Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Africa: Celebrating the Genocide of Whites

That the fact that a murderous despotic, Marxist-fascist regime, hell bent on the whole scale extermination of the twenty percent of its population, and the most productive members at that, should be awarded with the world championship in football (World Cup) says more about the West that brought about these Marxists to power then about the ruling thugs themselves.

As I stated in Age of the Man-Gods, the self-loathing masters of the Western serfs and peasants are the root blame in the murder of not only the tens of thousands of whites in Rhodesia and now South Africa, but equally of millions of starving blacks in both nations. The vipers, who are the elites of the West, foisted upon the world the Mughabies and Mandelas that have caused endless horror and suffering. South Africa, a case in point.

Once the most developed nation in all of Africa, with a vibrant industrial economy, it is now a dieing cesspool of failed socialism and raging anti-white hatred and genocide. Yes, there, the word genocide against a minority, that happens to be white. It is a nation where 100 murders are committed daily and HIV is rampant in over a third of the black population. This is a Western installed Marxist regime that can count as its achievement the annual rape of over 40,000 children.

And before you say anything about this being their land, it is not. Just like with the Islamic Arabs in Israel or the Mexicans in Texas or Arizona, or the Chinese coming into our own Far East, there were few if any living in these areas, until more productive peoples came in and created the economic and societal conditions upon which these others then flooded in to feed off of.

As for the World Cup, the last place, from a political, humane, morale or safety situation that this should have been held is South Africa. To make the already joke of a security even less attainable is the convergence of tens of thousands of the worst radicals from sub-Saharan Africa, to Johannesburg.

It is time that there was active opposition to this murderous Marxist regime, not active rewarding.

That the rulers of the West are self loathers, satanic spawn bent on the destruction of the whole of the Christian world, be it by the curse of Marxism, Islam or African paganism, is of itself a known element. Thus the people of the West had best wake up or face their own destruction.

As for our own government in Moscow, I call upon President Medvedev to actively condemn these illegal and murderous regimes and to offer direct aid to the Boer and European populations of Africa, through military aid and refugee havens.


Anonymous said...

Well said!

vonbach said...

Your pretty much spot on with this one. Whats happening to the South African whites is genocide and
its obscene. Thank you for calling on Medvedev to
help. I've known people from South Africa. Bless you.

Leos Tomicek said...

The World Cup takes its toll...

I bet these two stories are just the tip of the iceberg.

JazzyJ said...

Stan, I'm from South Africa and your description of the current situation here is fairly accurate. Yes, whites are murdered on a regular basis, especially farmers, but you need to appreciate that black-on-black violence and murder are also fairly prevalent here. Not too long ago, we had a bad case of xenaphobic attacks happening against immigrants from other African countries. This is largely due to the number of different black tribes we have here who all believe that they are the true heirs of the country. Ironically, none of them are as historically the original people to occupy this country were the San people. Unfortunately for the San, their numbers are so small that they have no real voice in the politics of our country.

The man the whites most fear and despise at the moment is Julius Malema. Besides making nonsensical outbursts on a regular basis, he is not afraid to admit his open hatred for whites. In fact, he refers to us as the 'colonizers', even though most of our forefathers landed here over 350 years ago. In his eyes, we are not African, we are invaders who need to be taught a lesson. The most frightening aspect for us is that a large portion of the black youth buy into his hate and propaganda. He wants to nationalize our mines, banks and everything else that is ripe for looting.

The ANC have already declared him a future leader of this country. Many whites fear that this may happen as soon as 2014, which is when our next general election occurs.

So, if Julis Malema is elected in 2014, you can expect two things to happen: 1) The english speaking whites will flee this country in the thousands
2) The afrikaans speaking whites (the Boers) will prepare for civil war and for a fight to the death.

The Afrikaaners / Boers are probably the most patriotic people you get in this country and yet they are also the most oppressed at this current point in time. This is largely due to the fact that pre 1994 they were the ones who predominantly oppressed the blacks.

So, what we have here is a classic case of reverse racism, although for some unknown reason, you can never accuse a black person of being racist in this country.

To all reading this, if you have any investments in South Africa, please cash them out before Julius Malema becomes our next president.

David B. Carvalho said...

Up and coming, Brazil Cup 2014, not a coincidence either: Brazil is the HQ of Marxism in Latin America. Brazil, unlike its radical allies Venezuela and Bolivia, is carefully disguised as a democracy, but Marxists control 99% of media, education, "social movements" and apparatchiks. This year's presidential election will be disputed only by socialist candidates.

petkov said...

Wow, facts don't really mean ANYTHING to do do they?
A few people were living in where modern Israel is? Even before the original (and real) Jews arrived there 3 thousand years ago according to their fairytale story there were people living there. Why don't you actually READ the Bible that you claim you believe in? Their God Yehova told them to exterminate every man they met and take all women and children as slaves. Unlike the fake Ashkenazi Jews who are now illegally occupying Palestine and Jerusalem, the real residents of Palestine where kicked out. I'd like to see how YOU'd behave if somebody comes to your house one day and tells you to get out cuz the land belongs to somebody else.

Arius said...

Good article. Reverse the races and the wining would be to the heavens.

Petkov, how far back do you want to go? What you call 'real residents' pushed on someone else. Your argument takes you nowhere, into a dead end.

Anonymous said...

100% right on South Africa.It would be merciful if the whites were just being killed , however the tortures these people suffer can only be inflicted by demons.The comparison with Israel/Palestine is bogus.Yes the blacks migrated south after the whites tamed the wilderness,but the Levant was settled ,conquered and resttled many times over.The johhny come lately Khazars have to realize we are no longer in the Bronze Age

Cobra said...

There are rumors that once the Cup is over, the white massacre will begin.
And who will intervene?
We are heading into very dark days ahead.

Stanislav said...


The Khazars are jewish by religion, they are asian tribes men, same as the huns, the mongols, and the turks.

And by the way, Jerusalem had a population of 10,000 when the jews started migrating. The Islamic arabs are no different then the other lesser peoples. Just like they migrated in to the crusader kingdoms when those setup orderly societies that prospered, no difference. Stop defending the islamics.

Gregor said...

Uh, Stas: I'm not going to defend South Africa. But given that you claim to be Orthodox might I ask what you're on about:
'The Islamic arabs are no different then the other lesser peoples'

Where does Christianity speak about 'lesser peoples'?

Stanislav said...


I refer to culturally lesser people and you bet your last donut I think Islam is a lesser culture, especially one based on war, rape and pillage and the forced conversion of all men to Marxist like tyranny (just with a half educated mullah rather then some technocrat).

Anonymous said...

Criticizing Israel does not equal defending Islamics.The Islamics plagued Iberia under Moors with Jews prominent in administration of tyranny. Likewise Jews thrived in Constantinople under Ottoman.They were also happy to exploit Christians in Polish 'Empire'.The first action of US Marines was against Islamic pirates in Meditranaen.Likewise the Bolshevik regime and East European ofshoots were riddled with Talmudists and many non Russians, with no avowed Islamics that I m aware of. In current events they are constantly undermining Moscow,for example 'Kosavo', 'Chechnya' and who can forget Georgia?

jack said...


“Just like with the Islamic Arabs in Israel or the Mexicans in Texas or Arizona, or the Chinese coming into our own Far East,”

Or Tesek Cossacks in the North Caucasus if I am correct what is now Northern Chechnya was traditionally Russian territory incorporated into Chechnya in the 50/60’s as well as handing over the Crimea to the Ukrainians under Khrushchev.
And off course there is Kosovo.

What is it with you and the Chinese?

According to Russia's own 2002 census there are only 30,598 Chinese living in Russia this out of a population of 1+ billion people.

One of the best moves Putin did which was long overdue was to establish ties with China to develop Siberia.

The Chinese have been the most successful to develop there economy and modernisation developing new markets and infrastructure like the high speed rail system that not even European countries like Germany who helped constructed the maglift train system in China has and unlike Russia has to deal with over population and a energy supply problem as well as natural disasters like earthquakes.

I would be more concerned with the Jihadists who have the potential for setting up terrorist camps and bases in Siberia if they have not already.

Interfax religion often has news items of Hiz-but- tarer cells being arrested in Siberian provinces.

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if Russia stood up for the Afrikaner people. However, it seems that Russia is also interested in building a good rapport with the Third World, and ANC-ruled South Africa is held in high regard by many Third Worlds, who probably don't have any compassion for the plight of the Afrikaners. So I doubt Russia will step up to the plate. But miracles can happen.

John Sobieski said...

Spot on. SA is now a cesspool. Who to blame? Whitey! It's all whitey's fault that the infrastructure is rotting and crime is soaring. I'm sure our satanic elite will never say a word about the murder of whites for being white in SA. It's not on their list of concerns. Besides it's whitey's fault!

Craig said...

Im black SAn, my roots are right here! So tell me u guys who claim this country is yours, and u can trace your origins to Europe? Someone has got it wrong, n its not me!

Silversith said...

I was born in South Africa and I've been living here for 24 years. To me this is my home and I can't imagine myself living in any other country.

My mother grew up on a farm and my father grew up in a small developing suburb(his father was the owner of a corner-shop).

We strive to be non-judgmental people and never even think of ostracizing people based on their ancestry. I've had plenty of black friends and grew up alongside them and many of them are disgusted by the actions of the tribes in South Africa.

One thing we were extremely worried about in the last election, was that if the ANC managed to get a 66,7% majority vote in South Africa they would be able to change the constitution to fit their religious and cultural frameworks and completely abolish any sort of western foundation inherent in South Africa. Fortunately we managed to avoid that in the last election but it was extremely close and I can only imagine that it could've been a disaster with Zuma as the President. If we fail in the next election and Malema becomes President then I have no doubt in my mind that I will leave this country. I'm fortunate enough that my Honors Degree will be useful in other countries as well and that I will be able to provide for myself and whatever family I'd managed to gather by then.

For the time being things are okay; Toll Gates being placed on the N1, Striking in the public sector(Schools, Hospitals, Public Transport), and a slight increase in public violence since the end of the world cup.

Still I'm getting paid, I hang out with my friends and go to church.

I have hope for the future, but the niggling doubt in my mind is starting to wear me down. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what the future holds Silversith

theycameandateus said...

Been living here the whole time... genocide? what genocide? It's great here. You're wrong. And preachy. And Russian. I only mention this because your profile says:

"We can even make friends with you, but please do neither lecture us, nor interfere with our affairs."

Hm... good advice...