Friday, September 21, 2012

USAID It Was Good Knowing You

USAID It Was Good Knowing You

Off they go, USAid, nice knowing you, one of the fronts of the US Communist Democracy International (DemInt), a Trotskyte front, just as evil as its original ComInt forbearer. It is true that many non-political organizations will be hurt by this departure, that is an absolute. However that is the point that helped to keep and to cover the more insidious actions of USAid and other such US organization such as Freedom House or the National Endowment for Democracy. Half its $52 million budget, in Russia, went to such organizations as advocates for the disabled, fights against HIV or for Transparency International. All noble causes.

However, and this is a huge, huge HOWEVER, $22 million went to Golas (the US paid for "anti-corruption" organization, the likes of which are used around the world to help topple non-US vassal regimes and replace them with puppets, whores and imbeciles who than proceed to bankrupt their societies, give up their resources and rule with the iron fist that they supposedly were against), Moscow Helsinki Group, Memorial, Siberian Civic Initiatives Support Center and others.
Again, though, looking at other nations where this organization and other insidious US backed NGOs have operated and brought about the DemInt agenda, what help they did provide to legitimate causes was wiped aside by the regimes of hatred, war and national rape that were brought into power. The list is long and the body count high. From the early roots of toppling de Guile in France, in 1974, to the more recent actions, such as Bosnia, Kosovo (Serbia), Russian Chechnya, Makedonia, Armenia, Lebanon, Israel (PA regions with Hamas), Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt, Libya, Kenya, Tunisia, Yemen, and now Syria, with a half dozen other nations in the US cross-hairs.

As for whom US NGOs are sponsoring, please review my previous article on the subject: NGOs: Agents of US Empire


jack said...

Here are some of the main facts about USAID:

- In 2002 USAID director and regional head of the CIA in the Balkans David Black with his MI6 counterpart Anthony Monckton arranged a sniper hit assassination hit on then Yugoslavian President Vojislav Kostunica called Operation Bandit.

- Current Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili managed a USAID subcontractor NGO The Liberty Institute in Georgia before coming to power and USAID was instrumental in securing a United Arab Emirate pipeline in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Very informative article as usual Stan. I would amend the title to something like: "USAID, It Was Good Knowing You, But It's Even Better Seeing You Leave". Any chance USAID played a role in promoting the earlier Pussy Riot and Gay Pride movements in Russia?

Stanislav said...

Pussy Riot? I doubt it. They were a know nothing unknowns. This has helped make them famous out of dirt nothing, which is exactly why they staged this stunt.

Gay parades, I am absolutely sure that they were sponsored by the US, after all Obama ordered it from the US State Department that they make enabling gay power a prime objective.

Juniper in the Desert said...

"toppling de Guile in France"...
I presume you mean de Gaulle? He was a vile coward who spent WW2 in the UK while his compatriots died or went over to the Nazis. Then the US allowed him on the victory parade into Paris and he promptly blocked UK from his new "reich", the EU. Scum.

Stanislav said...

Outside of the fact that de Guelle rebuilt France into an economic power from the ruins of WW2, to say he stayed in UK is pure lie.

Charles first distinguished himself in WW1 as a young officer is some of the fiercest western front fighting, checking the German advance. During the fighting he was wounded in combat. In Verdun, when surrounded, he led a bayonet charge to break out, was gassed and wounded twice more, before being captured, when he passed out from blood loss. Not exactly a coward.

When WW2 broke out, he was a colonel in the tanks and distinguished himself enough to be given divisional command. His attack at Montcornet was one of the few successes the French had.

In 1943, he left the UK and moved his HQ to Algeria, to continue the war against Germany/Italy. Charles had a full field army under his command and liberated the southern third of France, during D-Day.

The issue of course was, he refused to come on bended knee before the US, which is why the US hates him so, to this day.

Irina said...

Golos was one of the 57 Russian NGOs and organisations that got money from USAID. Many of those organisations had nothing to do with promoting democracy. USAID total Russian budget was 50 mil a year. Only half of that was spent on democracy promotion. Golos was not the only Russian NGO that got money for that cause from USAID. The 22 million you quoted for Golos is a gross overestamation IMHO. Care to tell me your source? It better not be a credible source though.

Irina said...

Oh you did mention other NGOs after all -- i missed that the first time through.