Friday, July 10, 2015

Russia’s Assault Against Abortion

Russia’s Assault Against Abortion

Just another reason for the liberal, and anti-Christ, West to hate Russia. And this reason, more so then protecting the minds of our youth from sexual perversion or our countrymen in Crimea from political perversion, is the real doozy. This is an attack on the very eugenics invented and pushed by the West, of which abortion is the center piece of the Devil’s work.

Abortion is the key part of the program to cheapen the value of human life to triviality and create a sense that the majority of humanity is nothing but working chattel for the elites. It is also the main hatchet used to cut down the tree of Christianity and with it all the morals dos and don’t that create a functional and humane society.

Sure, the God hating liberals hide behind the usual catch phrases of Demonocracy that they sell: choice, rights of a woman, individuality, etc. What of course all this comes down to is the Satanic absolute freedom that the Devil pushes. This is summed up in: you are an animal, that’s it, do as you please. Of course if you neighbor does as he pleases to you, well, that’s freedom baby. God’s message has always been quite the opposite: you are not an animal, you are not free to do as you please, here are the rules and laws you shall live by, so that your soul may grow and prosper and not burn with that absolute freedom that the Devil wills you.

Since the US was founded on and the rest of the West has succumbed to the Masionic rebellion against God, King and Tradition, it should be no surprise that starting with abortion, the tree of evil grows to consume marriage, heterosexuality, the essence of whom we are and in the end our very lives, all on the bonfire of illusionary “freedom”.

To that end, Russia, which has always been historically the defender of Christianity, with the exception of the 70 years of Soviet (again fostered by the Western elites) domination, is again moving to fill its historic role.

At present, abortions are limited to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and requires a 3-5 day waiting period, unless by special order of a court (usually in the case of medical reasons or due to heavy drug use by the mother). This was greeted by outrage from the human “rights” warlords, but then forgotten under a pile of new “outrages”.  The new laws making their way through our Duma will have no less of an impact and should fit nicely to all the other screaming from the West.

The first is to remove abortions from the paid clinics and only to the government clinics. This will remove the profit incentives behind this heinous act. The second is to make it mandatory that ultrasounds be performed first and that the mother sees the ultrasounds. The third is that a meeting with a councilor be made mandatory.

Equally, a fourth law project, that will surely make the Christ haters in the West scream, is to allow the Church to have councilors and paperwork for the pregnant women whose babies have been diagnosed with birth defects. There is a much higher level of abortions for these kinds of children, steaming from the anti-Christian and anit-Life utilitarian approach of the old Soviet Union.

Those in the West who have already heard about these works are already screaming. Not only do they worship the lord of lies and death, but to have the Russians multiplying even faster than we already are, is not good news. Anything with a Christian culture on their borders, anything giving their peons hope is not good news and must be put down…their Satanic master would have it no other way.


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Russia unveils "real family" flag to counter the homo flag:

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Once again, my high opinion of the Russian people is increased. Putin is doing the right thing here. It is the duty of government to pass laws that are just and good and right... Not to legalise murder. The killing of rapists and murderers is NOT murder. The killing of unborn children for convenience is murder.