Saturday, June 20, 2009

Texas Independence Moving Forward

Dear readers, I first spoke on this topic about 3 months ago, during a series of American protests that erupted across America and that the American compliant and owned press ignored, and they tell us in Russia we have no free press? Hypocrites.
Is Independence the Future of Texas?

Since then I have had the good fortune to speak to several Texas x-pats in Russia and to correspond on the internet with several Texans. One notices first and foremost that there is much anger under the skin, boiling anger at their federal government. While most do not believe that their governor Perry was doing anything but trolling for votes in a hard reelection that is upcoming, it makes one wonder what it means in the Texas society if the path to reelection is through talk of succession. What the good governor may not realize is that such issues, which are already building or have built under the surface, given an outlet, will take on a life of their own. Like a breaking damn, public opinion can and will switch quickly given the proper circumstance and the force that follows will sweep all ahead.

One corespondent turned me on to a poll by a socialist blog called Daily Kos, on a side note, judging from the comments by the readers of this socialist site, they see Texas as little more than intelligent apes and would be happy without Texas. The poll demonstrates that 48% of Republicans, 40% of Independents and 15% of Democrats in Texas want a Republic of Texas, over all that is 35%. So from my earlier article, just 3 months prior, the rate of pro-independence voices has risen from 18% or so to some 35%! That is almost a doubling. The Texas Nationalist Movement, a pro-independence party, claims 250,000 members. Daniel Miller, the leader of the TNM was quoted as stating: The right of secession precedes from the constitution -- the United States was born out of secession."

Thus, with 1 in 3 citizens of Texas pro independence, a move to 2 in 3 is only a crisis away and with the americans continuing to sink and their dollar continuing to turn to trash, that crisis is already under way.

The crisis is happening in Yekaterinburg, Russia. It is in the form of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting between Russia, China and six other SCO members. The US request to attend was denied. The jist of this meeting is to work out plans to de-dollarize the trade between the member states. If only core members participate, that is trade between Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan will ditch the dollar. To make things worse for the dollar, if junior members, who have not fully joined, join in this position, then India, Iran, Pakistan, and Mongolia would also ditch the dollar.

While over all this would not kill the dollar, in its weakened state, with a half of humanity ditching it for internal trade, it will hurt it quite a bit. It is my prediction that the value of the dollar could fall up to 30-50% over night, or just about so. In a country that imports most of its daily needs in everything, that would easily raise prices 15-25%, a massive burden on a population already suffering from jobs disappearing in the three to five hundred thousands per month, shrinking incomes and increasing tax burdens. Unlike Zimbabwe, I believe the locals, at least in Texas, will enter rebellion.

It is rather ironic, that the city of Yekaterinburg, formerly known as Sverdlovsk, after Yakov Sverdlov, who carried out the murder of the Tsar, the city where the Wall Street funded Marxists murdered Russia's Empire, will also be the place where the US Empire will come to a screeching halt.

As to the final trigger, more than likely the pro-independence groups will launch protests, such as on the US day of independence. If the federal government uses hard tactics to disperse or control the crowds, it will more than likely be the catalyst for a state wide rebellion, especially if there are casualties. Judging from the hubris in DC, this is almost a given to happen.

The questions than become: 1. how hard and blood thirsty will the US fight to keep Texas and 2. how will the rest of the South accept this and will they follow Texas into rebellion?

In both issues, only time can tell and frankly, it is this writers opinion that there is not much time left.


Jim said...

The issue may appear to be one of secession,but it is actualy an issue of Constitutional States' Rights - a 10th amendment issue.

Gov. Perry and about 10 other governors are reasserting their Constitutional authority.

Jim said...

The issue may appear to be one of secession,but it is actualy an issue of Constitutional States' Rights - a 10th amendment issue.

Gov. Perry and about 10 other governors are reasserting their Constitutional authority.

Rudy said...

I lived in Texas for 30 years; my family is all from Texas. I am Mexican from Chihuahua, which border Texas but have been in the U.S. most of my life. I consider my self a Texan.

I think you are correct, Texas will eventually become independent. Perhaps not soon, but if the trends continue, Texas has the size and the economy to be and independent country.

Actually, long term (perhaps in the next 50-100 years?) Texas will probably be part of a new Mexican populated new country that will include Northern Mexico and South West U.S.

The differences in culture and attitude of the Northern Mexicans over their southern compatriots are many. North Mexico is conservative, hard working, more developed and more individualistic.

Texas and the South West of the U.S. is becoming Mexican in population but the culture developing is different from Mexico or from Eastern and Midwestern U.S.

Texas Mexican population today is about 30-40% and on the increase. Some cities like El Paso, San Antonio, McAllen, and Corpus Christi have a majority of Mexicans but if you look at their culture and civic attitudes, they differ from the Old Country.

I have served in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marines, and I am proud of America. But I do believe the Obama government is the tipping point. We are moving to socialism and an effective and soft fascism.

I am also a Catholic Christian and I believe this current American administration is preparing to demolish the Christian churches of all denominations. Through propaganda, education, laws it is marginalizing Christianity.

God help the U.S. but if Texas ever becomes a Republic again, that is where I will go.

Good and Peace


vonbach said...

I think the USA will break up and I welcome it. The federal government is the problem, its not supposed to have the power it has now. Its bloated, oppressive and the states simply can't afford it anymore. I hope
the break up of the USA will be peaceful. The last thing we need is another civil war.

John Clark said...

Texas Independence Moving Forward

I liked your post but Texas isn't the only place where Americans are getting fed up with the federal government bureaucrats violating their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution and regularly violate and usurp authority not granted to them by that founding document, they apply a Darwinian principle to law that simply put states that the Constitution is a living document evolving as times change long gone are the days when changes to our Constitution was done by amendment now this legal theory allows them to make it up as they go it's like a house built on the sand.

I found this blog by reading a piece entitled "American Capitalism Gone with a Whimper," and I have to say it was dead on the money. There is a grassroots movement growing in America of constitutionalists and patriots who wish to restore our country back to the limited government of a Representative Republic instead of this current bastardized legislative democracy that our founding fathers tried desperately to steer us away from when forming our government. America is being pushed into socialism and political corruption, they don't even try to hide it anymore, consider the new president Barack Hussein Obama who most likely isn't even constitutionally qualified to hold the office because he is not a natural born citizen, he has spent millions to keep his birth certificate hidden and there is no controlling legal authority anymore to force him to produce it.

Gone are the days where the majority of Americans consider themselves hard working and felt shame to be on welfare and supported by others, President John F. Kennedy once said in a speech "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country," a great portion of Americans lack the courage to steal their neighbors property so they hire a politician to do that for them in the form of taxes and burdensome regulations, Legal Plunder as Frederick Bastiat so ably put it in his great works "The Law"

American now lives under an oligarchy of unelected and unaccountable judges that have overstepped their jurisdiction and have begun to not just interpret law but make it, the atrocity of same-sex marriages being rammed down their throats of God-fearing Americans by activist judges and the American people are so ignorant from generations of an inferior government school system dumbing them down they don't see the tyranny or if they thought it was lacked the gumption to act!

Supreme Court upheld the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution American people's right to keep and bear arms by one vote, now the Obama administration is adding an activist judge to the bench of that court if this case is ever heard again or one like it it would more than likely go the other way if there ever will be an uprising that will be the catalyst like the shot heard round the world at Lexington and Concorde when the British came to confiscate the colonialists weapons at the armory, the controlled news media will no doubt betray these patriots as lunatic antigovernment radicals but in a way that would be like history repeating itself for men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and Samuel Adams were thus considered by the British after King George received our Declaration of Independence these men lived under a death sentence, we can only pray that such men will rise up among us again.

Alex de Tocqueville in his book stated (I'm paraphrasing) that America was great because America was good and that if we ever cease to be good we would also cease to be great.

God help America for we are in trouble.

abigaildavid said...

If at the end of the day the if ‘my favorite team is winning’ and ‘my stomach is full’…I wonder just how much serious consistent protesting will actually go on in this country??? After all, how long has abortion been legal in America? (Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity…Isaiah 1:4)

Eric D Esau said...

Texas was a state of Mexico, originally settled by Mexicans and Americans. The Mexican Constitution of 1824 established a democratic republic, a federation with limited and separated government authority. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was elected president of Mexico in 1833. Santa Anna suspended the constitution by signing the "seven laws", which lead to civil war throughout Mexico and secessions in Texas, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamulipas, Zacatecas and Yucatan. In 1836, Santa Anna and his army marched to Texas. The Texans at San Antonio were surrounded by the Mexican Army in a small mission church called the Alamo. Although the battle was hopeless, the Defenders of the Alamo fought to the last man giving their fellow Texans time to mobilize for the next battle further north. Texas won independence when Santa Anna was captured. Texas was an independent Republic from 1836 through 1845.

The issue of federalism and state authority caused the civil war in Mexico that lead to Texan independence, so Texans are also concerned about US federal usurpation of the authority and powers that rightfully belong to the states. The Union came from sovereign states, not the other way around. The US Civil War of 1861-1864 was not really so much about states' rights as it was about the politics of the abolition of slavery.

Let me answer your questions in reverse order. (2) I believe that if Texas were to secede, most of the states would follow and form a new union, but I am convinced that it will not come to this. I think that the states will reassert their authority by calling for a constitutional convention. (1) I think that the US military will refuse to turn its guns on Texans, although the leaders in Washington D.C. are certainly capable of giving the orders.

Let me add that I participated in the protests of April 15 in Colorado. The protests were nationwide, not just in one state. The protest was against spending, taxes, regulations, especially the "stimulus" and "bail-out" spending which is destroying our national currency and the takeover of private companies. It is not about breaking up the country. People brought their own signs, nobody told them what to say, but we were saying the same things. The day for the protest was obvious because April 15 is the deadline for filing Federal Income Tax.

John Clark said...

Aman AbigailDavid, but it's your country too. Bottom line is I think a large portion of the American people (not the majority) would rebel if given the truth but unfortunately a larger part of the population has been dumbed down embracing the now pagan government secular humanist philosophy of I am my own god and decide right and wrong for themselves or live in ignorant bliss, their houses built on the sand.

That's why our Constitution is becoming a dead letter because it wasn't designed for them. As a nation we've turned away from God and we are reaping that harvest. The global plantation beckons and there are many who will willingly stand in the line to become serfs in the NWO.


Larry Kilgore said...

Texans looks forward to a good relationship with Russia and other nations of the world.
Larry Kilgore for Texas Governor
2010 - Secession!!!

Stanislav said...

@Larry Kilgore

Russia needs to correct the mistake of 1861. There is no reason the two can not be friends and trading partners.

Rob said...

The oppressive federal government is overeaching and its ability to buy state compliance may be coming to an end.

BUT, did not be over joyful, their ability to coerce compliance still exists.

Americans are dividing and fragmenting-rich/poor, religous/not, false left/right parties, all according to plan. Succession sounds good from the comforts of your couch. But the grind of what it takes is an AWESOME commitment. A few years of empty bellies, and burned homes..some people will be begging for some UN/NATO intervention..

...And the NWO is waiting to pick up the pieces. All the while whispering their sweet promises of global villages, world harmony, protect the environment, peoples rights.
The plans are in place. The CFR already has guidance papers:

We've all heard of the Amero.

Texas Gov Rick Perry attended the 2007 Bilderberg conference in Turkey. I can't see that to be a good thing.

Read Soros' books. His biggest regret with the Soviet and Yugoslavia breakups was that he had not properly corrupted the country with NGOs beforehand so as to slide into the power vacuum. He has NOT made that mistake here. Open Society, Media Matters, MoveOn, Shadow Government, etc-
I'm serious, I swear I'm not a nut - go to the library - READ IT IN HIS OWN WORDS.

Remember the lessions of Yugoslavia and the breakup of the Soviet Union. We need to stop this totalitarian take over of the West, but we are balancing on the edge of a carefully laid trap.

"We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately"-B.Franklin

United we stand, divided we fall.

mark-alan said...

All this is perfectly according to the plan of the international bankers to balkanize America (they've been working on this since 1857 in London when they vowed to split the US in two and almost succeeded) and replace American hegemony with a Globalist one with a one world government, a one world religion AND a one world currency. The Amero is just a half-way measure. This New World Order will, of course be with them at the pinnacle, just as predicted in Bible. Christ's imminent return
has be predicted since the first century but the Mark of the Beast
has not been techinically feasible
until the last few years and is now being implanted in many willing
but incredibly duped people.
What will truly take the world by surprise as they rejoice in America's demise out of pure envy
and pride is the resulting loss of
hope that America has represented for the last 400 yrs. I promise you sir, it shall be a pyrhhic victory. In a few years those very people most responsible for it's demise with be lamenting the Camelot that was once America.

khr128 said...

wow! Mongolia will ditch the dollar! The horror, the horror...