreement, insuring that war would follow. And they took the time to mass what reserves and what green meat they could round up from their fleeing male population.

The Yanks have already stated that they will send heavy weapons to the Ukranazis, even as their own orks are running up and down the provinces of the vassal EU slave races. How much is this to "ensure" those about to be thrown into the Russian fire that the Yanks are behind them and how much to cow local resistance to would be suicide, is yet to be seen. That the Orks of Mordor would shoot at the slave races of the EU is beyond a doubt, should any of those slaves, say the Greeks, Czeks, Slovaks or Hungarians, decide to rule their own lands in their own interests and not those of Mordor.

So the Russian response has been, from the Duma, to threaten a retaliation by giving the Novorossians modern Russian arms, recognition of Novorossia and giving Putin authority to use the Russian army in Ukraine against the puppet Ukranazis.

Where will this take us? Only time and the Germans will tell. Why the Germans? Because without the Germans participating in the Suicide of Europe, the French and Italians and Spanish will not go it alone. The Romanians and Bulgarians are sure to revolt and only the lapdog Brits, the cancerous Poles and the three yap dogs of the Baltics will be left to support Mordor's war effort....and if those five states suffer massive casualties and fall into complete ruin, Europe would hardly notice.

So, Germans, once more, you are the key to your own survival....or will your children, fatherless, like to pay another 30 years for another American sponsored rebuilding of Berlin and your other cities?


Anonymous said...

I hope the captive peoples tell the bankster warmongers to take a flying leap. The cheese eating
Euro-peons make good cheese but are lousy soldiers.
Any agreement DC signs is just a delaying action. The real prize is your homeland. Slava Rossiya.

Anonymous said...

Or? This is a colossal blunder by everyone involved. No real plan. Lots of chaos.

Still can't get my head around why any of this happened - even if you seem pretty sure of yourself.

Found this one today:

Seems like plenty of "involved ego" with few clean players. And for the life of me - just can't understand why trade with the EU would preclude trade with Russia. You would think they would be moving to extract maximum benefit from both markets? Perhaps even settling into a middleman role for specialized transactions?

Also not sure at all if outsiders are guilty of anything except reflexively offering help to those attacked.

What's certain here is that Ukraine now has the worst of all worlds. And without even a purpose for their suffering.

Anonymous said...

I as a Serbian know that jewish forces were behind bombing of Serbia!
Madline Albright,Holbrook,Wesley Clarck,Cohen,Eagelberger,Kisinger,Brezinski,Bernard Levy,Koushner,Soros and many many more were loudest for bombing Serbia and eventually Soros came in and bought everything for no money!!

Same in Ukraine where Porosenko (Valtsman),Jacenjuk,Timosenko,Kolomojski,Klicko,Jaros are JEWS!!And their financiers from EU and USA as well,Nuland Nudelman Kagan,Soros,Kery,Kisinger,Brezinsky!

Also the communist bolseviks were jews,Lenin,Trotski(bronstein),Kaganovich,Yagoda,Rosa Luxemburg,Karl Marx whos both grandparents were rabbis!

Its a jewish conspiracy against mostly Slavic Orthodox but against all Europeans as well at the end!
Jews control all media and banks,they print dollar and control US and EU!

Straight out of protocols and talmud!
End jew world order!!
No ww3 for jew bank accounts!

Jake said...

Only people who know nothing of history, the official policies of the think-tanks that run the USA, or the voluminous writings of the idiot savant Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Let me be completely frank: Mr. Anonymous of March 31, 2015 @ 1:26 a.m. is either naive - in which case, a little minimal research will rectify his ignorance.
Or he is willfully ignorant, insouciant, or actively dishonest.

It is absolutely proven that the policy of the USA is to sow chaos on Russia's borders. This is not disputable.
Considering the wealth of resources available easily, ignorance is no longer excusable.
Even before the Internet, you could have just gone to library.
Enough is enough: must 99% of Americans continue to be benighted, stupid, and brainwashed?
I know: I used to be such an ignoramus, until I took responsibility for my own education.

Anonymous said...


Look up the definition of zealot.

Once suspected (as you apparently now believe) that players were methodically working behind the scenes to accomplish objectives most of us would find loathsome. Unfortunately, anyone who actually *observed* the windup toward the 2008 crash and the Chinese fire drill which followed would be hard pressed to identify individuals responsible for causality. Everywhere there was greed and folly. While some might have benefited more than others - NO ONE was arguing restraint. And few learned.

Indeed, years after that entirely predictable mess - you see country after country crashing themselves the *same* way. Totally oblivious to the free *demonstration* which played out years earlier.

So at what point do you begin to ascribe some of these behaviors to groupthink, sunspots, temporary demons, prejudice, or sloth? Instead of "legend in their own mind" brainiacs playing chess for the world?

Or should I start paying attention to Russian news personalities who threaten to incinerate us, plans to arm Mexicans, or those who point to Brzezinski at the root of dire conspiracies?

(shrug) I choose not to when foolish "schoolyard squabbles" is likely a better fit.

Russians and Ukrainans trying to settle old scores, Vladimir trying to score points like any shameless politico...perhaps with a few extra shouts directed at that "uppity nigger"?

A "conspiracy world" would be *much* safer. More predictable. Less subject to new disasters no one even considered.

That's why "regular folks" should never be seen as blameless. It's up to them to serve as a thorn in the side to publicity seeking narcissists when they start believing their own bullshit.

Leaders are only as powerful as their citizens allow. And all of them "lead" from behind.

Anonymous said...

This is what I'm talking about. Can't see any set of circumstances before the war where Russians/Ukrainians would attempting to deny food to selected segments of their population. That was Stalin's sordid history...and I'm pretty sure most Russians were determined never to allow it again.

So it is a measure of the bitterness now in place that the Kiev government blocks food shipments. Indeed, this piece is pretty damning.

Simon Ostrovsky seems to be a conscientious reporter who attempts to get the real story. And while he's been beat up a few times covering Ukraine, the people there seem to make efforts for truthfulness - despite their dismal circumstances. And the stories *they* tell are quite different from the political zealots.

These people are pawns. They need the power to remove the warlords now in control of their lives.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

I heard a man telling his children that Russia is communist country. That people cannot go to Moscow unless they have been born there that travel within the country is restricted etc etc...Is this true?

Stanislav said...

@ Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης

????? What?????

Jake said...

"Once suspected (as you apparently now believe) that players were methodically working behind the scenes to accomplish objectives most of us would find loathsome. "

Well, the problem with your rather underhanded attack on people who have learned, through studying history and events, that there actually ARE "players" who work "behind the scenes" in the pursuit of sick objectives is that you are arguing that perceiving the truth of such machinations and projects is somehow a sign of being a zealot, or one of those crazy conspiracy theorists.

But again: the facts prove that you are wrong, or that you are arguing that one should not perceive reality. Very strange.

I have never argued that overall, the path of historical events is determined by the real zealots like Brzezinski, Kissinger, the neocon "think tanks," etc.
You are making a straw man argument. Your critique is fallacious.
It is possible that two things are true simultaneously (or even more than two):

1) There are sick, sociopathic elites who plot and plan
2) They don't control history.

Of course their plans often, or even usually, go astray!
The fact that Nixon under Kissinger's tutelage bombed the hell out of Cambodia was an example of #1.
The unexpected rise of Pol Pot, an example of #2.

The meme you are presenting is exactly the shallow thinking that gives the think tankers and evil morons wide latitude to plot: nobody believes they are that stupid or crazy, even though it is written in their books and policy papers.
And of course there are competing groups and interests, leading to a kind of random walk through the grocery isle of history, breaking everything along the way.
But the fact that events play out in unpredictable ways does not negate the idea, or rather the truth, that most nations have general strategies, and the general strategy of the USA is to sow chaos on the borders of Russia, and prevent the rise of any possible global competitor: a policy that has disastrous consequences, many of which are to come.

Anonymous said...

Lighter note (and demonstrates how the most seemingly inconsequential actions sometimes have lasting effects). World now owes Russia a great debt for protecting this man:

Gets really funny ~23:17 on.....

Russia, this was one of your most constructive and selfless acts. I'm not buying it this was done for propaganda brownie points. You took this embarrassment with all it's baggage - then just sucked it up and did the right thing. Despite the cost.

American Kulak said...

Xristos Voskrese Stanislav!

Anonymous said...


"And of course there are competing groups and interests, leading to a kind of random walk through the grocery isle of history, breaking everything along the way."

I liked that. Seems more in line with fact.

And yes, you are right that groups tend to scheme. And sometimes their lunacy slips through.

But most of the time, such schemers are worried. That "rest of us" won't just string them up. Societies will allow zealots to exist when they pose no threat. That changes when societies perceive such groups as forcing their will upon "the normal".

Think Russia has any shortage of schemers? But Russia also has Vasili Arkhipovs....and countless many others who dare to intervene.

It would be safer if threats could become more apparent we could avoid relying on Arkhipovs to prevent serious blunders....but that really is unlikely? Perhaps wishful thinking? Groupthink is everywhere.

Now you've mentioned provocatuers fanning this Ukraine mess. Yeah, I'm sure there were many. But going from that to causality is a very big leap.

Chances are, Ukrainians didn't like or listen to those foreigners anyway. They had their own agenda...which may or may not have been wise.

So given the Ukrainian "state of mind"...perhaps it's wise for "rest of us" to avoid them? Until they calm down?

I know *many* here who bristle every time British, Israeli, or Saudi actors open their mouths. Can't imagine how bad it would be when you don't even have an ocean between you....

Ukrainians and Russians are part of an extended civilization. They won't ever be free of the other. But boy, they probably can fight and hold grudges.

Under a different fate, Ukraine might have discovered something on their quest to "fix themselves". Unthreatened, they might have vigorously helped Russia "get theirs too". That's the way naked monkeys work. They imitate.

Canadians and Americans may be more different than Russians and Ukrainians...but the goodwill is there. Tips flow freely. We're different & want to keep it that way.

But there *still* exists a reservoir of ire for British :)

That's Russia's fate if it doesn't stop. Russia probably should have trusted Ukraine more. Whut' were they thinkin?

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Χριστος Ανεστη! Christ is Risen! ХРИСТОС ВОСКРЕС!

Δεν Ξεχνω, Τιποτα Δεν Ξεχνιεται
I don't Forget, Nothing is Forgotten
Не забыт, ничто не забыть


Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Apparently he was a person who suffered under a communist regime (not in Russia). He felt that Russia exported communism to the rest of Eastern Europe and he suffered the consequences (Although now many should know that communism was another test of a system foe controlling of Humanity by the brotherhoods). He had mentioned, that nowadays Russia is experiencing a return to the prior communist state. At least this is the view that many in the USA are also learning from the mass media. What struck a chord was the statement that Russia is not like the USA where a person can travel freely from one place to another within the Continental USA but that there are restrictions on travel for Russian citizens. I know this condition existed during the harsh communist rule but there is an image formulated of Russia returning back to those days. Here is an article from the late 2014 straight from European Council on Foreign relations
You will notice the similarities in the person's comments and this article.
I understand the article's purpose and reasoning, I also know, that if it was not for Putin, Russia would be on its way to be split to probably six or more large federations as per global plans that were stopped.