Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On a Side Note

On a short side note, I am happy to see that my blog has really hit the trolls where it hurts. The out pouring of hatred and loathing and stupidity by the trolls is incredible. I must be tieing up a whole company of trolls, feeding off of the Western serf tits. You do not see most of the comments, because I filter them and their daily filth does not make it through. I allow the occasional, non-filthy fool through to demonstrate the retards in action.

And now some videos for food for thought. These images will never make it to the main stream television of the West, why should they? They do not support the Big Lie of the West.

This clip is dedicated to the Defenders of Novorossia, be they Russians of Donbass, Russians of Russia, Belarussians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Ossessians, Chechens, Armenians, Israeli Jews, or the many other volunteers of Europe who have come: Poles, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Romanians, Italians, etc.

Вставай, Новороссия!


Jake said...

I live in the West, and completely see through the propaganda spewing out of the MSM.
Those of us who are awake to the evil that is trying to destroy all that is good globally need to stick together, at least spiritually.
Have some empathy for Americans: the combination of fluoride, mercury-laced vaccines, and GMO and awful food has really turned 80% into true zombies. I was at a public event recently, and was amazed and horrified at how unhealthy and sad most people looked. Their bodies decrepit at the age of 40, their faces frozen in expressions of depression, the autistic children with dead eyes. They have no ability to resist tyranny. None.

Anonymous said...

if you want to see zombies look at the Russian krokadil victims, horrific!

Stanislav said...

2 things can be said on this:
1. the problem takes care of itself as they tend to only last 6 months or so
2. It's not just Russia, its wide spread in Europe and has appeared in the US also.

Anonymous said...

How sad I can't watch these videos because I'm tied to this Flash Free TOR link - because I can't trust my government.

We've lost a lot here, and I'm not buying the idea it was all caused by a bunch of Saudi Arabian ragheads.

Which begs the question Stanislav...must *you* be as cautious with your government?

Can't imagine how bad things would be here if the population wasn't so heavily armed. An oversimplification for sure...but it almost seems like our Australian "cousins" are lining up for the gas chamber. Their guns were taken long ago...

I'm tired of this endless fear mongering concerning muslim "super terrorists". They can't get all of us, and we're a far more violent people.

So why do these jackasses expect us to cringe?

You can bet that if every one of us were wiling to do sudden and complete violence on nutbags when they strayed - none of this would be happening.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

Sadly, your posts are utterly unintelligible to most White Americans (let us leave aside the far less intelligent non-Whites, who 'claim' to be Americans!) because we do not speak, or read Russian.

While the world's lingua franca today is English, it means you can understand/read OUR broadcasts, but the same cannot be said of us.

If you sincerely wish to help, it would be a godsend to know what is being spoken of in videos such as this, what the persons are REALLY saying, and what it means to us, as uninformed Citizens- who knows? You might help us break free of the Obamanation's 'PRAVDA' mindset.


Fr. John+
Orthodox Priest

Anonymous said...

Mongo trolltards don't read the articles or care to. They are paid by the line in welfare checks and sail fawns (cellphone).
They drink the Kool-Aid and think some glorious each according to his needs workers of the world unite utopia is just around the corner.
They are busy crushing the capitalist pig state at Starbucks with their iMaxipads and Warner Bros. licensed Guy Fawkes mask they picked up at Hot Topic.

Stanislav said...

Fr. John,

Some of these have translation options as closed captioned. Some are in English. But please note, that Russian is the third most spoken language in the world with over 350 million speakers and when one considers that Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian are very close to Russia, that total goes up to almost 400 million and my audiance is world wide.

Sincerely in Christ

Anonymous said...

spersh checkThe Ukraine crisis remains incomprehensible to outsiders. Probably seems rational to those involved.....but it's much like that Arab/Israeli conflict. "You both look the same, and arise from the same genetic pool."

Try telling that to either partisan :)

Similarly, Russia is clearly a European country with European traditions. Far more tied to the population there than those on this side of the Atlantic....

So why does Russia always end up with boogeyman status?

It is a puzzlement. Don't claim it's "Amerikan propaganda" - we're just not that good. An assumption that Amerika is Russia's mortal enemy probably doesn't withstand scrutiny either.

And Putin? Perhaps he is another tragic figure? He is competent, and I believe he means why are things in such a mess? He's apparently scared the hell out of all the little countries around him. Is that what average Russians want?

Maybe it's time for everyone to take a deep breath before they do more stupid things?

Anonymous said...

A tangent. Just forwarded for your amusement.

This is the guy they once entrusted the worlds monetary system to?

Didya know he was/is levered up to his ass? And that his son is even worse?

Tell me you can see reality when your only concern is "Oh lord, pleeze let me git it back the way it wuz"?

It's like this around the world now. All of this would have been incomprehensible to our grandparents. A world comprised of credit drug addicts. Where everyone checks their scruples at the door....

Anonymous said...

How much of all world theatrics can be explained away with this:

People having to justify phony government jobs like "homeland security" (I puke at their concept) - simply because their labor isn't really needed and they have no pricing power for their labor...

I'l bet every country has this class of "workers" - and their numbers are growing. Rapidly.

And every time some podunk tribe in a place you've never heard of commits some outrage - that outrage is ginned up to support even more "workers" and bigger budgets.

Otherwise - humans would be forced to deal with the real problem.

Certainly not a sexy explanation of events...but it does often align with fact.

Instead of vast conspiracies - you have people desperately clinging to jobs they know are bullshit.

The danger here of course is some fool lighting up the world....because he was allowed to cling to that job. When you get such people together in groups, they always dream up "things to do".