Monday, May 7, 2012

An Open Letter to Our Russian Brothers and Sisters Protesting

An Open Letter to Our Russian Brothers and Sisters Protesting

Dear Brothers and Sisters, whom I will only call "Russian" in quotes so as not to insult you. I understand that most of you feel an embitterment to God for cursing you by giving you life in the body of a Russian. Yes, most of you hate the culture, the people and the nation you were born in. Everything that has gone wrong in your lives is and must be traced back to that evil move by God to have tricked you into coming into the light of day, as a Russian. That I understand quite well and on behalf of God and all other Russians, the other 95%, I apologize for your misfortune of birth.

I thought of writing this in Russian, but decided, why? You would only take that as an insult to, to have to be subjected to Russian.

You idolize the West, heck, if the West were a rock band, you would be called a groupie, spreading your drunken legs and hefting your skirts for a STD laced night of fun and adventure.

You see the West through polarized lenses that block out all the evil, rot and unChristian behavior. Heck, most of you hate God and Christ anyways so you see these things as a positive to be enjoyed not just by yourselves but to be hoisted upon the rest of humanity, like it or not. The short comings, the out and out hypocrisy, you ignore.

You scream at the Russian police for arresting 450 (we will also ignore the 29 police officers you wounded), while staging a demonstration to try and block the inauguration of a president you did not want and lost a vote against. But you praise the US/UK when they beat, taser, pepper spray their actual peaceful protesters, arresting them in by the thousands and not releasing most in 2-3 hours.

You ignore the out and out theft of funds and corruption in those governments, the dictatorial stands, the police state tactics. Or heck, you even praise it, as long as its done in the name of your pagan goddess of democracy.

So I ask you nicely: leave. No not from the streets, but from our country. You do not want to be here, we get that, we hear that, we understand that. LEAVE. Go, pack your bags, hoist your colours and leave. Head out to the US, to the UK, to Germany, where upon your arrival, you will be hoisted on triumphant shoulders, given the praise and acclaim you always lacked and taken with most haste to some shining mansion on the hill that you will call home.

But understand this, while you are more Western than the Westerners, we are not nor do we want to be them. Leave and live with them and not try to turn us in to them. We will all live much happier lives that way.


Anonymous said...

Well said , I guess every great nation produces a wanna be exile class. Russia though seems to be cursed with a bad case of this virus. Maybe all the invasions left behind this genetic group.

Thank God Putin is back, for all out sake.

Jules said...

I guess I'm lost. I, seriously, cannot understand how any Slavic person would still idealize the West. This is a ship that is sinking so fast now. This is not the 1950s anymore. Then, yes, before Feminism, Multiculturalism, Social Marxism, and all the rest we were the Masters of the World. Particularly the States. But this is 2012, we are a cancer now. A nation of sheep and idiots led by a ruling class who have the same goal, control. We call them different parties. Republicans and Democrats, they have one goal and they are achieving it. I cannot imagine a society as homogenous as Russia or China longing for America anymore. That is National Suicide. Am I not seeing something here??

Stanislav said...


You would be amazed at the strength of American PR, especially that most sinister of locations: Hollywood. Two, there is the concept of full self delusion, which these liberal idiots practice to a high art form. They are convinced that if we would just be like America or UK, we would all be stinking rich and free as a know, just like all those stinking rich and free to do as you like citizens of those nations....they are so convinced of this they would happily become vassels, break up Russia, anything....of course their leaders know better, they're just in it for the cash and power.

Jonny said...

Too bad you guys weren't protesting the Western Left when it would have made a difference. But then, I suppose Russia was exporting them to us at that time, weren't they?

Not that all Russians condoned or supported this Stanislav. Your land, like mine, is really composed of two nations: one of God and the other Godless and wicked.

I wish you peace