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Georgia’s Murder Machine or How NATO Supports Terrorist States

Georgia’s Murder Machine or How NATO Supports Terrorist States

Is the reek of hypocrisy, that sickly sweet smell of the death of truth and morality, ever so strong as to be even noticed by the overlords of NATO? Apparently the answer, as we all have always known, is no, never. Truly, like vultures who have no sense of smell, the carrion eaters of NATO could never be bothered, as they pick through and destroy what shreds of dignity they ever had.

Let us take the nation and prime NATO candidate Georgia, into account. It is not enough that Misha Fontanchik, the bane of silk ties, the genocider of women and children, came to power on a US/EU colour revolution. Or that he regularly hospitalizes and murders those demonstrating his corrupt rule. Or that the US/EU shills for him as a great democrat while his party holds 94% of parliament and its ally 6%, making sure there are no opposing views or voices. Never mind that he shot up his remote province of Svanetia, killing dozens of civilians, Georgian citizens, and forcing its elected governor Kvitsiani to run for his life. Never mind that he started a genocidal war, as determined by the EU report, against South Ossessia, or that Americans still spread the lie that it was Russia. Never mind that this border line second-third world nation spends a larger chunk of its GDP on weapons than any other nation in the world or that its government receives paychecks from the US government and various Soros foundations.

For sure the government of Saakashvili is an oppressive regime at home, but one enjoying the PR machine of Washington, which does nothing but pour praise on the murderers and dictators who form the club of Washington Vassals.

The Georgian Spring and the American Tyrant

A Tale of Two Tyrants: Hypocrisy of the West

As Saakashvili’s paranoid regime continued to consolidate power, his former allies and best friends started to run for their lives. Saakashvili did not just inherit his birthday as that of Joseph Stalin, another famous Georgian mass murderer, they were born on the same day, but he also inherited the great genocider’s paranoia. The more prominent of those seeking asylum in other countries have been the likes of Manana Archvadze-Gamsakhurdia, widow of the first Georgian president, who was given asylum in Germany in 2009, while her son continues to sit in a Georgian political prison; Archil Benidze, a member of the Labour Party of Georgia was given asylum in Italy, in Oct of 2011 after his initial imprisonment by officers of the Department of Constitutional Security (what a soviet name) in 2008 and forced to sign statements against a colleague Shalva Natelashvili; the former Director of the Border Police of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs AND husband of the head of the opposition party Democratic Movement of the United Georgia (his wife, Nani, was the former speaker of the parliament and former close ally of Saakashvili), one Badri Burjanadze, also sought asylum last year, in several countries. In all there have been hundreds, many running to Russia.

None were as prominent, though, as the case of Irakli Okruashvili, a former best friend of Saakashvili and former Defense Minister of Georgia. Irakli ran for his life after a falling out with the paranoid dictator and was accepted in France, along with the former Minister of Forest Resources, Bidzina Giorgobiani.

All this while many others, such as Vladimir Vakhania, an outspoken critic, rot in Georgian jails on trumped up charges or like the former Prime Minister  Zurab Zhvania  are found dead under extremely questionable circumstances.

Even foreign businessmen, such as the case of two Israeli men Doing Business Georgian Style, or How to Screw a Couple of Jews are not immune to the Washington backed criminal regime that presides in Tbilisi.

But now, like all terrorist regimes, especially those sponsored and living directly off of Washington’s pocket book, they are not satisfied with just driving their opponents out but with liquidating them, no matter where they are, so they have gone international, murdering their opponents.

 But now, as for several years previously, Georgia has been and continues to be a major state sponsor of terror. In December 2010, the Georgian government sponsored a terrorist jamboree, bringing in Islamic extremists into Georgia, to plan out its state backed terror war against Russian civilians. Terrorist activity in 2011 hit a six year high, following the Georgian aid. This is of course, nothing new, either. I first mention these issues in Georgians Are At It Again and To Georgia’s Good Fortune, Russia is Winning

In 2008, Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian expat billionaire, living in London, made a bid for the presidential seat, in the general elections. Shortly after, he ran for his life, back to London. But Misha, as a good NYC trained mobster, er lawyer, would not tolerate a rival, even so far away. Shortly after, Patarkatsishvili succumbed to a heart attack, under extremely suspect circumstance. He died in his mansion, age 52. Several news outlets, including Reuters and Associated Press reported that Patrakatsishvili had obtained, earlier that year, a tape of a Georgian Interior Ministry minister hiring a Chechen mob lord to murder him, in London. This was in part linked to his control of the Georgian dissident news network Imedi, which has now been brought under government control.

The latest case happened this week, with the daylight, street murder, in Moscow, of the former Georgian general, Roman Dumbadze, who was gunned down by two men on a motorbike. Dombadze had been convicted and imprisoned by Saakashvili for refusing to follow orders, that would have had him assault a civilian area in the former breakaway area of Adjaria. Dumbadze was exchanged in a prisoner exchange, following the 2008 war and given Russian citizenship.

Another former Georgian general, living in exile, Tengiz Kitovani, has also had death threats against him and has testified to the network of assassins and spies that Saakashvili has laid out across Russia and Europe.

Least you forget, dear reader, all this comes on the heels of the huge terrorist weapons busts by Russian intelligence. These were weapons meant to be used during the Olympics, that Chechen Jihadists, with the aid of Georgian intelligence, had been sneaking into Russia.

There is no doubt that a new center of murder, oppression and terror is growing and that Washington’s monies are fueling it, should equally be no surprise.

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ΦωτοβολοςΤοξοτης said...

Unfortunately, since the fall of Soviet Union, the Russian people are barely given 'breathing space' to rework and make full utilization of Russia's inherent abilities and resources grow to their full potential as part of a unified humanity under Christ.

I remember watching how your President Putin after receiving a message, got up from the games said somthing to our president Bush, and returned home to deal with Georgia. Now he is the same position once again.

I believe that what he will have to deal with will not be a localized event but a major war leading to WWIII. I hope the Russian people as well as humanity are getting ready.
You have touched on the WWII subject on an earlier post. But it does not stop there the war will move on to the things that are predicted in the Apokalypsis of John anad humanity will suffer even more and there shall be no repentance. Thus, more suffering. But God with the pulse from the sun will set things back to save us and we start another process another war...where beings that most have not an idea that they exist will come forth...and then...stay tuned...