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Beware the Power of the Russian Soldier, Part 1

Beware the Power of the Russian Soldier, Part 1

The West, as usual, enjoys fooling itself that we, Russians, are just savages and barbarians on the Eastern end of Europe. That we are a push over and that our God given lands should be "fairly' redistributed to the Golden Billion, half of whom live in Europe. No matter how many times they try, they fall and fail and die in droves, but delude themselves they shall.

As we buried so many empires of European despots, so shall we bury the EU when at last this Fourth Reich of Atheists and their Islamic cannon fodder, come marching on us.

Know yeah Europeans, that we are not you, we are not Europeans or Asians, we are Rus, the Great Rus, the Third Rome, for two have fallen and a fourth shall never be. We are the children of Christ and the truest defenders of His cross.

"For if God is with us, who can stand against us?"

This first video is about a battle in the open steppe near the town of Ikon  on 4 Dec 1864. A larger Basherman force was moving, raiding. A sotnik (100) ekodron of Cossacks was sent out to investigate, plus one cavalry cannon. They stumbled upon the main force of some 10,000 tribes man. Surrounded in the open step, in the middle of a cold December, they were unable to escape. Refusing surrender and captivity, they lowered their horses in a ring and laid down behind them and began a 3 day, 3 night battle. Out numbered 100 to 1, they stood their ground and when aid was unable to push through (the relief force was of an infantry company...about 100 men also), they took their last strength, counter attacked and fought their way out, slaying many of the enemy, on 6 Dec 1864.

Of the 110 that rode into that battle, 55 were killed, almost all of the rest, including the commanding officer Cotnik (Senior Lieutenant) Serov, were heavily wounded.

A monument was placed over the brothers' grave (common grave) of the Cossacks. The dead were headless, as the Muslim tribesman took the heads as trophies. The monument was destroyed by the Satanic communists.

This next one is WW1, January 1915. German attack into NW Russian empire comes across a small, key fortress commanding the crossing of the river, which hampered an entire German army. The fortress Osovets. The fortress was surrounded by swamp, so bypassing was impossible. The Germans had to go through. The defense consisted of one brigade of border guards, second rate troops, 2 divisions of artillery, one unit of sappers and one support unit. Under the command of General Brzhozovsky.

The Germans tried briefly to take the fortress in 1914 and failed so they brought in their heaviest artillery. The bombed the fortress for 6 days, an entire army's worth of artillery. Failing to get its capitulation, they seiged it for 190 days. Big Berta, the rail guns that also fought in WW2, was brought in to reduce the fortress. They fired 800kg, 420mm rounds. They made shellholes 15m wide and 5m deep. 17 German batteries in all, fired. From 27 Feb - 3 March was a hurricane of ceaseless artillery of over 250,000 shells. In total of the 6 months, 400,000 shells were fired at this one small fortress. German zepplins added air bombardment to the fight.

Foreign correspondents, sitting with the Germans, wrote that there is no way anyone could survive this. But Russians are not anyone, we are Russians. The defenders stood their ground as the fortress crumbled around them. The artillery divisions, in the middle of this Hell on earth, continued to man their guns and were even able to destroy several German batteries, including 2 of the 4 Big Bertas.

This continued to July 1915, when the German Fieldmarshal Heidelburg decided to take it by storm. After a heavy artillery preparation, in came the German infantry to finish off the defenders. They were cut down and their attack collapsed with heavy losses.

On 6 August 1915, the remaining defenders met their Black Day. At 0400, the Germans unleashed the new weapon of Chloride gas. The green low fog rolled into the Russian positions. Russian soldiers did not have any gas masks, as this was the first time they had met poison gas. The fog was 8km wide and 20km deep. All plants died, everything was poisoned, including all of the defenders.

Soldiers were blinded, they coughed up chunks of lungs. They bled from their noses, eyes and mouths. It was a new horror. Three companies died in whole and of the remaining 4 companies, only 100 were left alive, all poisoned.

To be sure for the next attack, the Germans opened with more artillery. Surely, nothing would be left alive or able to fight when they stormed the fortress next. Fourteen German battalions, a total of 7,000 men stormed the remains of the fortress.

Meeting no opposition, the Germans passed the first line of defense and came up to the ruined fortress. Surely this was it. But we are Russians and no matter what, it is never "it". We fight even when we are already dead men.

The Germans were met in a counter attack by the remaining defenders of the fortress. These dieing men, chocking on their own blood and lungs, many blind, launched themselves in a final and murderous battle with the enemy. The Attack of the Dead. There were only 60 of these walking dead left but their ferocity and the way they looked stopped the German attack and caused a panic. As the Germans ran, the remaining Russian artillery opened a deadly fire, slaughtering hundreds.Never before in WW1 or after in WW1 had such a thing happened.

The fortress later had to be abandoned, due to a change in the front, to the south. General Brzhozovsky was the last to leave. Everything was taken out, to the last shell. Brzhozovsky himself pulled the demolition lever that blew up what was left of his undefeated fortress.

Osovets died but it never surrendered! 9 years later, the Poles, who now owned the ruins, found a Russian soldier, still living in the catacombs below the ruins, holding guard.

The Soviets, being traitors themselves, wanted to bury the history of WW1 and let this battle and these Russian heroes be forgotten.

These types of men, Europe, are the ones who will bring you Christ and King again, when the Atheists are done eating you and the Islamics are murdering you...we will cleanse the European lands and reconsecrate them again to Christ, All Glory be to the King of Kings.

More heroes to follow....

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Anyone with two brain cells and a synapse knows Russians are tough people you don't want to mess with. Just ask the glorious 1000 year Third Reich that was smashed to pieces on the steppes and in the cities of Russia. Many in the west love how Vlad Putin punked the chicago bathhouse muslime queer as well.