Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mordor on the Potamic and Its EU Slave Armies

The porridge of spoiled children and geriatrics that make up it ruling clique have pushed out the message once more to its dark lords in Europe and their slave races, the war on the free peoples of the East will go on. Tolkien was wrong that the free West would fight the slave East as it is the Dark Lord of the Potemic and his Western minions that like the Orcs of those novels, will march out of their cultural darkness and degeneration to spread evil across the world.

The absurd, debased, dehumanized masses that are the "free" Western slaves have long stopped thinking and their leaders have never cared for those thoughts anyways. Nothing that Mad Marge Merkel, Hukster Hollande, Cameron the Quack or the rest of the mental midgets of Europe do benefits their slaves, but they care little for this.

This is war, boys and girls. The bullets of Russia and NATO are not yet flying directly, but the clients are already fighting and no, this is no longer avoidable.

The problem is simple, you can not deal rationally and in good will with those who have never been friends with rationality and are consumed with Satanic evil and greed. To the EU dark lords, Russia putting out its hand and allowing first Minsk 1 and then Minsk 2 are signs not of good will or a desire for peace, but a sign of weakness and weakness, to these hyenas is a dinner bell. This is why after each of these agreements were signed the EU, under the whip of its owners, the superior American race, quickly passed additional sanctions.

Of course, this has not had the desired effect, Russia continues to stand and while hurt, hardly a mortal or even a chronic hurt...more like bruises that will heel. At the same time, the EU peasants, especially its farmers are suffering, but they do not matter. Soon enough they will no longer suffer, they will be dead on the battle field of Europe.

The point that all these peasants close their eyes to will soon be the exploding artillery shells and bursting grenades ripping their lives from this earth: it is the fact that the Dark Lord, to try and destroy the last bastions of Freedom will equally sacrifice his slaves on the alter of Satan. And yes, they are those slaves, along with a few million unemployed and unemployable Americans.

We are now in the final stages. Spring is coming, the winter is almost over, and when the snow melts off, war will be the rage of the day.

What will happen in Europe will be interesting. That the Germans will march in legions to follow their grandfathers into eternity can not be denied away. Germans, of all of Europe, are the best slaves. Their genetics forbid them from disobedience. Sure there are the exceptions like those who are now protesting, but they are the 1-2%, the rest will follow their orders from Mad Merkel without much of a second thought. They will breath in hard, pack themselves and their sons to go off to eternity. This is obvious from the fact that even as the war was obviously lost, as the Red Army encircled Berlin, the Germans kept fighting, as long as Hitler was alive, they fought, fought like blind automations.

Greeks will revolt from the outset and to try to keep the super slave state togather, at least some of those Germans will go to fight and surpress the Greeks. Boy that sounds familiar. Serbs will fight hard themselves and so will the Macedonians, against the EU and its US masters. This will in turn pull in more and more of those legions.

Sooner or later, and I am betting on sooner, Bulgaria will run into a revolution. Stripped of a fear of Stalinist communism, the Bulgarians, unified by Orthodoxy and the history of where Russian blood freed them from Ottoman oppression, will not fight. They may not be out and out on our side, though volunteers by the dozens are already fighting for Novorossia, but they will not march off to die for their American overlords, no matter what the whores that sit in Bucharest demand.

Romania is more questionable, though as soldiers they have long not been a first order army. Romanians will fight, die, and when that magic number of dead is hit, the remaining forces will revolt. The same can be said for the Italians, the Spanish, the Portugees, the Danes. What of the British? We will have to see, as their spoiled and lazy youth will suddenly find themselves on the draft rousters and their millions of Islamics will find an opportunity to create their dreamed of Caliphate in the UK.

Poland will fight, to the end. It and the Baltics have set themselves on the course of win or die. They know that if or rather, when, the war turns against them, the war that they helped create, their nations will cease to exist. They will also take the first hits of any Russian reaction, but then again, they ruined their economies and their people's lives to join the EU. They created conditions where their people now work in western Europe as little more than economic slaves, so surrendering the lives of millions more is such a little task.

Any way this war goes, Europe is done. Its childless states have but one more generation they can surrender to Anglo-Saxon machinations and after that Europe will finally become Arabic-Turkic. But slaves do not get to choose their futures and thus Europe's fate is sealed. Such is the fate of all those who worship and follow the Anti-Christ and his Dark European Overlords.


Anonymous said...

You are correct, this is war. The West is at war with the East. The Western Orcs are marching to spread evil across the world.

The coming war is the US plan. It thinks it will come out on top like it did after WW2.

A hot war in Cold War v2 Europe will quickly go nuclear. The US will be destroyed along with the rest.

If the war stays conventional then NATO will be defeated.

Without an operational MAD doctrine as restraint the probability of a nuclear war is high. We are standing close to the edge of catastrophe.

It will be a tragedy all due to the inability of the West to consciously face its own evil.

Anonymous said...

Bucharest in Bulgaria ??? Since when ???

Valentin Nikolov said...

Stanislav , can you tell me since when Bucharest is in Bulgaria .You choose not to answer this question couple days ago . Why ?

Anonymous said...

"Mordor on the Potomac"? Hahahahaha - gotta admit I love it.

Of course if you knew how miserable some of these people (grand poobahs) truly are...when their fellow citizens are constantly poking them with a stick - you might actually feel sorry for them :) Many, many bills pending in state turn off their power, their water, perhaps even stuff up their sewage system - turning those installations in "Carnival cruise line porta potties".

You'd probably characterize such players in your own country as fifth columnists. Here, they're mostly embraced as a Constitutional counter to bloviating assholes.

Not gonna claim there isn't some truth in your rant - because there is. But a lot of this seems like someone picking at scabs. So they never heal?

To much of the world, Ukraine and Russia seem more Montagues and Capulets ....absent more sinister overtones. And many believe their conflict would have played out far more virtuously as a lively internal debate - than as a reason for 5000 people to lose their lives.

Then working this conflict into Europe's many problems? Maybe hyperventilating? Possibly destructive to Russia's long term interests?

Results I see so far?

1. 5000+ dead
2. Skirmish between both countries turned into a fracture.
3. Russia demonstrably untrustworthy (don't sign treaties you don't mean to keep).
4. Immediate neighbors scrambling for protection.

It's almost like someone in Russia took our Humpty Dumpty experience in Iraq - then doubled down. "We can beat any American screwup!"

Is this the Russia you're seeking? When other countries screw up everything - Russia charges in "Me too, me too"?

Interesting piece showing how some Russians have been seduced by fantasy:

Goes on here too. Not much different than when my granddaughters run through all their princess and mermaid costumes.

The problems arise when they become true believers.....

Anonymous said...

Just something found.A tangent, but for your files:

Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and "Enemies of the State" Paperback – January 14, 2014
by Stephen P. Halbrook

Based on newly-discovered, secret documents from German archives, diaries and newspapers of the time, Gun Control in the Third Reich presents the definitive, yet hidden history of how the Nazi regime made use of gun control to disarm and repress its enemies and consolidate power. The countless books on the Third Reich and the Holocaust fail even to mention the laws restricting firearms ownership, which rendered political opponents and Jews defenseless. A skeptic could surmise that a better-armed populace might have made no difference, but the National Socialist regime certainly did not think so—it ruthlessly suppressed firearm ownership by disfavored groups.

Gun Control in the Third Reich spans the two decades from the birth of the Weimar Republic in 1918 through Kristallnacht in 1938. The book then presents a panorama of pertinent events during World War II regarding the effects of the disarming policies. And even though in the occupied countries the Nazis decreed the death penalty for possession of a firearm, there developed instances of heroic armed resistance by Jews, particularly the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

Stanislav said...

@ anonymous 23 March
Good catch, yes Sophia. Very embaressing. Will reedit.

Stanislav said...

@Anaonymous 25 March

No, those are not 5th Columnists here. The 5th columnists are those taking monies directly from DC and barking on their command...they are the people who surrounded Yeltsin and gave everything away (for kickbacks of course) and who don't give a damn about Russia or Russians, in truth.

Stanislav said...

The Novorossians started out as your Constitutionalists. They only decided life in Russia is much more preferrable when the US owned Kiev junta decided that they were biomass to be removed.

Stanislav said...

By the way, the Budapest convention that the West so loves to taught as Russia breaking it has a guarentee that not only will Ukraine's territory will not be invaded but that there will be no interfernce (aka revolutions) started by those who signed it. The US/UK broke that treaty twice, starting with the Orange Revolution. This Maiden revolution was so blatent there is no point in pretending the treaty stands. So no, it was not Russia who broke any treaties it was the West, deceiving and Satanic in its actions, as usual. Once the US/EU/UK sociopaths did what they did, all bets were and are off. And if the US looks like it is about to strike and it is massing (another 50 Bradleys were photoed being railed to Poland) Russia will strike. We are not going to sit and wait for Barbarosa all over again.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the external environment is far more welcoming than one might believe?

And yeah, many do "get it" regarding the personal insecurity of change. I remember this period, where many WWII veterans were dumbfounded and fearful: "Not that again :("

Believe it or not, many here were kinda relieved Russian tanks were in Germany. Rightly or wrongly believing Russians were "less crazy" than Germans.

Think it's not lost that USSA is now Stasi? Very, very, painful......

Anonymous said...

"We are not going to sit and wait for Barbarosa all over again."

OK, just an opinion. Can't prove.

No one wants your real estate Stanislav.

These "offenses" you dwell on are likely no more than ignorant or inconsiderate folly....not part of some grander plan.

Russia is just playing the "serious kid". Perhaps now getting picked on.

Is it wise to pick on serious kids? Probably not. Still happens every day.

The point here is that people do go crazy. Witness that silliness with "freedom fries". But all countries need to take efforts to insure "craziness" doesn't lead to things which don't wash off.

Like deaths.

Many, many, things to live down here....and if you're honest with yourself - you'll see your situation as same.

It's time to notch things down. Damage has been done. Best possible path is for Russia and Ukraine to stop this brickthrowing and work things out. It won't be easy. Still worth it.

Anonymous said...

A soft and intellectually lazy Amerikan public does not want war. Being remarkably ignorant and bred to servility for generations, they believe what the bankster warmongers tell them to believe. I hope the neocon warmongers who brought us the Amerikan war against Vietnam do not succeed in provoking a hot war with Russia. In part because the teeth end of our military is spread thin across multiple wars, is exhausted, and most of them do not really want to die for lies. Dying to protect one's homeland, as Russians would be doing, is a noble thing. Dying for a paycheck because your career is following orders, is not. Your analysis is spot on. An Amerikan radical.

Latin Catholic said...

Hello Stanislav,

Found your site today. Very refreshing. Hope Russians are truely like-minded like you.

Before I jump in myself and provide my input please watch this video.

Not a Muslim myself, but I respect and admire this man´s wisdom and he makes sense. Wish Islam scholars were like him

EdD said...

@ "anonymous", who mentioned the "Freedom Fries" silliness:
Let's not confuse what the American media presents as accepted gospel for the attitude or thinking of most Americans.

Certainly, there are many unthinking Americans who accept media fabrication as gospel, but are those fools really in the majority here?

What I see around me are Americans who have rejected the newsprint media to the point that newspapers are mostly on life support, and many who no longer even watch network TV's hyperventilating infotainment shows.

There are still plenty of fools here who dislike the idea of thinking for themselves, but can we really assume that they are the majority?

I'm not convinced that there exists some huge, homogenous mass classifiable as "The American People". I don't believe that there ever has been such an entity. This mass of American people is, more likely, a media fabrication.

Think for a minute: how many people of your own acquaintance referred to deep fried potatoes as "freedom fries"? I don't know a single person who repeated that term with anything other than derision, if not outright disgust.

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

There is a certain hatred being crated by changing Historical Records....and thus Russia also seems to have accepted ...without hesitation ...the new little country of 'Macedonia' that was set up by Tito as a province hoping to use it to take over Thesaloniki, , and created by the Bush administration of the USA. In fact in the little country there are Albanians, Bulgarians, Turks and Makenonians (Ellines i.e Greeks). If for soem reason Greece falters, then the so called 'Macedonians' will not hesitate to storm South along with the Bulgarians ( where by the way the USA is stationing F-15's) and the Turks will move west all hoping capture the prize Thesaloniki The Turks will also move to capture Ellenika islands thus closing once and for all any hope of the Russian fleet to move out of the closed Black Sea (Pontos). I have spoken with individuals from these countries and that is what they have told me with a certain hatred and anticipation of 'things' to come' . It is therefore to the benefit of Russia to support stability in Ellas and keep an eye on developments in the area. Although the Great Powers purposely decided to split ancient Elliniki (Greek) Makethonia to three sections giving Ellas (Greece) the largest portion they also gave small portions to Bulgaria and Yugoslavia so that they have a pot to stir in the near future and it is being stirred...along with the Big Pot of Earth at this time.

Anonymous said...

"No, those are not 5th Columnists here. The 5th columnists are those taking monies directly from DC and barking on their command...they are the people who surrounded Yeltsin and gave everything away (for kickbacks of course) and who don't give a damn about Russia or Russians, in truth."

There is not person on this earth who is not affected by corruption. Why should Russia or Russians be any different?

I understand your fury. We're victims of foreign based corruption too. But we don't delude ourselves as to the source of most of it.

Most corruption is native.