Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yet More Truth From Afghanistan

In a piece of controlled media and disinformation that would make any dictator, on the loosing side of history proud, the American/NATO massive offensive to conquer the "city" of Marjah has been revealed to be nothing but a lie.

The so called city has been described as a central hub of political and logistical control for the Taliban in Helmand province. In other words, the most important target around. To this, the US/NATO forces have poured in the majority of their resources to take this piece of land and thus declare a great victory in
a 9 year long occupation filled with errors, stupidities and other words, those who created the modern hell that is Afghanistan and pulled in the Soviet Union into it, before themselves being pulled into it, have learned nothing and forgotten much.

It now turns out that this "city" of 80,000, as described by the US/UK media and shown in very close cropped and coached images, is nothing more than a cluster of small villages of no real significance. Richard Scott, a former consultant for the US Agency for International Development and who had worked the region, confirmed
that this was the fact, the "city" is nothing but a rural agricultural district, with hardly anything that would prove a political or industrial center, or for that matter with anything that would prove to be a real Taliban presence.

The actual "city" that which was ground zero is home to a mosque and a few shops as well as some dozen or so family compounds and this, we now know, was ground zero for 7,500 US/NATO troops, in operation Moshtarak (Together). A true victory. Is it any wonder that after 9 years, the US/NATO is in a worse position than even the Soviet army was, after a similar time period?

Of course this is not about winning in Afghanistan or even cleaning up the mess that the West created in that country. Just wait till proper reparation trials begin. This is about domestic mass consumption and has been very effective and continues to be, with a public, the majority of whom, I highly doubt, could find Afghanistan
on any world map.


subscriptionblocker said...

OK Stanislav,

We've received our daily flogging from you. Now just what would you have us do to change this?

We voted for change - but all we got was GW with a sun tan.

Suspect the Afghans are just as baffled on how to get out of this as we are :(

Charles said...

Suspect the Afghans are just as baffled on how to get out of this as we are :(??? Американский грязь должна оставить там, и изгнать их отсюда!!! СЕЙЧАС!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

vonbach said...

Have you ever read 1984? Perpetual war for perpetual peace. The woman in the book says "who cares about
the war its all just lies anyway."

Kiran said...


Isnt the Afghan 'whatever' by US led nato a profit seeking operation by the Military-Industrial complex..?

Also, the hidden agenda is to counter china and destabilize central asia [and then russia]...

Now that the bottom has fallen off the US economy, how is the afghan situation likely to playout?

The US seems to have no intention of leaving...

Leos Tomicek said...

I heard they went to Marjah to destroy the opium trade but I doubt they are serious about that since the trade boomed ever since the Western forces deposed the Taliban regime.

Anonymous said...

YEESS, we can turn a bronze age, feudal and tribal society into Jeffersonians! Two tours of duty in Asscrackistan just leave me awash with hope.

Sarcasm aside, when I visit my parents this Summer, I'll be visiting an Afghan vet comrade. He resides in a military cemetery...