Sunday, May 6, 2012

Slavery or God and Freedom. Are the Serbs Doomed and Damned

Slavery or God and Freedom. Are the Serbs Doomed and Damned

It has come time to choose, oh brother Serbs, a choice that will not only determine your fates and that of your eternal souls but the savior or damnation of your children and grand children.

This is not just a vote it is a casting of your destiny, a free people, standing with the One Eternal God in freedom, salvation and honour or a damned, broken, cowardly rabble, huddling under the heal of their Anglo owners and their master Satan.

Can it be more stark? Will you return the scalawags to power, affirming the righteousness of their actions in cowering before their EU overlords, who murdered your wives, children and parents? Will you slaver after those who surrendered your war heroes and defenders? Toss who sold your resources for pennies, gave up your heartland and refused to come to the aid of your long suffering countrymen there? Those who conspired with the EU and Islamic Albanian thieves who stole your heartlands? And alla for what? Money? Money that the bankrupt EU does not even have and bittersweet promises of a better future that it will never deliver to sits second class Slavic members?

Or, or will for but a second, will you remember your souls, your past, your God and your bloodbrothers who have died in the millions for you? Will you relive your honour? Will you give back pride to  your ancestors, who along side of God must be hanging their heads in shame?

You are not alone, neither spiritually, Christ is with you just take His hand, nor physically, your Russian brothers stand with you.

Best of all, standing with us will bring that bright future and billions in investment that the West can only promise. And unlike them, we will not ask you to betray yourselves or sell your souls.

My Serbian brothers, is the choice truly so difficult?

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Gray Falcon said...

Though it may seem like the Serbs voted for the EU, the elections were both rigged and stolen. Serbia is still fighting for freedom. Might need some help soon, though.