Wednesday, October 30, 2013

For Whom the Bell Tolls? It Tolls For Ukraine!

For Whom the Bell Tolls? It Tolls For Ukraine!

Ukraine finds itself at the very crossroads of its fate. With a ruined economy, with a traitorous leadership, it is being cudgeled into a choice that will not just destroy it financially and impoverish its people into Germanic serfdom, but will destroy the very fiber of its ancient Rus culture.

The Fourth Reich's strumpets are calling this a choice between enlightened Europe and barbaric Russia. But has this not always been the choice?

When the Catholic popes launched four crusades against us, Kieven Rus, as we fought the savage Mongol hordes, did they not do this to "civilize" us? They betrayed their Christian brothers then to the savages. 

When the enlightened Poles came with sword and torch murdering  and enslaving those still in Ukraine for 500 years, they did this also to "enlighten". It was the forefathers of the Ukrainian Rus who decided wisely to ally with and enter union with the Moscowvite Rus. From that day, until the Western devil spawn bankers helped create the 1917 Revolution, we lived peacefully to gather as one Rus. That was for almost 300 years. 

When the puppet of the West Lenin gave up Ukraine to the Germans, did they not burn your villages and steal your grain? Did the Poles then not take the Western half, force converting Ukraine's Rus to the Popes and throwing those who resisted into gulags?

Have we forgotten all that?

When the Western supported Stalin stole your grain, as well as that of the rest of Russia, was it not to fill the huge orders that Britain and the French had placed, knowing full well that it would starve our people?

Did your fathers feel those European values then?

And when the German new European Order, with it's SS of Germans, French, Norwegians, Austrians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Romanians, Italians, Albanians, Croats, Spaniards and others came butchering your villages to "free" you, did you feel enlightened then?

Do not forget that all of your leaders of the past 20 years have been championed by the West. Do you feel better? Are you richer now? What we in Russia went through in the 90s you have yet to leave behind.

And now, now you are about to make the choice that will damn your children. Are you mad? Are you fools? Or have you sold your souls to the promise of illusionary wealth?

What will now happen, is, Russia will close the borders to all your imports, so that you do not become a quick assembly plant to the EU so it can avoid our tariffs and dump its goods in to Russia. All your technology will collapse, while you will become agricultural serfs. You will be absolutely dependent on the EU manufacturing, while they buy up all the assets that they have not yet stolen and will suck your resources dry. Whatever gas Shell fins, they will pull the same one sides cheating arrangement as they had with Yeltsin in Sakhalin.

You are key to their energy independence, not your own. You will not export to them, they will simply take what is already in essence theirs.

You will be a colony of the Reich and European colonies were places to pull resources from,  not invest in.

And as for your culture? Well what of it? The point of the EU is to create a new homosovietous, er homoeuropeas, same end: our ancient Rus culture and our Orthodox Christian faith must be destroyed. Already you have Gay parades and Femin cutting down memorial crosses.

Your children will be raised to be soulless consumers, bent only on working, fucking and consuming. They will know nothing of our Rus history or traditions or care to. They will be fat off of cheap processed food and ware the cloths that some queers in Brussels, London or Paris designs for them. Your women will refuse to have children or raise those they do. You will go to the trash bin of history like the rest of the races of Europe. 

To help you along, the master fascists of the EU Fourth Reich will flood you with Muslim Arabs and Pakistanis, for whom you will be forced to I've special rights and build Mosques even as they blow p cars and themselves in your cities and rape your wives and daughters.

Do not believe me? Than ask the Greeks, Cypriots, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Icelanders and others.

So what shall you do now? Follow glorious Europe into its glorious destruction or reunify with your fellow Rus to create the super state that will be the last salvage of the European race?

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ZhukovG said...

The Ukrainian leadership seems determined to join the EU, so I suspect that will happen. This is an unacceptable outcome for the Russian Federation and must be responded to. I would suggest some or all of the following:

1. Immediate suspension of any aid/loans currently offered to the Ukrainian government.
2. Immediate implementation of tariffs on Ukrainian/EU goods entering the Russian Federation.
3. Sell off of any Ukrainian bonds held by the Russian central bank.
4. Implement a ‘Shall Issue Upon Request’ policy for Russian Federation passports to Ukrainians who are ethnic Russian.
5. Offer scholarships to ethnic Russian Ukrainians who wish to study at Russian universities.
6. Revoke any guarantee of the territorial integrity of the Ukraine.
7. Declare open support for any Region/Oblast in the Ukraine that desires union with the Russian Federation.
8. Declare support for an independent Crimean State.
9. Declare the Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea, ‘Critical Security Zones’, subject to annexation by the Russian Federation should the Ukraine further compound its crimes by joining NATO.

Obviously some of the above may be judged too bellicose for the current situation. The principles of ‘Realpolitik’ where the security of the Russian Federation is concerned must be observed.