Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sanctions Backfire: Visa and MasterCard

Sanctions Backfire: Visa and MasterCard

Right now, the American politicians are feeling very smug about themselves with their latest round of sanctions. These are targeted at banks that are owned by people close to Putin, for example Tinkoff Bank and Russkii Bank. 

The surest way of doing this is to block transactions by Visa and MasterCard issued from these two banks. Of course this was done with the point of making life difficult for the average person and trying to create a run on the banks. 

American elites in their ever present stupidity, something they take great global pride in, are going to show us stupid and poor Russians who is boss. Thank Christ those degenerates live with 15 year outdated stereotypes.

The Russian government moved quickly to assure the public that all the deposits in ithese banks are guaranteed so no run on the banks will occur. But something more important is now underway, something that in very short order will transform the global banking order and will cause the stress suicide of a dozen top bankers at Visa, Masrercard, and AmericanExpress. I would equally not be surprised if the careers and maybe even lives of several American Congresscreatures, dependent on financial sector backing to survive.

In he Orthodox Christian faith there are prayers for our enemies and their well bing. Why? Because through their evil, they force us closer to God and force us to do the difficult things we may otherwise put off.

It is the same thing for the evil that the Masionic elites of America create.

For some ten years there has been discussion of and plans created for the creation of a payment platform and clearing service for a Russian based credit service to rival that of Visa and MasterCard. Up to this point there has been a lack of political will to back this. Not a lack of technical or intellectual ability but political.

Now that will has become a reality and the platform Protsoplat's imminent creation has been announced. Fortunately for such things, setting up such a platform is not a difficult creation and a basic form can be up and running with in two months. 

Within a year, this platform will be a full competitor for the American monopolists in Russia and the Eurasian zone. Considering the insulted sense of spravadlivost of most russians and their innate patriotism, this will cost the Americans tens of billions of dollars yearly. Best of all, within two years, this platform will be able to go international outside of Eurasia and offer the world a realistic alternative to the American oligarchs.

Best of all, even if sanctions are lifted tomorrow, this program will not stop and will move forward, as the political and business and financial class now see that they must have an alternative to capricious Anglos. 

Sanctions do have consequences and for the temporary discomfort of a million or so Russians, the Americans will lose hundreds of billions over the decades to come.


JDAM said...

At times like these, I wish I had agency over the country I live in, if not agency over the country I'd like to live in. In the latter case, it would be a resurgent Prussia, and I would be backing Russia to the hilt out of sheer principle.

But at that point, I would prefer to be dealing with someone else who had total agency over Russia. Putin is a man worthy of respect but does not strike me as trustworthy. Hard to live and let live, even with the best intentions under those circumstances. At least the idea of cold war suggests some kind of "stalemate" but it's a hostile environment.

auntturtle said...

Wishful thinking, Mat!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Please, trust your money to the same people who just stole your retirement savings to fund a bunch of Crimean crybabies. Pretty much everyone on Earth trusts any American financial institution over even the best of what Russia has to offer, especially if they are associated with the government or Putin. Stanny, how do you get the taste of Putin out of your mouth?

Anonymous said...

Recent events in Crimea show that Putin is intelligent and has strategic savvy. Russia has the right man for our time to advance the interests of Russia. What does America have?

Matthew Saroff said...

A minor clarification here.

Visa and MasterCard are not owned by two banks.

They are in fact owned by a large number (numbering in the thousands) of member banks.

Anonymous said...

I want to apply for a DOMA (Fatherland/normal marriage) Credit Card from Russia.

I'd much rather pay my interest to a land that honors godly marriage than the fag-friendly West.

- Fr. John+