Thursday, September 11, 2014

But Scotland, You Do Have A Choice

September 18th will be a day that will more than likely go down in the history of the United Kingdom as more traumatic then the loss of India and the American colonies put together. This date will seal the point that the UK is a bankrupt third rate European state unable to even control its own small island.

This is the date that the majority of Scots, and amongst them many Englishmen, will vote for independence from Downing Street 10 and the Queen. I place the Queen second because if the government was an actual Christian monarchy instead of a sleaze ridden oligarchy, this may not be happening.

The Great Joke of the past 3 years is turning for village idiot of Europe, David Cameron (yes he's even managed to beat out Hollande for that slot) into the blackest point of his less than stellar career. But why should a nation so ridden with incompetence not fall apart. It is ever at its weakest that governments and nations collapse, not during their strong days. So if there ever was any doubt that England is defunct, that it is broken, this is the bell weather of all bell weathers. And the markets are finally responding, with but a week to go: billions of pounds are gone instantly. After the start of all this, near its very end, David Cameron, one of the least popular humans alive for Scots, is going to visit those Scots and lecture them on why they can not and should not leave the union.

But while the British elite are in a panic, going from screaming mad to hubby dubby nice with flowers, the EU, that is the Germans, are sitting back and rubbing their clawed hands. Why?

Because if one follows the logic of the age of anti-Christian Europe, the Scots have one of only two choices: stay with the English and fall with the English when the pound turns to junk (well its already there for all intents and purposes) or leave and join the EU, the Eurozone and the pump and dump German/Wall Street scheme that destroyed, impoverished and handed over all assets in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal and next door neighbor Ireland.

The Germans really do not care so much for the Scots as for all that wealth in oil that will instantly become EU shared property. Furthermore, if the British and the Scots start shooting each other and blowing each other up, well that is a good addition, as it will weaken if not destroy the British, the last major hold out to the German Continental System, first espoused by Napoleon.

But Scots due have a third choice, one that makes the most sense and guarantees their security from either out right British invasion (and by backing the mass murderer Poroshenko in Kiev have set a precedent on what to do in Scotland) or German plundering: Join the Eurasian Union.

Yes, radical, but only if one is mired in the Western model. The Eurasian Union offers quite a bit for the Scots. One, it offers security. By allowing Russian troops to rent former British bases, the British will be clamped down and forced to stand down. They would not dare invade. Same goes for the EU. Thus a forced measure of guaranteeing Security for Scotland. It would also mean tens of billions of dollars in revenue.

Second, it guarantees that the Scots are free to do internally as they please. The Union is very conservative on states rights, that is the right of member countries to do as they please in their own borders: no social engineering or American dictates on what is acceptable and not in government.

Third, it guarantees to the Scots a very large and growing market for their goods, particularly their agricultural goods. Mutton is in high demand in Russia and with Australia under sanctions, the Scots are in a position to solidify their claim on the market, as well with their beef. Equally so for the now quite popular Scottish whiskies and beers.

Electronics and Textiles produced in Scotland would also be welcome in the giant market of the Eurasian Union. As the Union is set to expand with Armenia in October and a host of other nations lining up to either join outright or associate themselves with it: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. Meanwhile, India, Vietnam, Turkey, New Zealand, Israel, Egypt, Syria and others all want either association or free trade pacts.

And who can forget the quite generously spending Russian tourists. With membership in the Eurasian Union, Scotland would no longer have visa restrictions with Russia and the tourist dollars would simply pour in. As well, Scotland will find itself immune from the upcoming ban on European over flights of Russia, thus it will be able to keep lucrative routes to Asia.

So yes, Mr. and Mrs Scot, you do have a choice, a proper two step choice: 1. vote Yes on the 18th and 2. demand your MPs join the Eurasian Union.


Anonymous said...

I have Scottish on my dad's side and Russian on my mom's. It would honestly be the best of both worlds...Don't think it'll happen, but who knows?

Scotland's nationalist party though has been described as socialist and a little more pro EU though. So I don't really share your optimism on this.

One thing I will give you is that Russia has handled the sanctions perfectly, going with other nations such as India and China, with growing populations and economies rather than going to the EU, most of them dying economies and collapsing demographics.

When are you guys going to start investing in Mexico? Are there any Russian companies or interests in Mexico??? Our lame president has done one thing right: Grow closer to China.

Bryan Dorman said...

This video woke me up. About 1 1/2 hours long and in English that backs up pretty much everything you said...

Most of the video in English.

Anonymous said...

That is truly a wonderful idea!!!
If it came topass I would really like to observe the Brits' stiff upper lip. Ha! Such a come uppance! This possibility has really made my day.
Our family spent a few years in the UK and really came to love the Scots. I believe they deserve better than what the EU could offer.

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the 'Nulandistan' video and I must say the livid fury rose up in me like never before. I have nothing but shame for our government. Our prayers continue for E/SE Ukraine and for Scotland. I acknowledge that human history is peppered with the bastards from hell like what we have evidenced in the video. It is just hard to take seeing the innocent, unarmed, well meaning Ukrainians so abused and murdered - and I know it was worse than what you could have had on the video.
Stanislav, your work is so very important. Be encouraged.

Unknown said...

I really liked your post about "But Scotland,You Do Have A Choice

Anonymous said...

Ahh C'mon Stanislav "the last major hold out to the German Continental System, first espoused by Napoleon."

Never invest in conspiracy theories over human folly and pig people. Both are reason enough for the insanity of nations.

It may hurt you to know, many here might consider *you* to be another one of those damn Europeans :) Guess it just depends on your perspective?

It's normal and natural to respectfully trade with your neighbors. We need more of that - and less headline grabbing by zealots. Every country has rascals which need managing.

Set a goal. Like Europe and Russia at peace & trading. And China and Russia at peace & trading. Then work toward it.

No one needs this constant freak show from those who really aren't trying to make things better. The state can't regulate such characters without appearing criminal, but individuals *can* challenge these weasels to defend their ideas.

Especially since most of their grand plans are manure.

Anonymous said...

looks like Scotland made the right choice and decided to stay in the first world instead of aligning itself with neo-fascist Russia (not that they would have ever aligned themselves with Russia, only Stan could think that up.)