Thursday, September 15, 2011

Turkey On the Edge of Life and Death

Turkey On the Edge of Life and Death

It has been said that the Muslim Palestinians have never failed to pass up a chance to screw themselves and their allies. As it was for the past 60 years, so it is about to repeat itself and the biggest loser of all, will be Turkey.

As has been predicted and as I discussed in The Coming Mideast Bloodbath and the Death of Turkey , Turkey’s death is at hand.

On the 20th of September, the Palestinians will declare for independence. Turkey will be the first to recognize them, and will move its ships into what the Israelis will still consider their territorial waters. This will spark a crisis of Turkey and Israel. The Palestinians, as usual, have not thought this through. A declaration of independence will annul all agreements, such as Oslo, between them and the Israelis. Israel will first move to cut off all power and water to their territories. Then, when the PA’s home bred terrorists open with their daily missile barrages, the Israelis will, correctly, view this as an act of war by the PA against Israel. Their response will quickly draw Turkey and Egypt into the fight.

The Turkish fleet, near Israel, will become reefs. The Israelis will be forced to deal first with the Egyptians and will call upon their alliance with Greece against Turkey, while driving the Egyptians out of the Sinai. Turkey Out, Greece In: Security Deal Signed with Athens

The eventual war will evolve as follows:
Axis of Evil
Saudi Arabia

Orthodox Alliance
Greece (Byzantine)

Those with the Astrix, 5 of the great 6 powers, will drop out shortly after the start of the war, when the scope and reality of the fight becomes clear.

With the death of Turkey, several key thing will happen, affecting further trends. One, the dream of a Muslim Caliphate, one great Caliphate, will be eroded away, as Turkey, for the past 500 years, was the center of such dreaming. Orthodox Christianity will again be on the march, moving to again reclaim its lands and souls that were stolen by the Islamics for the past 1400 years.

The Muslim Arabs will once again be shown for non-competent generals and soldiers that they are, having lost much of their military equipment and hundreds of thousands of lives. The Egyptians will once again be pushed out of the Sinia by the Israelies, this time not to return. Even the Jews are not fool enough to give up that land a second time. The Palestinians will be pushed out of Gaza and the West Bank, into Egypt and Jordan, causing major problems to the local rulers, who themselves will face civil war.

Egypt will be a basket case for decades to come. Syria will lose of its Kurdish territories but Basir will be able to hold on to power. Like it or not, he will be faced with a very different landscape and will ally closely with the Orthodox Alliance, using draconian tactics to exterminate his own radical elements.

The Armenian, Byzantine, Bulgarian sections of Turkey will be converted to Orthodoxy. While the West and Saudies will whine, they will be powerless to intervene. This will cause unrest and revolts but over time, the policy will be final and the area will calm down.

The power of the West will be shown in its full weakness, with no one left to doubt. Squabbling in NATO and the organization’s collapse will follow shortly. A bankrupted and embarrassed US will finally retreat to its own shores, where its elites will have to contend with an angry, impoverished but well armed citizenry.
While the EU, more and more in the form of the Fourth Reich, will survive and will gain strength, it will do so at the expense of abandoning some of its SE territories, the prime ones being Romania and Bulgaria as well as aspirations on Serbia. Greece (now Byzantium), will leave of its own according. Damned by the Christless, soulless Eurocrats for taking backs what is its and restoring the Byzantine Empire, Greece will see no reason to stay and surrender its future to the Germanics.

Russia will not only gain back most of Georgia and Azerbajan, but will be the main influential player in the Balkans and Near East, namely Asia Minor. Syria and Israel will be pulled into the Russian sphere.


enoch said...

This Turkey map looks real good.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Enoch: Which turkey map are you talking about? ;-)

David of Rascia said...

It's peculiar that you have included Croatia in the Orthodox alliance, as it is more likely for them to be on the other side, like they have always been.

Anonymous said...

this scenario is very close to what may happen i agree and i hope the things to go like this.ofcourse in a war noone can predict the end but i think the time for justice is close.

Chad Eastwood said...

These are brave predictions, although I am not sure Bulgaria has as much clout as to achieve anything considerable. Lets see what happens in a few days. Very interesting stuff.

FRANCE 711 said...


Should be very nice to pay down the arabs, and not to forget the turks as they are a big people. Only one thing is important for them, shut up and go to work.

puckindog said...

Stan....Hope your right. very similar to the prophecies of Athonite Elder Joseph of Vatopedi who predicted the total destruction of Turkey and restoration of Constantinople to Greece. Many will die. Elder Joseph also prophecies the Roman Catholics will throw in with the muslims against the Orthodox Christians but will itself be destroyed and cease to exist. Looks like interesting but very difficult times ahead. The US "ruling class" can probably look forward to having their nose rubbed in it.

Gregor said...

Afraid you’ve really jumped the shark this time Stas:

Greece fighting for Israel? I take it you’ve not spent much time in Greece? Or Israel.

America fighting Israel?

Turkey (like the Islamic world in general) has a large and youthful population in contrast to the aging, declining Orthodox nations (wish it wasn’t the case, but it’s pretty undeniable)

Ukrainian Orthodox and Georgian Orthodox are primarily Ukrainian and Georgian. The patriarch of Georgia is a holy man but not very influential against the nationalist fairytales that the Georgians thrive on. The autocephalous and Greek Catholic churches in Ukraine are growing in the western Ukraine. Similarly Romania is very cool towards the Russians.

What if the Caucasian Muslims rise up?

Lebanon the axis of evil? So in other words you think Orthodox Arabs are evil? And what do you think the Israelis will do to the Orthodox Palestinians?

I'm all for pan-Orthodoxy against both Islamic fanaticism and western imperialism. But this is just nonsense.

Lancey Howard said...

I enjoyed the article. It does not have to be perfectly correct to be interesting. I believe its general prediction to be probable: the Orthodox/Christian allies versus this strange but not new alliance of Islam and the Protestants(Anglo-America). In fact, the struggle is somewhat already on. I do believe Croatia might very likely reconcile with "the Orthodox alliance". Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Serbs now co-operate together against the Bosniak jihadists and the Bosnian Croats have diplomatic contacts with Moscow now( an under-reported story). This gives you an idea where Croat nationalists and Catholics may be headed. I don't think its improbable that Poland will wake up and realize the old Ottoman threat is back, the EU is a satanic anti-Christian hellhole and the Russians and Poles now have common mortal enemies. If Catholic Poland and Orthodox Russia can reconcile, the Slavs will be on the ascendancy....and maybe save Europe again.

jack said...

Axis of Evil
France* (If nationalists secure power would be allied with Russia)
Italy* (Silvio Berlusconi is an ally of Putin)
Germany* (Has direct energy pipeline deal with Russia so might hold back on an anti-Russian alliance)
Saudi Arabia
Iraq (The state has oil and construction deals with Russia and China but US backed groups in the country would be utilised as a mercenary force)

I would add:

Jordan (a major centre of Chechen jihadist support)
Northern Cyprus
Crimean Tatars
North Caucasus jihadists
Central Asian jihadists
Circassians(US, Georgia and Circassian community in Israel are promoting the Circassian genocide in the lead up to Sochi Olympics in 2014)

Given the fact that most EU countries play a role in the network war against Russia in Chechnya I would include all the former USSR states as well as Finland.

Orthodox Alliance
Greece (Byzantine)
Ukraine (West is anti-Russian)
Bulgaria(Depends on US pressure)
Israel(Supports Georgia and Yukos shareholders and Oligarchs are Israeli citizens)
Kurds (Heavily involved in fighting Russian forces in Chechnya)
Cyprus (Greek region I assume you mean)
Croatia (Depends on the position Germany takes)

Why no China or the other members of the SCO especially Kazakhstan?

jack said...

Given Israel’s historic alliance with Turkey and senior position in the anti-Russian alliance running against Russia I doubt Russia will go out of its way leaving itself venerable especially its black sea fleet in a war sparked by a conflict between Israel and Turkey.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan. About time the Israelis woke up and realize they are a tethered goat . Its going to be wild and wooly from here on in.

Stanislav said...


Actually, the Israelies have been backing heavily off of the Georgians. The Georgians imprisoning, on trumped up charges, two Israeli businessmen, to whom they lost a $100 million law suit, sure did not help.

Russia has very extensive trade and military exchange and special forces training with the Israelis.

Russia is Israel's second largest trade partner, primary provider of oil. There is massive Israeli investment in the Russian tech industry. Many Israelis still have Russian citizenship and there are no visa restrictions. Russians are the number one tourists and our Church the main private land holder.

As for Croatia, it is now siding openly with Serbia and is tired of its people living under US imposed Islamic Bosnian rule.

Bulgaria will get pulled regardless of US pressure, as the national hatred of the Turk is beyond all reason (as with everyone who has had to live with them).

On the EU/NATO countries, the fortunate thing for them is they are all Totalitarian Democracies, which means, the public opinion is irrelavent in truth. Just look at Libya/Syria and so on.

Jordan is a toss up. On the one hand many of their people would go for it, but than again the throne is very paranoid of the jihadists.

The Crimean Tartars would be readily exterminated, seeing how they are less than 10% of the population in a half island, surrounded by Orthodox. This would be very minor distraction and only galvanize the population.

Georgia would be a Russian speed bump to get at the Turks. Russia, if fully attacking, with just the 64th Army (note in 2008, only about two brigades of the 64th crossed, armed with T72s. Now they have T90S and T80Us and if the whole crosses, plus forces out of Sochi and Daghistan, the Georgians will be crushed in about 3-4 days, most just will surrender or run to Tbilisi and then surrender.

Kurds are not heavily in Chechnya. Turks yes, Kurds no. As a matter of fact, Russia has been funding (on and off) the Kurds for the past 40 years and still does. Kurds were never very religious and most of the leadership is atheist.

Pakistan and especially Afghanistan has no force projection capability. Outside of sending volunteers, whom Iran would not pass through (this is Iran's chance to get rid of two major Sunni power competitors: Turkey and Egypt.

While no doubt Islamic groups would start attacks in northern Caucuses, they are neither major players nor will they last, as the response, in a time of war, will be extreme and brutal and will end this little issue really quickly. These fools will then know why their ancestors feared us so much.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

FRANCE 711: Only one thing is important for them, shut up and go to work.

Only one thing is important for whom? Also 'shut up and go to work' is not one thing; but two. I don't even shut up for bosses who pay me; so I don't know why the fuck anyone shuts up for bosses who don't pay them. If a boss wants a shut up and go to work employee; who will shut up while the boss drives the company over the fucking cliff; he is welcome to do so; without me. I don't work for nazi bunnies with cactus steroids up their asses. I will happily take orders, as I have many times done; from someone who has earned my respect as an authority on any given matter. For them I'd give a salute.

But since I ain't got any bosses, except myself. If or where I require the help of another; I ask honourably; and without any passive aggressive crap. I clarify what I want; and don't expect someone to help me, if they don't really sincerely want to. That is how we do things in Radical Honesty.

jack said...

Kurds are not heavily in Chechnya. Turks yes, Kurds no. As a matter of fact, Russia has been funding (on and off) the Kurds for the past 40 years and still does. Kurds were never very religious and most of the leadership is atheist.

Sorry you are wrong.

There was prominent Turkish Kurd killed earlier this year and Kurds are heavily involved in Chechnya which was future in a BBC Storyville documentary.

The Anwar Al Islam camp in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq run by the US coalition was a Chechen camp and an Iraq and a Kurd tried to assassinate Putin in a state trip to Azerbaijan in 2000.

Most of PKK support comes from Israel who have been training Kurdish Iraqis since the 80’s.

”The Crimean Tartars would be readily exterminated, seeing how they are less than 10% of the population in a half island, surrounded by Orthodox. This would be very minor distraction and only galvanize the population”

Yes but they would be supported by Ukraine and former Soviet block countries as well as Finland.
Today through the Kavakcenter in Finland, Chechen militants are trafficked from Turkey in the Baltic countries and Finland.

The youngest son of first Chechen president Dudayev was caught red handed in Lithuania in March with passports intended for trafficking terrorist from Turkey into Chechnya.

”Jordan is a toss up. On the one hand many of their people would go for it, but than again the throne is very paranoid of the jihadists.”

Yes but the military and government is heavily infiltrated with people of Chechen and North Caucasian decent especially the Special Forces who were active in supporting Chechen militants during the first war running chartered flights and is heavily dependent on US foreign aid.

jack said...


"featured" instead of “future” and “Iraqi” instead of “Iraq”.

Anonymous said...

I'm an American (came here via a link left on my blog). Interesting scenario. A couple of points on the US point of view:

The USA will always side with Israel. The internal US politics will not let it do otherwise. Both Jewish power centers / voting blocks and the Born Again Christian movement (who believe that Israel must exist for the 2nd coming of Christ...)

We, the people, are fed up with war. The Libya event has most of us at the limit of accepting the stupid things our government is doing. No way could they run off to an "adventure" in Turkey or Eastern Europe without a popular revolt at home. The question of "what the Hell are we doing in {long list of countries}" is a common topic... Besides, we're broke and unless China loans us the money could not fund a new war action anyway. Add Italy, Ireland, Portugal, etc. etc. to that list too.

Frankly, I admire the Slavic sense of self and nation. We're losing that here, in my generation. If a war breaks out between Turkey and Israel, I'd expect to see the USA (and France) mostly wringing our hands and asking everyone to go to the UN to talk about it (while studiously doing nothing...)

Basically, I think you need a third group: Spectator Paralysis Countries. I'd put much of the EU and the USA in that camp. Frankly, most folks here do not know where Georgia (yours, not ours ;-) is located and think all those little countries are part of Russia anyway. Our government would have to start out with a Geography Lesson before any propaganda could work ;-)

Still, fun read. I suspect something like that has a good chance of happening.

Pervych said...

конечно, не пренебрегайте Свободой и Возвеличиванием Святой Земли!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Aged parent said...

Dear Stanislav:

It is probably an utter waste of my time to be writing this but I will anyway: you will never understand world politics as long as you are:

a) unthinkingly pro-Israel, and
b) unthinkingly nationalist

The tragedy with you is that are so very right in your views on the USA. They are spot on. But you are sadly wrong on the subject of Israel (like I once was). And as long as you remain uninstructed on the realities in Israel, as long as you uncritically accept Jewish propaganda, as long as you refuse to see that not all Palestinians are Moslems, you will never really understand what is going on in the Holy Land. You do owe it to yourself, and to the truth, to see the other side of the story. Why don't you begin your journey of discovery by logging on to such websites as "Israel and Palestine: the Missing Headlines." That is one of many.

As for your Russian nationalism: well, it is good that you are patriotic about your beloved Russia. You are well to be so. Russia is more free, more honest and a beter nation by far than the US and any number of other western countries. But you sometimes let your nationalist spirit blind you. Be cautious and be alert for this problem. It is a common one.

Gregor, by the way, is absolutely correct in his response. Study his words carefully.

And may God keep you, my friend, and bless Russia.