Thursday, March 18, 2010

First the Financial Disaster on Russia and Now the Middle East Disaster on Israel

Like a spoiled brat, whose fantasies about reality have come crashing down on its head, the US emperors and their elites are out to blame anyone and everyone rather than take responsibility for their own inadequacies and stupidities, rather than swallow their Satan induced hubris. The man-gods of America's Elites know no shame.

First, after bankrupting their own nation in 1973 and driving the world away from gold in 1974 to continue to print cash, almost Weihmer style, after blowing bubble after bubble, until the final collapse in 2008, the American elite have the nerve to blame Russia, a nation they helped rape for 8 years, stealing an estimated $500 billion in assets and cash, of collapsing their fantasy debt ridden "economy". Paulson laid the blame squarely at the feet of Moscow for dumping their $54 billion stake, a mere drop in the $5 trillion debt, of Fannie and Freddy Scam. Because of this, we are told, because of this mere 1.1% of the value, the whole system came crashing down.

As preposterous as this is, from the biggest beggars and spendthrifts in the world, who owe every third world hell hole, billions in dollars, the blame was placed squarely upon Russia's head. Blame the victim as usual.

So it should be no surprise, that now Israel is being blamed, in a diplomatic explosion the size of a Hiroshima bomb, on the worsening situation in Iraq (stability? please...where?) and Afghanistan. The American Imperial Marshal, General David Patraeus, commander of all US forces in the Middle East, has laid the blame for America's decade of invasion and occupation and the failure of both, on the shoulders of Israel. Because of Israel, according to Patraeus, "America was not only viewed as weak, but its military posture in the region was eroding." He than demanded vassaldom of the Israeli conflict under his rule, at Centcom (US Central Command).

To this, the stooge and laughing stock Biden's "insult" has been added. The insult? Building housing in their own capital, in a neighborhood that had 3 times, in less than 100 years, been exterminated and cleansed by Islamic jihadists. This is as crazy as NATO chiefs (Anglo elites) demanding Russia remove bases from independent Abkhazia and S.Ossessia, while NATO continues to surround Russia with new bases and continue to occupy parts of Yugoslavia, declaring them Serb and Christian frei for the Islamic overlords (the SERBIAN province of Kosovo).

"This is starting to get dangerous for us," Biden reportedly told Netanyahu. "What you're doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace."

Yes, Israel building houses and shooting back at Islamics is what has caused the collapse of moral in the US military doing occupation duty and has forced the US to expand the wars into Pakistan, while backing Islamic jihadists in Russia (Caucuses), central Asia (the coloured revolutions), Serbia and Macedonia and even pressuring the Greeks, while Emperor Obama backs his Islamic third cousin's bid to turn 90% Christian (and mostly Orthodox Christian) Kenya into another Islamic Caliphate hellhole. Just ask the Serbs, why they were making it dangerous for the US Empire and its Saudi owners when they started defending themselves, too. How long till NATO starts bombing the Israelis to defend the Islamic hordes?

And for those of the neo-Nazi persuasion or such views, who will read this, don't rejoice to much, for sooner or later you too will be or are already being over run by the Islamics and when you fight back, what exactly do you think will happen to you? Instead, all nationalists and monarchists need to unite to stop this insanity.


Gavrick said...

Slava, I'm afraid you are going to lose some friends. Not me, of course!

Much evil being perpetrated on Western countries is by Jews. Many of your rapists of Russia are likewise, Jewish oligarchs. However, I am not inclined to describe a coincidence as a conspiracy.

I reserve my vitriol for liberal enemies. Since 75% of Jews are self-decribed liberals, they will obviously be in that group.

But I also have good friends and allies in that other 25%. And they are valuable folks.

As always, God Bless and preserve the Holy Russian Orthodox Church!

Stanislav said...


Do not deny that in the least, it is historic fact. Of course, most of the liberal Marxist Jews in the Soviet Union got eaten by their own revolution, very fitting. Along with them were eaten their co-horts the Poles, Latvians and many others who brought that evil out.

Very true, many Oligarchs, backed by Wall Street are/were Jewish, though not all...most are only by blood.

The Jews in Russia are a conservative bunch and most in Israel, from what I saw, when I went there to visit churches and holy sites, are also rather conservative...for example: in the Jerusalem old city, the Jews forbid bars and nightclubs, only religious institutions, homes, schools and businesses.

The Western jews, like many other Westerners are very leftist, they have not had the joy of living under what they preach. It is interesting that once a revolution is in place, and the party animal/pragmatists grab power, the first they kill off are these ideologs, since it is these dogma fools who are the first to be disenchanted and turn against what they created, as if that will excuse them from the rivers of blood they spilled. So they get eaten by their own child....very fitting.

The primary animal that is a threat to Russia, at present, is Islamics, internally (even if the quantity has shrunk by over 2 million) and externally, followed by NATO. Pulling Israel into Russian orbit works towards both those issues.

Stanislav said...


I am sure some will think that I sold out, those are fools and idiots. They run on some dogma that looks first and foremost to their dogma, not to reality and what is best for the Rodina.

Israel falling into Islamic hands does nothing for us but hurt us. First and foremost, some 15% of the Israeli population is Orthodox Christians, many of them Russian and our Church is the biggest land owner. If those Islamic locusts take that land, they will do what they did in Lebanon, in Bethlaham, destroy all the Christians and steal our lands.

Furthermore, it only makes them stronger. Anything that fights the Islamic caliphate and keeps them hopping...I am all for it.

The existance of strong Israel helps the Orthodox and the other Christians. Only time they have betrayed them, such as abandoning the Lebanese Christian Army and closing the border to them and families or backing away from the Serbs, is under direct US pressure/ other words, with the US acting as the armed thug and vessel of the Saudie Islamics.

Cobra said...

The jews are very diverse. In Israel there are religios Jews and liberal/commie Jews.
But they are all united in hate toward Christians.
Having said that, I think Israel has a right to exist, despite how it was formed (Irgun and such...). It is better for the Western world to support Israel, because the muslim Umah is a savage world that would plunge the whole world in a thousand years of darkness if they succeed.

Arius said...

Great article, Stanislav. I would add that the US (and its many political VIPs on the Muslim payroll) are strong supporters of Azerbaijan and Turkey against Armenia.

jack said...

Actually US support for Chechen and Bosnian militants are the reason that international Jihadists are in Iraq are the US run through the Abu Hafs network that was also responsible for the series of bombing in Africa and Spain in 2004. In fact the tactics they have used and implemented in Chechnya (kidnappings, use of female suicide bombers, blowing up oil pipelines, etc)

Bosnian Terrorist Assets Moving to Iraq, Afghanistan to Resist “War on Terror” as Maneuvering Underway to Replace Izetbegovic

A series of tightly coordinated bombings on the commuter rail networks of Madrid, Spain, during rush hour on the morning of March 11, 2004, were clearly linked to the al-Qaida-related group, the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades, which during 2003 and 2004 were engaged in geographically dispersed terrorist bombings in Ankara, Turkey, and against the UN compound in Baghdad, Iraq, in August 2003. More than anything, however, the March 11, 2004, bombings highlighted the extensive European network of the various Islamist groups and gave some indications of further activities.

“Chechens have also gone to Iraq to fight Americans and our allies. [A] British intelligence source told the Sunday Express: “These are not just people dreaming of a homeland, they are key global terrorist figures.” The source added: “British forces in the Gulf during the initial phase of the fighting were finding Chechen bodies among the fanatics fighting along Saddam Hussein’s troops. A number of the foreign fighters confronting our troops in Basra have turned out to be Chechens.”

“A half-hour long film about a Muslim sniper who is killing American soldiers in Iraq is being shown in Bosnia, reports Bosnian Muslim television.

The film is shown in central Bosnia where concentration of radical Islamists is the greatest, reports Bosnian government TV station.

The film is about a mysterious Muslim named Juba who is using a sniper to kill an American soldier once every day. The sniper has been doing this for several years now and each soldier is hit with one bullet in the forehead, the movie shows.

Bosnian TV news show 60 Minutes reports that the mysterious sniper has killed several hundred Americans so far. After each killing, the sniper leaves one shell and a message in Arabic that says “What’s taken by blood cannot be brought back without blood.”

The DVD also says that Bosnian Muslim Jihad veterans from the notorious Bosnian Muslim Army unit El Mujaheed are also volunteers among the Jihadists in Iraq that are killing the Americans.

During the Bosnian civil war in the 1990s, United States blamed and then bombed the Bosnian Serbs who were targets of massacres by the El Mujahedeen units and other Bosnian Muslim government forces.
The film about Juba is also sold as a DVD in Bosnia, and is narrated in the so-called Bosnian language, reports Bosnian TV.

Bosnian TV says that there are increasing number of visits by Wahabis from Austria and Germany into central Bosnia where the film is being shown.”

Yeah and about the Jihadist support against Russia when are we going to see an article about it Stas?

vonbach said...

I'm sick of Israel sponging off my country. They've spent unbelievable amounts of US blood and treasure
and inflamed the Muslims against the west. I think the jews should have a country I also think all jews should go there. I don't want have that bunch of parasites bleeding us dry. I also want the muslims in there own area and away from us.

Sister Sunshine said...

Wow. Thank you, sir, for being "the voice crying in the wilderness" and I appreciate your candor. Mixed feelings about some of the comments here.

God help us all...

Leos Tomicek said...

Actually the type of Jews that live around Jerusalem can get just as nasty towards Christians as the Islamists. I think I saw a story about some Hebrew graffiti being sprayed on Russian church there and also on some Catholic and Coptic churches there.

Nevertheless, the generally secular nature of the Israeli state is more of guarantee of safety than Hamas.

subscriptionblocker said...

Nawwwww, GS was just being GS. They could only get away with it because the cops were watching pornos:

Wonder what GWB was doing at this time?

And yeah, it bothers many of us that *both* parties aren't occupying many prison cells.

No grand geopolitical plan - just stupidity.