Friday, July 24, 2015

The New War of Ideologies

The New War of Ideologies

The new century has come and a new clash of ideologies, indeed civilizations has come upon the world. This one is more intractable than those of the 20th century.

Most of the 20th century, post 1917, was consumed with various wars of ideology, indeed, most of these ideologies, be they Communism, Fascism or Capitalism were variants of Marxism, but they were vicious to an extreme. And yet, the states espousing these various branches of Marxism (total government, big industry and total government or big finance and total government) were not so different from each other.

The new war is a much deeper divide, one between extreme liberalism and its total government enforcers and conservatism. This war started in the late 20th century between the West and Islamic Jihad, which itself, in today’s version, was a revolt against modernization. The East, particularly the force embodied in Russia was lost, disoriented and had at that moment turned its back on its responsibility as the Third Rome.

Indeed, the Liberals were Liberals with some constraints, back in the 1990s and did not seem to pose such a threat to Russian culture, which at that moment was to busy idolizing everything Western, no matter how obscene. On the other hand, the Islamics were the extreme of the extreme and their culture was quite foreign to the 95% of Russian society that was based on Orthodoxy and deluded by Communism.

However, as the trends of the 1990s and 2000s progressed, things started to turn radically different.

Freed of the yoke of Communist control, the Orthodox Church, that bedrock of Russia, began to regain its moral force. First disoriented it reorganized and began the slow but steady movement forward as the hand maiden of the One True God. Each rebuilt church became a center of the old Russian civilization and those centers started to grow as mushrooms.

Many of the rich, many of whom were gangsters in the 1990s, started to wake up as well. They started to acknowledge their sins and their blood money. These people in turn started turning to the Church and some of the biggest temples to God have and are built by these people. By the late 2000s, society as a whole, started to look differently at money and greed. The generation that grew up with a sole goal of grabbing and scooping and accumulating everything they could, just like the West taught us, found itself soulless and empty.

The difference is, of course, the Russian soul is not the American or European soul. The Russian soul, built upon the Russian DNK and the Orthodox Church can not long live on a foundation of soullessness, of greed and empty morality. While this realization was not spontaneous and some will never be reached, it has occurred and in no part, thanks to the West’s own greed and superiority complex.

Russians started to notice and realize that to the West we are nothing but the country cousin who is to be laughed at and taken advantage of. But why? Why when our history is greater and longer than half of those Western nations, our culture no less full. The aborted American Colour Revolution in Moscow only underlined what the West held in store for us and saw us as.

The Sochi games sealed that understanding. After all the constant negative, hatred filled press from the West, the games were the greatest ever held in the history of the Olympics. An extravaganza the likes the world has never seen. And with that came the total domination of Russian athletes over those of the rest of the world, which was again upheld in Baku during the European games, where Russia took more gold then any other nation’s total medal count and by twice.

Russians full came into the realization that we are not some inadequate country cousin, but a civilization of its own, a great civilization, the Third Rome. Not only can we stand on par with anything the West produces but we can surpass it.

The second event was soon the follow. The West accelerated its schedule, fearful of the rising Third Rome, and began the coup and civil war in Ukraine. The Russian soul came fully awake upon that note. Russian volunteers flooded into Novorossia to defend fellow Russians. Unlike Western mercenaries, these men and many women, did not come to earn monies, but to fight and die for common culture, for common faith. Amongst these were other nationalities who while not sharing our faith do share our culture under our flag. Many Chechens and Daghistanies also came to lay their lives down on the defense of the Russian World, an understanding that was reborn.

The final weapon the West used was sanctions. These were by and far the worst feared and turned out so far to be the least threatening. For 23 years, the fifth column of Liberals and paid and owned shills had done everything to stop Russian economic growth and to clamp Russia to the West, while convincing everyone that without the West we would face sure Armageddon.

The Sanctions came and Armageddon did not. After an initial panic, Russians calmed down, as a society and took rational stock of what had happened. Yes, it hurt, but pain is something we are used to on the level of DNK and the pain was not even that bad. Then we started substituting the West in all spheres, first with our own production and then with new friends and allies.

What we learned was that the world, that other 70% of the world, not represented by the West or its Islamic Jihadist Frankensteins, were behind us. It was tepid at first but grew quickly. As these other nations realized that we are the rock upon which the Western waves break and upon which an opposition could be built, they flooded in.

Just this summer, “isolated Russia” held the BRICS conference (to which Indonesia wants to add its own “I”) and the next day after it ended, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, to which Belarus, India, Pakistan and others are clamoring to enter.

But what is the basis of this split?

The Basis is much much deeper than the economic basis between the Communists and Liberal Democracies of the mid to late 20th century. This basis is built upon totally different and incompatible world views: between soulless expansionist Liberalism and God Fearing Conservativism, specifically in the Eastern Christian understanding of it.

As we move to fully ban Satanic practices such as abortion (except in rape or real medical needs) and the West howls, we ask ourselves “How can we have meaningful conversations with those who view abortion on a grand scale, harvesting the organs and body parts of murdered babies as good economic practice?” How can we speak with those who spit upon God and His commandments? How can we have understanding with those who see marriage as an anything goes? Who celebrate sexual perversion as some great achievement? How can we communicate with those who commit genocide around the world and rob nations blind in the name of “democracy” and “human rights”?

The short of it is, we can not. It would be easier to speak with fish and find common understanding, then for us to find it with the West.

It does not have to mean war, we can find detente, but I am afraid that even that is impossible with the maniacs and Satanists who now sit the Western thrones and are devil driven to start another giant conflagration to consume hundreds of millions of human lives.

We will not abandon our God Christ for any price, for to do so is to pay a price much worse than pain or discomfort on earth, it is to damn one’s soul for all eternity and for that price, no comforts on earth are worth it. The West, godless, hatred towards Christ overflowing, sees no eternal life and believes in the short of it. Anything goes and anything should be done to others to keep it all going.

It is a war against God on an epic scale as nothing yet seen. And we are the shield wall that will not let this pass. God is with us, and we will not move, our line is drawn. God is with us.


Anonymous said...

Stan, in a worid gone crazy, your voice is like an oasis of sanity.

Bryan Dorman said...


What is going on, are power plays and what my religion calls "secret combinations." and what you call "fifth columnists" at work. Let it be known that I am a member of a religion which is misunderstood by American and Russian alike but a religion that values life and family.

Power plays: He that has the money makes the rules. The USA is very worried that they will lose that hegemony to China and to Russia. Hence the sanctions against you and the short players trying to sabotage the Chinese market.

Secret Combinations: If you look at Matthew 24 in the New Testament, you see a quote about the days of Noah, where you see man being married and given in marriage. That is a direct line in Hebrew to homosexual "marriage" as man was never given in marriage but woman was. And even in today's traditional marriage the father of the bride is usually the one to give the bride to the groom as a measure of saying: She's yours now. Take good care of her or you will answer to me (as well as God). In our faith, it appears that Cain also did this act among his followers. This is seen today with many groups such as Skull and Bones, as well as many politicians in the west. Both Cameron and Hollande are closet homos, and Obama is accused by some of being a transsexual.

Fifth Columnists: They exist as even more sinister forces trying to overthrow the governments. You have them in Russia, we have them in America. In both cases they are, as you say, godless Communists.

One thing I think we can be in agreement on is the fact that it is better to hold fast to the commandments of God and Christ, and NEVER to be ashamed of the Gospel preached by Christ and His Apostles.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Russia. All of us in the God-mocking West are about to start coming apart at the seams.
I might add on the abortion issue; it is only justified in cases of immediate danger to the life of the woman. Just as killing someone in self-defence is only permitted when your life is truly in immediate danger.
Abortions due to rape are every bit as UNJUSTIFIED and as hateful in the eyes of God as the rest of the abortions.
No woman has any more right to kill a rapists unborn child than she has to kill a rapists 10 year-old. The laws should be changed to reflect this.

Anonymous said...


Excellent post my friend.

Revelations says that those who inherit the Kingdom of Heaven are those who keep the faith of Christ and the Commandments of God.

I must say that I agree with Anon... Abortion is ONLY justified if carrying the child is a direct and credible threat to the life of the mother. Many woman have been raped and given birth to the child of the rapist. Many realise that the child is also theirs and love it as much as any child born of mutual love... Some struggle with it and see the child as evidence of their humiliation.

At the end of the day ALL the problems of the West can be summed up as "The Loss of God". It is the deliberate turning away from God that has pushed the West into the position they are in. The Bible indicates blessings for obedience and curses for disobedience and idolatry. The West is harvesting the fruit of the seeds of Godlessness that they have planted.

Every time I hear that Russia is moving in some way towards being closer to God, I rejoice. Not because they are Russian, but because this is Gods Will for mankind.

Unfortunately, Christ Himself asks if He will find any faith on the earth when He returns. I think in light of this, the wickedness of mankind and the deceptions of Satan are still going to get worse. The Good News is that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming and we must hold fast to our faith until that day.

Regards, A Boer from South Africa.