Saturday, January 2, 2010

The US "Conservative" Hypocrites

Thanks to the Internet, and more specifically to YouTube, I have been able to watch some of the so called "conservatives" of Fox News. Yes, we in totalitarian Russia do not have Fox, we only have 3-5 Russian news channels (depending where you live), plus CNN, BBC, DeutschaWella and of course there is the Orthodox Church channel and various others...see, dear readers, the Foxservatives are right, Russia is totalitarian.

Through YouTube, I got to watch several different programs that used a couple of my articles, that were printed in, as part of their show. Now, normally I would not mind added publicity, but it would be nice if my permission was at least asked, kind of required by copy right laws, and yes we have those in Russia too. That one Bill Oreilly did not even bother giving me credit on my own piece, just shows his concern on law and order...oh but he was busy not spinning on his "NO" Spin Zone. What is the matter Mr. Oreilly, copy right only applies to American media? Or does the property of those outside the US not matter much to you?

However, as much hypocrisy as was shown by the way my articles or parts of them were used, it is all paling in comparison to the hypocrisy these Foxservatives show for Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.

What do I mean? Quite simple: on a social and economic level, these two great men are the wet dream of American conservatives high and low. In Russia, we have implemented what Americans (and never mind the defeated English) can only dream about. But instead of taking these accomplishments as some great points or guiding lights or as fellow travelers to align with, these so called American conservatives, in the pockets of Islamic Saudi Arabia and their war ministry, do nothing but shill for Cold War and arms build ups.

What are the great accomplishments I speak of? Let us review.


Abortion: Russia has banned abortion, except in extreme cases by court order, for any pregnancies post 12 weeks. Now, in my view that is also to much, but compared to the West in general and the USA, leader of extreme abortions where babies are legally massacred the day before birth, it is a show stopper. Where are the right to life crowds cheering this? No where, they are to busy screaming how evil we are, living off of what they are fed and what was 10 years ago. If in America they actually stopped abortion, these false prophets would loose a platform upon which to wax their collective arses while doing nothing but Menshaviking to the present Bolsheviks in power.

Religious Education: Under Putin, it has been allowed to have Orthodox Christian religious classes in all the schools. Children are encouraged to take these. This is as opposed to modern America where the only religious classes allowed are Humanism and the worship of one's own ego. No tears cast by the Foxservatives on this, why should there be, after all, if this was allowed, many actual religious peoples might point out the damning pride and ego of these false prophets.

Marxism: Under Medvedev, Solzhenitsyn's Archipelago Gulagov is required reading in schools for 11th graders. All the brutality of the Soviets and the crimes that were committed will be in the minds of our children for generations. Where is any review of the crimes that Wall Street committed when it sponsored and set up those same Communist Marxists or Hitler's Fascist Marxists? No where. Where is the admission of the massacres that the American army committed in the independent nation of the Confederate States? No where, nor anything of the terror bombings of German cities or anything else of that nature. You will never hear anything on these from those NYC/DC blabber heads who love their Wall Street and think that genociders like Sherman were bully.

Homosexuality: That is one subject that will never be taught in Russian schools, just like Sodomite Pride Parades will not happen in our city streets. Sure, they can have their clubs and do what ever ghastly things they want with each other in their apartments, but unlike the West, unlike many parts of America, there is no homosexualization of kindergarten children. No fisting education courses for 12 year olds and no sexual pedophile perverts in charge of school safety. Where are the compliments from the American conservatives...oh that is right, according to them, in Russia we deny freedom. So whose side do they really stand on in America? I would say, other than selling books, they stand on the side that causes evil and gives them an excuse to sell books.


Trial by Jury: That is right, the American puppet Yeltsin did not bring this to us, we never had more than empty words from that stumbling damned drunk. Putin, the "denier" of freedom brought it to us. Sure, the system is not perfect and the government does interfere, but at least we do not double try our criminals, like the Yanks do with mind crimes, er "hate" crimes.

Private Property: Again, brought to us by Putin, the codification of private property rights and land ownership. Bet most in the Anglo sphere do not even know we have these rights, as their own are stripped off. In England, you can not even chase away someone who decided to have a picnic on your front porch.

True, corruption is a problem, absolutely, but how is it that these champions of righteousness always miss the large steps against corruption in Russia. How do they miss the fact that one governor or mayor or police chief after another is heading to prison for corruption? How is it that they whore themselves for criminals such as Boris Berezovsky or Vladimir Gusinsky or Mikhail Khodorkovsky, all who have a hell of a body count following them too?


Flat Income Tax: the wet dream of all American conservatives, we have it and not the 30% or so suggested by those American conservatives but at 13%. Just dream about it, because that is as close as your system will ever get there.

Low Corporate Tax Rates: Major corporations pay 24% corp income tax, compared to the American Federal rate of 36% and additional state rates. The French pay less than the Americans, and we are the communists? Oh, but that is something the so called Conservatives love to babble about on TV and Radio and accuse us of. The fact that we have been lowering taxes on small businesses, not raising them like in the Anglo-West has also been missed, on purpose.

Extraction Economy: Yes, they do have us there, our government revenues are based mostly off of taxes on oil and gas, as a matter of fact, every dollar over the $36th in oil is taxed at 90%, but this allows low taxes on all our other businesses so that the economy can grow and oil/gas has already fallen from over 50% of the economy to under 25%

Tariffs: Russia, first under Putin and than under Medvedev, has left Capitalism and firmly entered the correct realm of Mercantilism, in other words, Russia defends its companies, its businesses, its markets and above all the welfare of its citizens. Since these scions of "conservatism" in America are Free Trade Capitalist Marxism, why would they do anything but damn us for this...the absurd thought: protecting the welfare of your workers rather than reaping cash off of their lost jobs by shipping everything overseas.

Illegals: Russia, over run by Central Asian and Chinese illegal aliens has taken, under Medvedev, strong pro-active actions to deliver these illegals back to their home realms. Where the government has failed to do so, the people have taken it into their hands to either explain nicely or at the end of pitchforks, why these illegals should return from whence they came from in a big hurry. Yet the open border/free trade, sympathy for those poor people "conservatives" of the US "right-wing" media do nothing but attack us on human rights abuses, even as they look the other way while their own citizens die over a dozen a day to illegals.


War Mongering: Who invaded over 30 nations in less than 200 years? Who has fought over 6 wars since 1991: Iraq followed by 10 years of bombing them, Somalia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, while engaging unofficially in Somalia, Kenya, Yemen, Pakistan and the Philippines? Who waxes and screams for full invasions of Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Venezuela? Who threatened to bomb our ships and come in and defend the Chechen Islamics? Who sponsored revolutions in Serbia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus (failed), Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan (failed), Moldova (failed)?

Feeding Islam: Yes, I do not personally like that we give aid to Iran, Syria and Sudan and will happily see it stopped, but first, why not the US set the example when they cut off Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Turkey held N.Cyprus, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, PLA, Albania, Bosnia, Indonesia and the illegal entity of Kosovo? As well as America feeding such nice groups as the Chechens, while backing every Saudi Jihad there ever is or ever will be, never mind that you created, along with the Saudis, the Islam International that now murders tens of thousands of non-Muslims each and every year. All that blood is on the hands of the DC elites and the fools who back them. All those dead Christians are on or should be on your collective consciousness, but we are the great enablers of Islamic Jihad???

Breaking Promises: Better question, what promise or treaty has been kept for a second longer than was ever profitable for the US? Definitely not the original promises and alliance with France in your revolution. Not to anyone else, not from the 200 treaties to your Indians not to the promise not to expand NATO, not to the anti-missile treaties. Why should we show any trust? A bloody knife is only waiting for our backs, again. But where is Oreily and Hannity and the rest on this? Why proclaiming what great diplomacy these betrayals were and are. That is where.

So in gist, it is obvious that these so called conservatives, who have little respect for the laws outside the US have equally less respect for real conservative actions. God forbid if the American people should look upon the Russian people for inspiration and support to implement these very real and very conservative, free enterprise principles and nationalistic policies that will protect their collective futures. Instead, these paradigms of "conservatism" in America are only interested at talking pointlessly, waxing aimlessly, deliberating diligently while frothing at the mouth at us "evil" Russians. Is it any wonder that the Americans are broke, ignorant and have become, well before even the present Sunni regime, a laughing stock of the world? Things look to stay the same, while we go on our own way to prosperity and the defense of our national values.


John Clark said...

Howdy Mat

Coming down pretty hard on the old Fox news Channel, I'm sorry you didn't get the credit he deserved I certainly appreciate your input. FNC is unfortunately the only news outlet where Americans can even hope to get the truth because the so-called network media is totally in the pockets of the radical left and refuse to even cover the stories like the devastating climategate e-mails.

Most of the things that you stated about America are true abortion, homosexuality and a progressive income tax that punishes hard work and success but I don't recall anyone pushing for a flat tax higher than 15% personally I prefer a consumption tax (Fair Tax) yes there are a lot of problems in America now but most can be laid at the feet of the so-called progressives who are pushing us toward socialism, the media is doing its best to ignore the mounting anger of the American people with these scoundrels running our government, 9-11 projects in the tea party movement are being downplayed in the controlled state media.

The movement spans party lines and is a call to return to our constitutional republic, most of the problems that you cite are a result of unconstitutional laws coupled with corruption and immorality.

Have you had a chance to watch Glenn Beck's program, he is doing good work to bring the truth to the American people, we may be down now Mat but we are in no way out! Observe the 2010 elections if there is not a major shift in power away from the heathen liberal Democrats that will be the time of desperation.

Our founding fathers protected our right to keep and bear arms not just for hunting but to protect ourselves against criminals or governmental tyranny which I pray it never comes to. Americans are waking up getting informed and active, huge marches on Washington are barely covered in the state-controlled media but we are portrayed as antigovernment extremists, if that is true then we're in good company because we extol the philosophies of our founding fathers of limited government a non-intervention foreign-policy, fiscal responsibility and the principles of justice extolled by the likes of Blackstone and John Locke, it's not anarchy we want but merely the restoration of our constitutional republic so we can have our liberty live in peace and have a chance to be successful in business opportunities, to better ourselves and our families so the next generation will have a better standard of living than the previous, and when an Islamic terrorist in our own military does Jihad we are not so worked over by political correctness and multiculturalism that we deny the truth, political correctness is destroying us and that was its intent from the beginning.

Do keep in mind that FNC is about the only place people like me can turn to to hear some truth, as far as O'Reilly and Sean Hannity I don't care too much for so you can have at them at your discretion, we know there are turncoats among the conservative profamily organizations news and activist groups that have sold us out on abortion, homosexuality (Gay agenda) and I assure you they are being cut off of funding for their organization and there are calls for them to step down because they can no longer be trusted

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Stanislav, thank you for these words. We, the people of the USA do not all go along blindly with those so called conservatives (or any of our "media" for that matter) who do and say such things as you stated. We the people of the US would like nothing better than to get rid of the DC elites of both parties... and believe me, there is a movement to do so. It remains to be seen if we will triumph or not. God help us, we will try. We too, are proud of who we truly are as a people, and Bill O-Reilly does not speak or act for many of us. It is by reading what others, like yourself have to say that we are able to see other points of view. Its the best we can do. I for one, will continue to read what you have to say, and support all peoples who attempt to create a society as you have described Russia as doing today. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

You're right about the 'conservative' media. Here in the UK, I have noticed that the Telegraph is often overly critical of Russia.

There was absolute outrage here after Litvinenko's death, and the refusal to extradite the suspect involved in his death - yet the British (I'd say 'we', but my government or its judiciary does not represent me) have refused to extradite Chechen war criminals and oligarchs who have robbed Russia blind. This obviously smacks of hypocrisy - but it is never reported.

The fact that Nato has expanded into former Soviet territories after promising not to is also rather sinister and aggressive. Yet our media portrays Russia to be antagonistic!

It makes me wonder what the agenda is, and whether Russia is not towing the line of the New World Order.

vonbach said...

Its called Faux News by some for a reason. Its all about controlled opposition. Making sure the only "conservatives" are the controlled kosher conservatives. The American media is a bad joke if I want real "fair and balanced" info I go online and check out the news there. America really doesn't have two political parties. Both are simply different branches of the same party.

Adolfo Giurfa said...

Your blog is becoming one of the most read because the peoples of the world are in need of principles to follow. As you said: The Third Rome is the hope of the world.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know how it feels to have you writing stolen. The Alex Jones just pinched my Yemen war story.

Still, I like the concept of mercantilism as an alternative to globalism. That idea could win over a lot of the disgruntled masses - well at least the intelligent ones.

Being a service-sector wage-slave in a globalised economy is a path to certain extinction.

Anonymous said...

Yes, finally somebody gets it! Thank you so much for your words. You're right on the money.

Anonymous said...

There is also the matter of fertility. As I understand, Russia is encouraging Russian women to have more babies. If any North American or Western European politician tried to encourage their populations to have more kids the media and the Left would scream "NAZI!!" at them. Instead, Europe and North America are replacing their shrinking population with culturally alien unskilled immigrants.
Here's to a new year of fertile Russian mothers!

ioannes said...

Thanks Mat;

Stated so eloquently; you have given me more thoughts to throw at our so called respectable conservatives here in America.

Anonymous said...

FauxNews, CNN, BBC, and DeutscheWelle are boxes of lies and half-truths. These giant global corporations are right-liberal and despise real nations/races but love money über Alles, and love state power only when it serves their fascist interests.

Most parents know the schools are dangerous physically, mentally, and spiritually, but send their children there anyway.

The RedTeam-BlueTeam game is the what we stupid people play here when we want to change things. Of course, politics changes nothing because the culture is so poisonous. America is a totally liberal hell-hole, filled mostly with spoiled, ignorant savages, and getting worse every day. We are last in education, first in pride and in crime -- that's the new America under the neo-cons and the left-liberals. All hail diversity! Diversity is our strength!

We can hardly wait for the United States to finally fall apart into individual states again so we can move to the best one.

subscriptionblocker said...

Ouch! But well spoken.

We can only hope that any offspring of the Fox cult - strays.

A conservative of 1920 would be horrified of current "norms".

Rudy said...

Invading Venezuela does not sound like a bad idea!

Rudy said...

I guess better half truth thand a complete lie. Or not?

Rick Johnson said...

From a book I have just written:

"Consider the following trade/tax matrix:

Regime #1: 0% impediment to trade, 100% tax on income.

Regime #2: 100% proscription of trade, 0% tax on income.

Which regime would have the more efficient economy? This simple trade/tax matrix tells us that trade is at best marginal to economic growth, but that volitional drive, the will expressed as entrepreneurial spirit is dominant, what Gregory Clark termed “social energy.” By the way, Adam Smith's last employment was as a Scottish Customs Officer."

Rick Johnson said...

From a just completed book:

"Consider the following trade/tax matrix:

Regime #1: 0% impediment to trade, 100% tax on income.

Regime #2: 100% proscription of trade, 0% tax on income.

Which regime would have the more efficient economy? This simple trade/tax matrix tells us that trade is at best marginal to economic growth, but that volitional drive, the will expressed as entrepreneurial spirit is dominant, what Gregory Clark termed “social energy.” By the way, Adam Smith's last employment was as a Scottish Customs Officer."

directorgator said...

Greetings Stanislav.

I am a Christian and thus by Christ's nature a "conservative" by social and economic standards. I am by citizenry in this life an American living in North Carolina. I served in the USMC and US Army, and have lived in Ukraine for two years and traveled to Moscow a few times. As a soldier in the US Armed Forces I swore to uphold and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

The biggest enemies of our Constitution are domestic, and are in DC, are in our education system, and running our media.

I wanted to thank you for writing your article and calling out the American hypocrite and wolves in sheeps clothing.

The only thing that will change this nation is a move of God to make men turn from evil, or a massive uprising (unfortunately this is what they want).

I just want you and your fellow Russians, as well as my friends in Ukraine to know that we're not all sheeple being led to the slaughter willingly, and not all of us blindly view our neighbors and cousins in Russia as our enemies. I am in the media, and know the manipulation that is taking place here, there, and everywhere.

"From one blood Christ made all the nations on the earth"; by this, all people are my cousins. It is the ruling elite of every nation, those who have bowed to Lucifer to bring in the NWO and prepare for Anti-Christ to ascend to power, these are the enemies of men everywhere, and they come in the false pretense of security, fairness, equality, democracy, and peace.

Keep shedding light on the truth wherever it may be found, and if you know of anyone in Russia in need of a TV and motion picture writer/producer/director/editor and publicist, please let me know!

Let Christ be True and every man a liar.

Jeff Henry
North Carolina

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...


I'm very grateful for your perspective! Could you please comment on the treatment of orphans in Russia? Disabled children in particular. I am interested as a mother of a child with Down Syndrome.

Meg said...

Hi Stanislav,

Thank you for your comments. I enjoy seeing your perspective on American politics. I agree with you on many points, as I believe many American's would, that there is a lot of corruption in Washington. However, do keep in mind that this country supports a wide variety of ideas, many of which you (and even I) may not agree with, because freedom of speech is so important to us. Also, the debauchery you perceive as "american" is really only limited to the television you see. If you don't believe me, come spend some time here in rural America. You'll find hard working people with good morals more than the filth they portray as "American" on TV. This is a great country; I don't care whether you believe that or not. I'm proud to be American and I believe our government is founded on the finest principles of any nation in the world, even if we don't always live up to them.

Anonymous said...

I am in 100% agreement with Jeff H.
I have great love for the Russian people (and all who love Jesus Christ) and have prayed much for Russia during her 'dark days' behind the Iron Curtain. To read your article of the progress Russia has made since Pres. Putin took over brings so much joy to my heart!!! To God be the glory!!! You know this world is not the final home of those saved by Jesus Christ's blood sacrifice. So we live in the Ok City,OK,US until He leads us elsewhere. We have His work to do here and when this is done I don't doubt He will show us the country He has assigned us to. The best we can be is yielded to His will and work. Yes, it is evident that this nation will be destroyed worse that any other because we have had the Light of His Word like no other nation.
Again, I am delighted to hear of all the good things happening in Russia. Praise the Lord!!!