Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Events Flow and Prophesy Will Not Be Denied

Events Flow and Prophesy Will Not Be Denied

I have written extensively about the coming catastrophe for Turkey in particular and Islam in general. More than a few readers have voiced their opinions that I am out of my mind…and maybe rightly so…however, world events continue to push us into the one and only direction that was ever made possible.

When this icon of Christ was once again made visible in Hagia Sophia, it was the last sign of what was and is to come.

A good translation of the prophesies can be found here: Doomsday Prophesies

I covered the main points of my argument in these two articles and will now review, how in just these past weeks, the world continues to move ever closer to what will be:
Turkey on the Edge of Life and Death
The Coming MidEast Bloodbath and the Death of Turkey
Russian forces are now in the eastern Mediterranean, even as Turkey itself sends destroyers into the area. Russia Sends Nuclear Subs to Patrol Cyprus Waters. It would seem that a new Greek-Cypriot-Israeli axis of both military and economic development, centered around the subsea gas fields near Cyprus, is not to the Turks’ liking. The Turks want that Gas, which is not there’s neither by the 1976 borders, prior to the invasion of Cyprus nor by today’s. Turkey’s Erdogan Calls Israel’s Offshore Gas Drilling “Madness” But the Turkish Islamic regime is based upon a culture and history of raiding, pillaging and theft, since they left what is now western China, 1,000 years ago. Nothing has changed.

To this Turkish interference, Russia has sent two nuclear submarines, to further enforce the Cypriot right to exploit their own energy and keep it out of the Islamic Turkish hands. To put it bluntly, at how crazy the world can be: Russian subs are defending a US drilling platform (Noble Energy) that is benefiting an Orthodox EU member state (in an anti-Christian pseudo state of the EU), that is half occupied by a belligerent NATO aggressor nation.

Meanwhile, our Holy Orthodox Russian Church, is erecting a 135 meter angel statue on Cyprus, on the southern shores of the island, near the town of Limassol, as a direct sign to the Islamics that this land is Orthodox and will forever be so. "The statue will be covered with a special layer of film hundred times lighter than glass. It may have any color, but in our case it will be golden. It is ecologically clean technology," the author of its art concept, Russia's honored artist Pyotr Stronsky said.

Meanwhile, we have had Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declare that the attack on the Islamic Jihadist “aid” ship Mavi Maramara constituting a Casus Belli for war with Israel. At the same time, the Turkish warplanes have been reprogrammed to recognize Israeli equipment as enemies.

And the Turks have been busy little buggers too. Erdogan was recently in Egypt, forming an alliance with the military juntra and the Islamic Brotherhood, pulling the strings behind the curtain. Turkey predicts alliance with Egypt as regional anchors

The stage is ever more set, the pieces in place.


Anonymous said...

everything that you write is true.Now is only a matter of of time.

guss said...

Speak loudly Mishin!
Speak the truth!

Stylian said...

First of all, thank you for this atricle. As a sceptical person, I doubt if the "settings" are ready for the final fight. I think nothing will happen, the Turkish just want to play "BigBoss" of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, like a dog who barks but doesn't bite, knowing who they have to match or be confrontated with (Greece/Cyprus, Israel/USA, Russia) and I doubt also, if the Islamic Bortherhood in Egypt will help Turkey. Neither is there a source for this nor is this country ready to engage in new bloody conflicts, after their last ones. They have to reform as a country.

P.S.: The links about the prophecies and the Islamic Bloodbath don't work.
P.P.S.: Did you post a pic of the icon of Christ? I can't see it. When did this icon appear in heaven? Or was it Bluebeam?

Pervych said...

Быть Истинные Ангелы еще раз Правят по Святой Земле, так же, как они конечно, сделал однажды ночью более чем две тысячи лет назад ...!!!БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

puckindog said...

Great article Stan. It's amazing to watch the puzzle pieces of prophecy fall into place. Elder Thaddeus of Mt Athos prophesied that Turkey would be destroyed in this war. It will be interesting to watch things unfold.

Caryl said...

The links you provided don't seem to work. What are the Doomsday Prophecies?

Stanislav said...

Ok, all links are fixed. Blogger added extra code into the links, wrapping it in their own template, that screwed everything up.

jack said...


You're prophecies are way of in regards to Turkey and my ones about Russia and Turkey including biblical prophecy have been 100% right.

In regards to Turkey today I think the spat with Israel is really just for show as the military and intelligence work together against Russian interests in the Balkans, North Caucasus and now Syria using Chechen jihadist networks against Assad’s regime combined with Mid East community that is heavily involved in the jihad against Russia in Chechnya especially in Lebanon and Jordan and Russia’s sea port in Syria that would be an absolute disaster for Russia and would provide a direct transit route for jihadists towards Turkey into Chechnya.

I guess we can agree on one thing that Russia will be the leading anti-NWO force against the global empire but that will be after Russia’s western backed Yugoslav style civil war