Wednesday, June 17, 2009

America Walks the Road of Collectivism

Dear reader, let us first and foremost establish a known fact as our guiding principle: the Principle of American Extremes.

Simply put, in the American culture and government, any law passed and program enacted will be taken to the absolute extreme. Note, I do not say logical extremes but absolute extreme, beyond any measure of logic or hint of common sense or wisdom.

Last week, an interesting story broke in the major UK paper called the Independent. The article described the new American initiative, started on a small scale but now championed by president Obama and taken to the whole of America: shrinkage of cities. How will cities shrink? Why through force of government and the demolition work, how else?

Our story begins in Flint, province of Michigan and formerly home to 200,000 people back in the 1960s. This suburb of Detroit, a satellite industrial small city, located only 90km from Detroit, has been shrinking along with its parent. The city's population is now approximately 115,000 people, or just about 60%. Obviously there are a lot of empty places in Flint, as well as Detroit and other cities, as American ideologues pushed the Marxist plank of Free Trade and destroyed the middle class that used to live there. This serves as the prime example of why Russia took the way of protectionism in the late 1990s and 2000s and grew its middle class, tripling the average income, but I digress. Back to Flint.

In Flint, over 1,100 homes have been destroyed and the government, through Imminent Domain, has "purchased" 3,000 more, slated for the same end. Why I state "purchased" is because in America, the government has a right to snatch property from its owners and pay them a "fair market" price, that is, one that the bureaucrats set themselves as fair. What plans the owner had of these "blighted" areas is not taken into account. The Soviet Union had laws like that, well actually, since the Soviets owned the land they did as they pleased with the buildings and private property on it, for the betterment of the State of course. Russia now has laws, though far from always enforced, to protect private property, which also can not be taxed, only the buildings built upon that private land can be taxed, never the land. Again, I digress. Back to Flint and as such, Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County (where Flint is located) has decided that for Flint to survive, it must shed, that is destroy, 40% of its buildings...controlled shrinkage.

This plan has now caught the attention of the federal government, and specifically president Obama. After further study by what are termed "think tanks" which supposably think through problems but actually seem to be little more than sophisticated and slick propaganda machines, whose views are purchased, fifty American cities, primarily in the old industrialized northern regions, are now slated for shrinkage.

The most radical will be Detroit which will be turned into five small towns and all the area between destroyed and returned to forest. Detroit, known as Motor City, was the American capital of the now government owned auto industry. At its height, the city boosted over 2 million residents but is now a run down ghetto of less than 700,000 people, with a huge Islamic population. The community centers around which the new mini-Detroits will be built, will be even more ghettonized than the present day city. These will not be quient German villages or towns, but Soviet style barracks cities, built to service a specific plant or factory. Rows upon rows of sterile apartment buildings for the working serfs, is what I predict. Visit places like Konotop, for an example. Maybe this is how the new Government Motors will survive competition with competent foreigners? I am sure an atheist Culture Center or Palace of Culture will stand in the middle of each.

Other targeted cities, according to Brookings Institution, are Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Memphis.

The Digital Journal was even quoted as toting one of the benefits of destruction: "In a curious benefit to the environment, dozens of American cities are slated for shrinkage planning in the face of the deep recession and urban flight. Entire neighborhoods could face bulldozers."

Two things can be deemed from this:

One, this is an out and out admittance that the US is done and those industrial zones will never return and the empty factories will never be filled, thus the city infrastructure that supported them and was built around them is no longer needed.

Two, this is the first massive steps to full Marxist collectivism and the production of an almost free labour pool for huge government building projects.

As tens of thousands of Americans, daily, loose their houses and join the ranks of the homeless and Bernankivilles spring up all over (and these tent cities are now a fixture of Japan too) housing stock is being destroyed. Thank Christ, Russian never suffered from this particular blight during the Depression of the 90s. Soon, following our initial established fact of American extremism, this homeless labour will be used to construct the barracks/mass housing ghettos of the new Obama cities, as well as provide almost free labor for other great projects of the people.

Why hold a gun to the peoples' heads and force them to work and to often die on ill conceived massive government projects? This was a model of Soviet inefficiency and bred rebellion to be suppressed by expensive and resource consuming terror.The American model is much more progressive and has learned from the mistakes of their Soviet proxies. It is much more efficient to absolutely impoverish a population until tent cities look and feel like a norm and than give them a "God" send of these national projects with extremely low pay and dangerous working conditions. They will flock to it, sacrificing life and their limbs with not a protest, considering themselves lucky to have any pay at all. Thus are willing slaves made.

Mistake this not, this shrinkage plan and its actions are absolutely nothing short of the initial steps of Marxists collectivism, which has only one conclusion: absolute control of the masses and liquidation of private property rights. All this is done with a smiling face and encouragements that this is critical for your survival and your childrens' futures. Well, it will be a smiling face at first, followed by a sharp bayonet, later.


Eric D Esau said...

Local governments in some states have been using eminent domain to seize private property including homes and sell to developers with the excuse that the resulting development would bring more property tax money to the local government. This is, of course, an outrage.

In recent years, American property values were driven up by government-insured low-interest loans. The market was driven by the price of the monthly payment, not the amount of the loan, since buyers assumed that the property value would not fall. Even requirements for down-payments were waived for "the poor". These conditions were the result of federal intervention, not only with "Fanny Mae" and "Freddie Mac" mortgages, but also with intimidation of lenders "to not discriminate". The "bubble" burst in 2005 and property values fell. Homeowners suddenly owed more than the selling price of their homes. We call this condition "under water". This is why so many homes have been foreclosed upon or abandoned.

And Marxists never let a good crisis go to waste...

Andrea Murrhteyn said...


Me thinks (i) you a wise and funny man; (ii) very few Americans are capable of 'listening'; cause they think they know everything, so not sure if htey will hear your wisdom... They don't hear mine; maybe cause I am a woman; don't know.

Anyway.. interesting analysis... right up to the smiling bayonet!

mrshester said...

Wow. I have never heard of this before. Just goes to show how uneducated (ignorant, if you will) I am. Russia is looking more and more desirable...I've already told my husband I'm ready to go. You can bet I'll be sharing this, I hope you don't mind. Keep doing what you're doing.

Looney said...

Stanislav, there is much to agree with in your post, but America is also different. We can't simply assume that American insanity is the same as other forms of insanity.

Having spent time working in and around Detroit, including Flint, I think that much of what you noted is correct, but much is problematic. When we went to carry our boxes of training materials into the car companies, we would typically get yelled at by the unions: That was there job! So you have to wait and schedule a box carrier whose total cost is probably 10x what it would be to simply let the ph.d. carry the box in - not to mention the time delay and the red tape.

Unions destroyed Detroit, not free trade. The good engineers (mostly foreign born, including many Russians) all went to work for Toyota in Ann Arbor or Honda, while their non-union factories took up the employment elsewhere. The same thing happened to steel in America a generation ago, and to the railways two generations ago. Our public education system has also been destroyed by unions.

Regarding cheap labor, this is where Western liberals are very different from communists: They actively push to pay workers several times more than the market rate. The legislation that implements this is the Davis-Bacon act, which requires union wages. Thus, you can expect those houses in Flint to be demolished by unionized tractor drivers getting $100,000 per year. Union dues will be paid back to the politicians in a wonderfully corrupting circle.

As for the Islamic presence, it is certainly there in Detroit, but not as much as their advocates advertise. Here in the US, the mainline churches and the government have both embraced a religion of godless depravity, which sends one neighborhood after another into social chaos and violence. Islam promises order, which is why it is so enticing.

Rob said...

Another excellant observation. I would like it noted on our tombstone that 48% of us do see whats happening and voted against it.

I would like to emphasize that this is a road to Fascism more than Marxism. They claim the mantle of The People, but yet the policy is being set by a handlful of large corporations, rich investors and elitist advisors. Either way, eventually it can only be carried out by force. They are currently setting up their scapegoats to turn the peoples hatred on. The Soviets had Counter Revolutionaries. Nazis had Jews and Communists. During their day, public denouncement as being one of these groups was quickly followed by imprisonment or death. Currently the West's denouncement is Climate Denier or Racist. Already Britain imposes fines for energy wastage and can imprison for "Hate Speach".

Fortunatly, Russia has had a leader able to stop the madness of globalization. One question, are you absolutely sure Putin is not one of them? Calls from Russia to replace the dollar will create huge global instability, and could set the stage for the globalists to make their final take over of the West possible.

Capitalism is a harsh, but self repairing system. Current US policy is destroying this ability. Bulldozing our own cities? Windmills instead of nuke power? Promises of unlimited government spending and welfare. Russia and China could put a quick end to this nonesense by STOP BUYING US BONDS!

During the War, we helped both of those countries(for our own reasons of course) so how about a little help in return? It seems inconceivable that the infamous Russian intelligence networks don't know all of this. In fact, aren't some of these groups spawned from cold war covert infiltrators?

Rudy said...

Hello Matt:

One note, the U.S. has States, not provinces. States are supposed to be sovereign and self ruling. Of course each year the surrender to the Federal government more and more in exchange for money.

Detroit is a ghost town because it was wiped off the map by stiff competition from the Japanese car makers (and now Korean too) and because the worker unions fat cats were not capable to see the oncoming train.

In addition federal regulations on emissions and safety have made it so expensensive to make a car that it naturally broke the provervial camel's back.

In the other hand, even with the dim times ahead, do not discount the United States. It still yields enourmous power; militarily, economic and its people are still hard working despite everything else one may have heard.

If we get another Ronald Reagan in the office, the giant may come back. And despite all all of its problems, set backs, horrible left wing government, the U.S. is still the land where the ideals of freedom and personal progress live.

It is to soon to write America's obituary. As Mark Twine once said, news of its death are highly exagerated.

Peace and good,

Darian Ross said...

How can you say beyond any measure of logic or common sense? The creation of the laws and programs is where logic and common sense should be performed. Then the people (gov't and culture) as you put it should do their utmost to enact the programs and laws. I see nothing wrong with absolute extremes for following the laws and programs of the United States. Anything less would be a revolt against America. A nation divided against itself cannot stand.

America is in a transitional stage right now. We are tearing down old ways of business and buildind new solutions for our future. The old way of business excludes people if they do not have enough money to afford ... let's say, a home to live. America is revamping the way our citizens can buy homes. Guess what? You don't have to be rich anymore or have a damn good job to afford a nice house. Our government is providing assistance, and that may mean removing the selfishness of small business owners.

Michigan? Flint? Detroit? Any American should be able to tell you Michigan is the home General Motors. Well Guess What!? GM went bankrupt.. Oh, gee.. That means people are losing their jobs and relocating and cities lose population.

You only can see two things deemed from this? Let me throw in a third. Rebuilt our industrial zones and factories that are outdated and prepare them for the next 100 years of America's future. America admitted the way we conduct our factories and industries has failed and it's time to rely on our government to prepare America for the next 100 years.

You say Marxism? I say Freedom!

Stanislav said...

As far as I can see, Ronald Reagan, in America, was an abberation, an exception and a one time in life times fluke...if one is to look at who sat in office for 20 years prior and 20 years since, he is the one exception and thank God he helped end the Cold War without fighting.

After your marxists are done in the next 2 years, there will be no coming back for generations.

Stanislav said...


apparently we have different understandings of government. As far as i can see, private enterprise, exception for critical national survival industries, should have almost no direct government intervention. Government is there to make a flat field for all to compete equally and to protect customers from illegal items that can poison them, not to "save" the markets.

PRCalDude said...

While I'm sure the unions had a hand in the destruction of Detroit, so did the blackening of it over the decades and the removal of the white population. Dearbornistan, the blacks, and whoever else replaced the Germans that started the place will make for an interesting "Children of Men" scenario in years to come.

My grandfather (a German) is from Detroit. Hard to imagine someone like him coming from there now.

Rob said...

Darian-You have no idea what you're talking about! Remove the selfishness of business owners? You mean the ones who had the vision and took the risks to make everything happen? Removing "selfishness" sounds right out of the Marxist handbook for remaking modern man. Do you mean how GM collapsed from twisting itself into a pretzel trying to placate the EPA, arbitrary fuel standards, and the unions. In the end it was a pension and health service that happened to make cars on the side.

Housing affordability and bubble? You mean how the community reinvestment act forced banks to start making subprime loans to those who couldn't pay them back? Who provided the underwriting from Fannie and Freddie that started the worthless derivative bond markets. How that drove the housing prices up? How the city I live in has 40K empty homes, but housing laws make it too expensive for anyone to renovate and live in them?

Exclusion, like how we have a thousand laws that provide equal protection to all? like how people from around the world come here with nothing and make it. Or how its impossible to find anyone under 30 without a sense of entitlement and understands that working means on time, everyday, and actually doing something. There are always hard luck cases, but this place is still the land of oppurtunity for those willing to work for it. Have you ever actually went to a third world country? This place is milk and honey compared to what most of the world has to put up with. And no it wasn't just luck, it was alot of hard work, suffering, a maybe alittle too much greed that made it happen.

As for the abandoned cities-this didn't just happen. This has been the trend to surburbia over the last forty years. Anyone with the means have been leaving the cities with their failed social policies. The elitists see surburban flight as a cause, when it is really a symptom. Who wants to live in crime infested, drug zones with poor schools, high taxes and corrupt government? Now they are resorting to lies, tricks, zoning, green laws and now an assault on the automobile as ways to force people back into these cesspools.

Yes, America needs to rebuild for the future, built by free people, upon the great foundation of our constitution. What we're getting is a central planning directorate under direction of Czars. The only equality that Marxism offers is that of poverty and repression for all.

Cheryl Pass said...

Mat...great analysis of the U.S. government's over-reaching using "imminent domain" as an excuse to destroy private property rights...rights that were unique to our freedom and are being taken away by the Marxist infiltrators in our government.
Darian, what planet are you on? Totalitarianism by the Obamanuts is not, by any stretch of the word, freedom.
I only wish Obama had left the Czars in the past.
Rob, absolutely correct!!
Eric, also absolutely correct!!
Looney, good points on the unions!!
Rudy, I can only hope you are right, that the doom is not upon us.

Stanislav said...

@Cheryl Pass

Cheryl, thank you. Two items: Mat Rodina means Mother Land. My name is Stanislav.

Also, the Russian Tsars were over all a positive, nationalist and protective force for Russia against the international bankers.

The correct word for American Csars is Commissars, which is exactly what they are.

Does your vote count??? said...

Since before the election, I looked into the Obama information, as a former Cuban-refugee, I can tell you that I am so pleased that individuals like you are saying what I have been saying to my friends, both Obama supporters and opposers. How ironic that these things are coming from Russians, you my friend have learned the lessons that my fellow Americans are about to taste. I too am a Christian and know that much prayer and ACTION needs to be taken. I have attached the Pravda artile on the end of Capitalism to all my friends, hopefully we can reverse this. Pray for us, that the American people WAKE UP!


Brain said...

Who is John Galt? Seriously, many of these comments seem to be pages torn from "Atlas Shrugged"! Isn't it ironic that it's the Russians who time and again offer some of the most tremendous insight regarding freedom and oppression?

Does your vote count??? said...

Yes, after reading my own comment and that of Brian, it is not ironic at that these warnings are coming from Russia. After getting over my fear and suspicious nature about Russia (when I became a believer and follower of Jesus Christ) I began to really look into the history of Russia. It is a tragic history where these brave people have suffered repeated assaults against them.

I think it ridiculous that Obama would be insisting that the Russian Federation rid itself of nuclear weapons. It would be illogical and dangerous for them. The Russian people have suffered much from previous wars. Lost of land in WW-I. It like all nations has a right to self-defense and sovereignty.

Though worrisome of the communist regime that inflicted so much on it's own people and anyone else under their grasp. I cannot see if I were Russian to disarm when the Arab nations and China surround it. It's not prudent.

The world is a different place today. My faith and the Bible foretells of the part Russia will play in end times. America is not mentioned so for me, that will only occur because we will lose our world power status in the end.

That doesn't mean that I would surrender to this marxist shift quietly but the writing is on the wall.

I love America, the freedom it gave me from Castro's repressive regime and the opportunity and freedom it has provided me.

Like my friend Stanislav, the USA is my country and I am proud to be an American. The fouding fathers of the US Constitution had it right.

Long live a free Russia and US!