Friday, March 5, 2010

Patriotism In Russia Starts Early

For boys, still in school, pre-military preparation starts early. First, on every anniversary of the Great Patriotic War 9 May as well as on the Day of the Defender of the Motherland 23 Feb, they are reminded constantly, by placards, billboards, TV shows and other ways, of the various heroic sacrifices made by the previous generations to keep Russia free and strong.

These are very important moments in a young boy's life, that direct him in knowing that he belongs to a long cultural line of men and women who have sacrificed for the future and that if and when the time comes, he will be expected to do the same.

This is then extended in school.

Secondary schools have requirements of 80 hours a year of military education. This is for boys in 6 to 9th grades. The boys are taught the basics of riflemanship, shown patriotic and military films and allowed to play specially developed military video games that are designed to enhance their skills. For older boys, in 10th and 11th classes (11th being the last class in school), more intense training is given in the form of a five day stint as a school military unit, given a pseudo-boot camp experience. Thus, even if the boys do not go into the military after graduation, they will have at least some basis of education and preparation for the next time the West or possibly the Chinese decide to get nasty.

Not surprisingly, Western human rights groups and their local, but Western financed, groups are quite loud about the negative effects of patriotism. They have gone so far as to compare the five day stints to prison terms. Useful idiots, the lot of them.


Gavrick said...

Slava, you keep making positive points for my Zhena and me to take our two little ones to Russia where we can raise them in the true faith with an apprectiation for their race and culture. They will meet other children with the same basic beliefs in school. And then we could be reasonable assured that they will fall in love with and marry other Orthodox Christians.

She still thinks it won't be safe for them there as papa is American, so everyone in the town where we live would think we were rich (untrue). I think they will become less safe as time goes by here in the West.

In any case, military training would only do my little Vova good.

Kiran said...


I want to know the origins, the shenanigans and history of the yugoslavia crisis which ultimately led to Russia's painful U turn on the western road.

Can you tell me where on the internet i can get that info...


Stanislav said...


She has some points, many still believe that everyone in the West lives like kings, though more and more news and people travelling has helped rid those myths, some what.

However, if you move, and its a small town, make sure everyone knows you are not super rich. If in a big city, keep quiet your back ground.

When I worked in the US, for a short time, when my friends would ask why I left after such a "high" salary, I always enjoyed listing off how much was spent on everything and how little was left, how much little was left. After that they do not envy me anymore, they understand suddenly that they have more cash for beer and such than I did there.

jack said...


The single best website is Andy Wilcox

Be sure to check out the news archives and the Milosevic trail transcript reports.

Another good site is

Couple of good documentaries the best overall being Yugoslavia: the Avoidable war and Judgment about the Serbian death camp hoax by ITN journalists.

Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War

Part 1

Part 2 (covers Jihadist part)

If you are wondering how this relates to Russia and the NWO since the fall of the USSR in 89 I suggest you read Zbignew Brzenski’s book The Grand Chessboard (pdf version here ) and especially ex-CIA counter terrorism expert in Russia Paul Murphy’s book Wolves of Islam: Russia and the faces of Chechen terrorism. He also runs Russian Eurasian Terror Watch Analysis

The reason the Balkans wars were created and the US supports Jihadists to the present is:

a) To eliminate Serbs as the strongest power block in a unified country paving the way for a future oil and gas pipeline from the Caspian Basin

b) As a terrorist base and terrorist trafficking network financed by a Balkan centred multi billion dollar drugs and sex trafficking organised crime network to finance Islamic militants in Chechnya primarily and other Caucasus regions but also Eurasia in Central Asia and China.

The 9/11 attacks were part of the Bosnian-Chechen network with the financial records going back to Bosnia and Abdullah Bin Ladins Benevolence Fund and The Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation (AHF), office in Sarajevo who the Bosnia court convicted of running Chechen training camps and Bosnian officials transferring money to Atta in the US. They were even running terrorist camps in the US.

The same organisation was shut down from Bosnian court order and reopened under a different name Vazir were the Beslan school massacre was organised and rehearsed under the control of UN representative for Bosnia and MI6 agent Lord Paddy Ashdown.

Anonymous said...

I think making sure that Serbia become a landlocked nation was high on the list of priorities. Russia can't be allowed to have any ports on the Adriatic. Ironically enough, Croatia is in talks with Russia to use her Adriatic ports to export Russian oil. I've read that Croatia is likely going to agree to this. So much for EU/NATO clout.

As far as patriotism goes, in the US we learn from an early age about how boys should be just like girls and aggression and masculinity are evil things. We also learn about how peaceful and wonderful Africans and Muslims are and that they lived in utopias at harmony with mother Gaia until the evil White man arrived and sowed the seeds of conflict.
Russia won't have to wait very long to watch The West be taken over by a generation of self-loathing emasculated wimps.

Gavrick said...


What about the predictions of a Muslim majority in the armed forces in Russia by 2015? That is the biggest fear I have.

Kiran said...

Jack, from what i know Germany too was involved in creation of KLA and Kosovo...In that case how does the recent russian cosying to Germany make sense?

Anonymous said...

This military training is a small, yet reasonable protective measure if you take 10 minutes and study what calamities Russia has suffered through.
I hope the Russian people tell these sheepish Western busy-bodies to go pound sand.

Arius said...

NoIdentity, the West has already been taken over by a generation of self-loathing emasculated wimps.

Arius said...

Jack, that's a good reference list on the 1990's crisis in Yugoslavia.

I would also recommend I Accuse by Dr Rajko Dolecek at:

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