Saturday, March 2, 2013

Actions Have Consequences

Actions Have Consequences
Enter stage left, one US Republican Senator Chris Smith. Mr Smith, a life long American power broker, who has been in his seat of excess and luxury for 32 years, seems to have forgotten that, at least outside the US, actions have consequences.
A loud mouth anti-Russian, who has called numerous times for Russia's expulsion from the G8 and who, by co-authoring the American 2002 law "On Democracy in Russia Act" has actively broken Russian law by helping pour American money into the coffers of preferred Russian politicians, has finally taken the last steps. Sure, its never enough to meddle in Russian politics through third parties, such as by giving foreign money to Russian political parties (thank God this is legal in the US, because after all, if it was not, someone, somewhere might accuse Mr. Smith of being a hypocritical and corrupt.), so Mr. Smith was an active supporter of the US Magnitsky Bill that denies visas and such and confiscates property of Russian politicians and others. Others, because that law is not limited to only the Magnitsky case, which itself is internal Russian business, but is written as "human rights abusers". Heck, if we fit that definition to the US, most American police would be denied visas into America, as well as a president who gave himself the right to murder his own citizens, without trial or evidence (even Stalin had show trials), as long as they are outside the US at the moment of their demise.
Well, off goes Mr. Smith to Moscow, or so he thought. However, actions have consequences and one was him getting denied a visa. "This is the first time (he was denied)," he stated to Foreign Policy magazine. "I was shocked. During the worst days of the Soviet Union, I went there repeatedly."
Yes, how dare the stupid Russians play the game of sovereignty to an imperial American creature of Congress? How dare I say?!?
And why was he heading to Russia? Why to discuss Russia's reaction to the Magnitsky Act. I am sure he was going to tell us to put up a stiff upper lip and take it on the chin, like good vassals. You know, like the way the British, French and Germans take every.
Sure, in America a creature of Congress has power, luxury and the ability to say, do and get bribed to any degree, to boldly break all tax laws, and just be as crooked as a country road, without a single issue. However, they forget that outside of the District of Corruption and the rest of the Americas, the world works by other laws. Consider this, Mr. Smith, a lesson learned.


ZhukovG said...

It is good to see Russia push back against what I must sadly agree is an increasingly horrific USA. Someone has to. As an American, I am shocked to see my countrymen embrace, with idolatrous glee, the very things their Grandfathers fought against.

No nation is exceptional, and every nation that treats other nations with arrogance, whether Germany, Japan, or the United States must eventually come to a reckoning.

In closing, I hope the name I selected for my posts is not considered disrespectful. I have a great admiration for Marshall Zhukov, believing him to be one of the great military minds of the 20th century. Besides any man who helped end Beria's reign of terror deserves some respect.

whiteson said...

Spot on Mr Mishin. At least one was taught a lesson. I also agree, how on earth could he expect a warm hearty welcome after what he said. Good on Russia!

Bart said...

Good for Russia! Keep slapping around our idiot congressmen.
They don't listen to us for sure here in America.
BTW the US Attorney General yesterday said that Obama can legally use military drone strikes on US soil against Americans.
Time for me to buy a bit more ammo for my firearms, I feel like my country is conspiring against me and trashing the Constitution we swore to uphold.
Thanks for your blog!

Chris said...

Great article!

Jack JD Montana said...

Russia should ban Eric Holder next. That would be popular among a lot of people in the U.S., as well as a tiny smidgen of justice being served since Holder claims to fight a war on drugs while Russia gets flooded with cheap Afghan heroin grown under NATO/U.S. tutelage.