Monday, May 14, 2012

Russian Liberals Gone Nuts

Russian Liberals Gone Nuts

Fat off of American monies, poured in by the hackling witch of American foreign affairs and the front for international election fraud, Freedom House, the Russian liberals, are striking out anywhere and everywhere they can to disrupt Russian society and lives.

Case in point, from the previous Victory Day, the torch lit march of the medical students from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. The march, held yearly since 2005. One thousand students have marched yearly to the Eternal Flame, holding sixty torches.

The liberals, who know no bounds, know no decency, are of the utmost contemptuous humans of the bare minimum of humanity, have attacked, along with their foreign, Russophobic sponsors, this march.

Suddenly, after 6 years, the march has come under the Western sponsored attack. They have been compared to the Nazi torch lit parades. On Twitter, a favorite of neocon sponsored mindless revolutionaries and their puppetering masters, the marchers were called "putinjugend" in direct reference to the Hitler Jungend (Youth). @WakeUpR, the owners of that Twitter feed created a new rally for their 24,000 readers: Stop the Torchlit Procession.

The on cue, soulless Western leftists, ever ready to gnaw the life from whom ever they are directed at, led by people like Alla Gerber of the Holocaust Foundation, told interviewers it reminded her of the Nazis.

And what do these torches represent? They represent the sixty students, from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, who gave their lives, in military medical service fighting the Nazis.

The Jewish leaders of the Holocaust Foundation, like one Alla Gerber, should be writhing in painful shame, at spitting on the memories of men and women who died to save Jews from Hitler's clutches, even though these types of Western soulless hellhounds attack those very people who saved them and their people, while giving their own lives. Pathetic.

In a Europe, where the countries of the Baltics hold annual Nazi parades, sponsored by government. Where US/EU backed Oranges in Ukraine, idolized Nazi collaboraters like Bandera or where another puppet of the US, Saakashvili has made the Georgian Legion of the SS into national heroes, they attack a march of medical students memorializing those fellow students who died fighting Nazis by calling them the name of those whom they fought.

That the West is sick and twisted, evil to its core, feasting in Christless slaughter worldwide, murdering its own unborn, destroying what little Christian faith is left, prizing any and all perversions as on high and holy, is no mistake or secret. That fellow Russians are so ignorant, evil and twisted themselves, to wish to bring this slavery onto their own people is the really pathetic thing.

That these subhumans would attack the memory of heroes, of better men then any of them could ever be, shows that they need to leave us. And why will you not. You hate us, your fellow countrymen, you deem us ignorant, back wards and pathetic for not holding your love for evil and perversion, so why do you stay? We do not want to be you, so please, please, leave us. Immigrate to your fellow where surely you will be happier.

And leave us our memories of our heroes, without your venomous and rotten touch.


Anonymous said...

A new low. Don't be too surprised about holocaust industry chenoviks attacking Russian patriots. They still hate Tsarist Russia even more than the Nazis.

jack said...

They use anti-Stalinist propaganda as a political means to attack Russia and Russian ethnic solidarity and nationalism to empower hostile minority rule and separatism in Russia with the “research” and exhibitions held in Russia run and created by NED funded Memorial organisation.


They have a genocide section for the phoney Srebrenica massacre at the Holocaust museum the monument to Muslim victory and supremacy in Europe that made 9/11 and all the major Islamic terrorist attacks possible.

Angelina Jolie acted perfectly poised talking to reporters Tuesday night before the screening of her feature directorial and screenwriting debut "In the Land of Blood and Honey." But having just come from one of the Holocaust Museum's haunting exhibits, she confessed to Yeas & Nays that it was a little hard to keep it together.

She and partner Brad Pitt has just visited "From Memory to Action," the museum's exhibition on genocide, which includes Srebrenica, the 1995 massacre that is included in her film. "I'm having trouble even speaking about it because I spent half an hour in this room where I did my best not to look at the walls and read everything because it was reminding me so much of everything I learned in the process of this film and all the beautiful people that I met that survived," Jolie said. "It's quite heavy."

The film is indeed heavy. It takes place during the Bosnian War, depicting the changing relationship between lovers Ajla, a Bosnian Muslim painter, and Danijel, who becomes an officer in the Bosnian Serb Army. Along with genocide, there are scenes of rape and severe brutality, including Ajla's infant nephew being thrown out a window and killed.”

ΦωτοβολοςΤοξοτης said...

The best thing that Russia (that is the Russian people) can do is to stay the course, true to Orthodoxy. Pray in Christ and Act as a people for a common goal through Christ and the Panagia. There are no coincidences. People don't just go 'nuts'. There are long term plans put forth by the enemies of Christ, the Apostates and they follow through. If one plan falters they try the next. Methodically, consistenlty, silently, deadly. That is all. But God is Watchnig and soon things will happen that'll put an end to nonsense.

and some 'history'

Anonymous said...

By all means, let the disenchanted protesters come to America or other parts West. They should enjoy the anti-Semites who have already immigrated here from the Third World. They will learn that the white male is at the bottom of the pecking order, treated like dirt. Our wages aren't low enough, so the door is wide open. And if rare fortune smiles on them and they make out like the Brazilian fellow from Facebook who emigrated to Singapore, the USA authorities will tax you for years after you leave.