Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Turkey Will Not Fight

The Turkish government, the Islamic Turkish government, has threatened to send warships to escort the next wave of humanitarian aka Islamic troop transport ships to Gaza. There are several problems here:

First, be these Turkish or French or Martian ships, once they cross over, without invitation, into Israeli waters, which includes Gaza, the Israelis have the full right, under international law, to sink them. That they have not directly sunk the Turkish flotilla, already shows restraint. As seen on Russian news, the video from the night scopes of Israeli helicopters, most plainly showed the "aid workers" were armed, violent and organized. In other words, the typical Islamic protestor aka Jihadist. It also shows that the Israeli military were fools to come down with paint ball rifles and only pistols for any real protection.

If these were in the Black Sea, bringing "relief" to the Caucuses or to Crimea (even if it is presently a part of the artificial state of Ukraine), Russian special forces would have come much more heavily armed and would not have put up with half the crap that the Israelis did before sending these "activists" to their 72 virgin rewards. Furthermore, the Russian navy, would have, correctly, blockaded these ships and if need be sunk them.

That the Turks now threaten to send military escorts with the next batch of Islamic Jihadist troop transports show how deep in bed with the radicals Erdogen's government truly is. Further that the Turkish military, the guardians of Turkish secular republicanism, has not protested, points to something else, that they are preparing an over throw. Why?

The more than likely scenario is simple: the Turkish military needs an incident, something that will discredit the Erdogen government. This will give them the needed excuse to over throw the Islamic regime and repurge the government and society of the radicals. Erdogen has been successful in checking several such attempts, but being a good fanatic or even queasy fanatic, he has worked himself into a corner. To back off now will show him weak and open him up for a coup. To force an invasion of Israeli waters and thus an act of war, will show him a fool and open him up for a coup.

Be it a back off or a confrontation, Erdogen's days in office and more than likely on this world, are very numbered.


Anonymous said...

Israel is always right?!What would be wrong with unloading ships adjacent to Gaza onto lighters under Iseaeli custom supervision? Seems it would easier and more secure than unloading at Ashdod and reloading on trucks.Anyway this isnt 1967 ala USS LIBERTY with traitors in DC ignorig distress signals from a US flagged ship, the most decorated ship in USN history.Israel has achieved an amazing feat,she has managed to make fellow travellers out of anti-semites, jihadis and neo marxists.Not too bright for a country purporting to offer security for Jews

Arius said...

I hope you are right.

vonbach said...

Lol. Israel attacked unarmed peace activists and nearly
lost. Next time they'll actually have to contend with
people that can shoot back. They were in International
waters the Israeli's were engaging in piracy. The jews are acting like the psychopaths they are.

Stanislav said...


Actually, if they were psychopaths they wouldn't have brought paintball guns, they would have just sunk them. If they were cleaver psychopaths, they would have sank them in their territorial waters.

Cobra said...

I disagree. Israel had/has every right to kick their buts. The flotilla was intended to break the blockade which would allow arms to flow into Gaza from Iran.
That would be a disaster for everybody, including Europe and USA.
Besides, the commandos (?!) were not armed with assault weapons and showed a great deal of restraint.
I certainly hope Erdogan will lose his power, at least, because Europe doesn't need a new Ottoman Empire pushing the Christians round.
We had more than enough of that during the five centuries, the Ottomans bullied the neighbourhood.

jack said...

Stas has Israel or the brethren in the US changed there view on supporting Chechen, KLA and Bosnian jihadists?

Kosovo Push for Independence Raises Some Concern

"I love Israel. What a great country! Kosovo is a friend of Israel," the grinning Thaci, 39, says in a Pristina hotel crowned by a miniature statue of liberty. "I met so many great leaders when I was there -- Netanyahu, Sharon -- I really admire them," Thaci continued, referring to former Israeli prime ministers Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon.

In Kosovo -- where Thaci's campaign adviser was an Israeli, and where a recent candidate for Parliament used a picture of himself embracing U.S. President George W. Bush on his promotional poster -- fears about radical Islam seem far-fetched.”

The United States’ principles are universal, and in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe."

Tom Lantos

Lantos support for Kosovo independence in Kosovo in 1990

In fact if Israel supported Russia after the break up of the USSR instead of working against it with the Jewish /Israeli Oligarchs and backing Islamist in the Balkans and the Caucasus annexing Russia’s South strengthening Azerbaijan working with Turkey they could have created an alternative energy block in Eurasia which would have eliminated the Mid East energy block and have a virtual monopoly in joint Russian/Israeli oil companies and development across Eurasia.

Instead they backed US/British Anglo-Saxon Mackinder strategy for Russia and Eurasia and the genocide of the Serbs and Russians during the 90’s.


The West has been promoting and sponsoring the new Ottoman Empire since the break up of Yugoslavia promoting pan-Turkish nationalism through CIA Turkish American Fetullah Gullen and his funded Mosques and Universities from the Balkans to the Caucasus, Central Asia and Xinjing province in China and especially in Chechnya which the Chechen separatist regime refers to Chechnya under its Turkish name of Ichkeria with British SAS and Turkish military and intelligence training Chechen, Albanian and international jihadists in Turkey during the period of de facto independence between 97-2000.

Resurrecting the Caliphate

“In fact, apprehended terrorists often hold Turkish passports - reportedly both fake and real. A quick google search, for example, demonstrates Turkish passports on terrorists captured in New York, Chechnya, Chechnya again and again, Pakistan training camps, and Georgia, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan. Many of the 'detainees' at Guantanamo also hold Turkish passports.”,-Madrassas,-HeroinTerrorism

vonbach said...

This was a humanitarian convoy the Israeli's raided
in international waters. There are no excuses for it.
By the way you not seriously buying the "paintball"
thing are you? They killed 20 people including an
American. One of the ships there is named after
an American girl the Israeli's deliberately ran over
with a bulldozer. The jews are psychopaths.
The way they treat the Palestinians is like something
out of the old Soviet Union.

Anonymous said...

Paintball guns are attached to M-16 to mark suspects for later processing.People are dead and wounded, from live ammo.The Iraelis probably wanted to plant "evidence" on the ships but the dopes coudn't even do that right.This is what happens when you raise a generation who think war is killing Palestinian schoolchildren

Anonymous said...

Nice way to loose an audience Stan.

Any other unreasonable opinions to promote while you're at it?

Stanislav said...


If my choice is between the jews or the Islamics, you can sleep with the dog Islamics, I'll take the Jews. The Islamics, may that faith and any who shill for it lay in Hell, has been attacking and pillaging my people and my lands for almost as long as the West and their bloody crusades.

Furthermore, if I want to go to an Orthodox Christian church in Israel, I can. Rather hard in any Muslim nation, any Muslim nation, where with the help of the West, almost all have been destroyed, turned to mosques or turned to museums.

The Israelies should have sunk those bastard Turks and any of their sociopaths that were on the ship with them.

While some of you may wax about the poor Turks or the poor islamic Arabs, it is my people who have been fighting wars with them for the past 800 years and 1300 if you count my faith and all its peoples.

Your German and English ancestors were the ones backing them against us way before the Crimean War or the NATO whoring to the Islamic jihads in Yugoslavia and in our cry me two rivers. Sink the lot of them next time.

vonbach said...

You might want to look up some history Stan. The jews have been acting as go betweens selling slaves
to the Turks for centuries. Why do you think the cossacks went after the jews?
I can show you articles where jewish pimps brag about their stables of Russian and Ukrainian slaves.
Btw who do you think it was that was training and
funding the Georgians?
They also are known for smuggling drugs.
They executed people in cold blood on that ship and there are tapes out there to prove it.

johnknoefler said...

Hello Stanislav, I just found your blog this early am and I could not stop reading. I agree with almost all you wrote. I favorited your blog and hope you continue to post such insightful articles. Ignore the knuckleheads who don't like what you write.

Stanislav said...


Sorry, not quite true. First it depends on which cossack hosts. The ones in the north caucuses and Siberia accepted just about anyone, including Jews.

The ones in the Ukraine were against the Jews and not without cause, though that cause had nothing to do with the Turks. Turks did their own raiding or through their vassals, the Khahanite of Crimea. The Jews in Ukraine, not all, but many, were working as tax collectors for the Poles, thus got the very same anger at their abuses as did their Polish overlords and employers.

Islam is islam, a murderous sect that has attacked us Orthodox for 13 centuries. If a couple dozen of their fanatics get sent to their 72 whores and their devil Allah, so much the better.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to pick between Jews or Muslims anyway ? To hell with them all .These neanderthals have been have been wasting us Celts , Slavs and Nordics time long enough.

taken said...

You should be careful what you wish for, the "secular" Turkish military has always been more aggressive and war-like than the religious tradition of that country. It was secular Turks who massacred Armenians, deported Pontic Greeks, invaded Chypre etc.

On a completely unrelated note, I just had the wonderful news that I will visit Russia for the First time in my life, my work taking me to St-Petersburg. I'm ecstatic!

Any travel advice to a longtime reader?

Stanislav said...


As far as the Turk goes, the bastardized western Chinese tribes who raped and pillaged 2,000 miles of civilizations until they stole Asia Minor, Islam was the perfect fit for their culture and personality.

However, when it comes to the Turk vs the Russian, they were no relatives of the Mongols, that's for sure. As far as my memory serves me, of the 5 wars with the Turks, they won zero. The one draw, the Crimean War, the had Frankish and Anglo soldiers dieing by the thousands for them and still it was a mess and a draw, militarily.

The only thing that saved Ankara from conquest by Russia in WW1 is the Marxist Revolution, as the Turkish eastern armies were decimated and in full retreat.

As for St.Peterburg, set a day at least for the Hermitage. The only European museum better is Louvre in Paris. Also, this is the time of the white nights, so you can walk around all night long.

Stanislav said...


Post your last comments again, it did not come through, for some reason...I hope I did not hit reject by accident.

jack said...


Wither secular or Islamist it does not matter Stas from Bosnia to Chechnya, Central Asia and China pan Turkish nationalism liaison with Mid East and western governments and intelligence with the Cold War era stay behind force Grey Wolves working with CIA man Fatullah Gullen so a pro western vassal state that tried to seize control of Turkey in the attempted coup of 2007/08

Like it or not Stas Turkeys current government is the best for Russia allowing Russia oil and gas projects into Europe circumventing western backed Nabucco and against permitting US navy presence to use it waters on behalf of Georgia during the war in August of 2008.

taken said...

thanks Stan,

Visiting Russia is like a dream come true, even for just a few days.

I go in september.

Do you you if, in St-Petersburg, there is anyway to take a 1-2 day trip to Arkhangelsk?

Cobra said...

Only those from an Eastern European background can understand the horrors brought to the West by islam/ottomans.
We know the talmudics well, too. Heck, the bolshevik revolution impacted us the most, but the West must resist Turkey becoming fundamentalist, by all means.
Stas is right re. this matter.

Cobra said...

petkov said...

How utterly predicable you'd be defending the Israelis. I dunno if you are a Jew or not but I suspect you to be. Israel has right under international law? Do you know how many UN resolutions has Israel broken?? Yet USA has never attacked them.
yes let's not forget to mention the Dancing Israelies on 911. They prove Isreal KNEW about 911 in advance and didnt warn the US government. 911 WAS a Mossad job.
Yes I agree Turkey is trying to provoke the Israelies. That much is plain to see. Yes they wanted to fight. Israel won but lost by winning. now the WHOLE world can see the fake "Jews" for the murdering thugs they are. The knew generation doesn't care about what the jews went through WII. To them that's some old ancient history. But this is new and fresh. The tide IS turning pal. No matter how much money and weapons the USA is sending to the Israelies their times is over. The Jew century is over. This is a brand new ball game and Israel is losing.
As far is Christianity goes, the so called Christians killed each otwer for centuries in Europe. Protestants VS Catholics? Islam is the the ONLY blood thirsty religion. They ALL are. YOu are always attacking Islam. Look at Christians, hypocritical fake-o. Look what they did in South Noth America, Africa Australia and Asia. Except for Buddhism.

Stanislav said...


Sorry, Peti, not a Jew, but, I am not in the least surprised that a lefist weasal like you would be shilling for the Islamics...the two idiologies of Marxism and Islam seem to be made for each other.

I do remember all the pictures and videos of your dear islamics celebrating 911. Bet you had a hard one on too.

Further you twit, Christianity teach peace, whether all follow or not is another thing. The Islamics you whore for teach war and conquest.

But than again, you have yet to make one honest post here, or maybe you do believe the bullshit you post, which then says other things about your intelligence.

What did they do in Africa? Open hospitals and teach locals not to eat each other.