Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ukraine, the March to WW3

A short round up of the news the West denies its citizens.

Novorossia on the March

The Novorossian army has continued its assault on the Ukrainian forces for the fourth week running. After weathering non-stop artillery barrages on Donetsk and Lughansk as well as on smaller towns and villages, many of which have been leveled, in the so called "Cease Fire", the leadership of Novorossia decided to follow the will of its field commanders and attack, driving the enemy out of the artillery range of the main cities.

This has been accomplished, to date, with mixed results. The airport in Donetsk was cleared in the first week. When the order finally came, the remaining Ukrainian forces were flushed out of the extensive bunkers and destroyed. Since then, the Ukrainian army has continued to attack the airport and has met defeat each time. The quality of the troops that are being thrown at the airport is past subpar...these are absolutely green men, most of whom have zero experience, The attacks are uncoodinated, badly planned and the men often do not know what they are walking into. This attests to total lack of strength in the regular army on that side of the front.

The Novorossian push has more or less stopped on most fronts, as all resources have been concentrated in two points: to a smaller amount in Mariople and there is fighting in the city and to the bigger point the slug match that went on for two weeks in the north to close off the Debaltsevo Pocket. Up to 8 thousand experienced Uk soldiers are now firmly cut off. The National Guard (aka SS) that were supposed to be holding the neck have proven once more that they are better at throwing molotovs at unarmed cops or robbing businessess then fighting pitched battles against determined Russians (Novorussians). The NG broke and ran. As the ring closed, through heavy fighting, which is now absorbing almost all of the Novorossian armored forces, the Ukis evacuated most of their remaining experienced officers and left the men to die or surrender.

To the credit of the Ukrainian troops in the pocket, to show that they are still Russians whether or not they remember that, very few have surrendered to date, less than a hundred. However, over a thousand have been killed and probably 2-3 times that amount wounded. As ammunition and food runs out, more will give up the fight.

Once this pocket is closed, the general offensive will renew. The key is to take Kharkov and its giant tank plant. To that end, Novorossian partisans, in occupied Kharkov, continue to frustrate the UkiNazis with sabatage attacks.

The Fourth Mobilization:

Has been a general failure with less then 10% of the males showing up. Kiev is so desperate now that mobility in the totelarian state has been stopped. Most men can not move from one oblast (province) to another unless they show that they have a form from the army induction offices. This is European "freedom"? Also, the borders are being closed as almost half a million more Ukrainian citizens (note not ethnics but citizens) have fled into Russia to avoid the draft. Many others have gone into Hungary and Romania. Poland has refused to allow military age males (17-60) from entering Poland, to force its proxy to fight. However, Ukrainians have flooded into many Polish cities and now make a substantial percentage of the population....knowing how extreme the Polish nazis are...and how much they hate the untermensch Ukrainians whom they used to rule over, this should be fun to watch.

Poroshenko aka Porky has announced that women will also be mobilized to serve. Of course, his kids and those of the upper kleptocracy are no where near the actual fronts. But we all knew that. Since most have a second or third or fourth citizenship, many have long ago left Ukraine. Porky's mission is to let the slavs do all the dieing for his Western masters.

Novorossian Mobilization

Donetsk, and I'm sure Lughansk will follow suit, has announced a general mobilization to start in 2 days. About damn time. We will see how this goes. Presently the combined Novorossian army is about 29.000 strong with about 3-4.000 Russian volunteers and probably as many again from all over the world, in total. The mobilization is projected to secure another 100.000 men. We will see. If it gains even half as many that will spell a major offensive in mid spring, when the mud dries. Gaining Mariople and then Kharkov will have the knock on effect of gaining major population centers and thus additional manpower. Each such victory will make the next that much easier.

Also, come spring and summer, the numbers of Russian volunteers taking their vacations in the west will increase, thus also more offensive capabilities.

The European Wet Themselves.

The strumpets that call themselves European leaders have finally woken up that they are now on the edge of a major European die off. The warmongers that call themselves America's leaders (or is it owners?) have made a major push for arming the Ukrainian army. Of course they have been doing that for over half a year but this time they mean to do it with tanks and heavy artillery. Led by the terrorist enabler and chief maniac of America, McStain, the Empire of Chaos is ready to expand this to a general European war and has moved NATO to set up bases in all countries along Ukraine's and Russia's border.

Note these are muster points for the upcoming NATO offensives.

The European leaders have woken up to find that they are about to have to go to all out war with Russia. In an emergency summit, Merkel and Holllande came to beg President Putin to surrender. Riiight. Instead of pressing their blackmailers and defending the interestes of their people, these two clowns are making empty gestures. The only possible way to peace is a federated Ukraine and broad autonomy for the east. That is still off the Europena war in inevitable.

It will be fun to watch how these so called leaders have to explain to their unemployed that the solution to their deteriated economies is to send them to die on the same lands their granfathers died on.

Well we know the Germans do not have the real will to resists and so blindly most will march off to join their ancesters on the great burial grounds of Germany: Russia. The French on the other hand may well rebel agains the least popular president of the 5 that's an accomplishment.

The US, of course, is still blind and deaf. Most Americans could not be bothered and the prospect of their kids dieing in droves, of thousands dead every day, is so far from the public consciousness as to be irrelavent...why should it not be, some American footballers deflated their balls to make cheating easier and that, folks, is much more important.

Europe Cracks

The Greeks may finally be the first death kneel of the new Roman empire. After electing a strong anti-EU government, the Greeks are openly courting Russia and Russian economic cooperation. Talk of the Greeks leaving the Eurozone and maybe the EU and NATO are everywhere. Especially on the sanctions. The Greeks have torpedoed additional sanctions and are looking at stopping their own part of it and openning full trade with Russia, which will revive their dead economy. To that end, they will become, along with the Turks, the two main transit routes for Russian gas in the south.

Other peoples in other nations of the EU gulag are taking notes. France has parlimentary elections coming up and the Front National, the anti-US, anti-EU/NATO party is at the lead.

Bulgaria, to the chagrin of its people, has started mobilization preps for the war to come. Every time the US overlords arrive, the present group of ruling street whores, destroys Bulgaria's future a little more. They have already ripped up the nuclear power plant deal, which will now blacken out half of Bulgaria and cause them to have to import electricity, as the old plant must be shut down. They lost South Stream and are now just starting to relize the amount of jobs and transit fees they will never see. Now they have starting mass screening of their males for combat service. The Orthodox Bulgarians, many of whom are serving in the Novorossian army against the EU puppets and mercenaries, are less then thrilled.

War Beckons

If the US pushes through heavy armaments for Ukraine, let me be clear, that will be the start of the general European war (and for some European nations, their final die off). Russia will have zero options but to interviene and take Kiev and Lvov before deliveries fully ramp up. For the modern Russian army, Kiev will fall in less then two weeks. Kiev is riddled with anti-government protests, mostly on a daily bases now and many violent. Kiev will not stand.

This is exactly what Obama, the Neocons, the Banksters and their NATO proxies want to escalate to a general war.

So folks, dear readers in Rurope, the next two to three weeks will determine whether your children will live to old age of die under our guns. Time is up, kaput, the war is here. I will not even bother wasting my words towards the Yanks, have more luck bouncing rocks off of a mountain.


Anonymous said...

God be with Russia and her people, stand strong against the whores of the west, start your day on your knees. They are busy destroying my country South Africa as we are only a hand full of whites remaining. But we will survive, as you will survive.


Anonymous said...

A war in Europe may be inevitable. It seems the US wants to fight a war to the last Ukrainian and last European.

In the first Cold War I was an anti-communist warrior, but in this US inspired and engineered continuation of the Cold War I am on the other side with the East.

As an Armenian I have heard that Armenians volunteers are fighting with the Novorossians. If this is true I am proud of them.

Anonymous said...

February 8, 2015

Dear Senator Cornyn:
Dear Senator Cruz:

(Shaking head) This guy may be a crank, someone may have seized his site for propaganda purposes, he might be caught up in Pravda's shrill headline blitz, or he may just be telling the truth.

Reality is in there somewhere.

It's very difficult to understand what is really going on over there....certainly for any citizen. Also difficult to know if our own involvement was neutral, helpful, unhelpful, or clueless.

That's something legislators need to figure out. They need to uncover the truth - with the bureaucracy, without the bureaucracy, in spite of the bureaucracy. The TRUTH. Quickly.

Now if Russia *really* is ginning this up for conquest - you need to send the best weapons available to neutralize their armor, air, & artillery without delay. But if there's even a chance the Ukrainians stirred this pot on their own .....maybe we're not wise enough to understand what is happening there? And without that understanding - may make things worse?

The video I've seen suggests both sides are using artillery? On their own people? Imagine how that would play back home.

Don't know about you - but the first jackass hitting our home with a bomb immediately becomes my enemy - and I'll individually do everything possible to collect his head. Hafta believe Ukrainians feel much the same way?

Political pissing contests should *NOT* be settled by artillery - period. Artillery is a weapon of extermination.

Therefore "stopping the bombs" is a good, simple, objective. Simple objectives actually get executed. So that's a good focus for your effort. It needs to get really expensive to bomb.

Up until ~2014, this Stanislav was opinionated...but certainly no more so than many of your own more "passionate" constituents. So maybe there really is some fire under all that smoke?

BTW, they apparently have full gun control over there, so citizens might be helpless vs state terrorists. May explain why those uniformed people are so unrestrained. Causing damage to bystanders has no consequence.

That needs to change. NOW.

Emailed with snail mail backup. Wish every Ukrainian had a single shot varmint rifle right now and a shotgun for the missus.

You always seem too certain Stanislav. It eats away at your credibility. Corruption is everywhere. Russia too. You shouldn't blindly trust *anyone*.

Many of these "uniforms" I see on youtube are scum. Both sides. Perhaps the real fix is to have open season on "uniforms" when they threaten.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there has been dramatic role change since the end of the cold war. With the SU out of the way, corrupt western politicians and particularly US politicians decided it was time for them to rule the entire world. They've been sticking nose in ever since. The US thug regime is now the evil empire trying to provoke WW III.

Anonymous said...

Born: Sakhalin Island, Russia

Anonymous said...

Been years since I've done business down there, but Houston has a large Russian technologist population - especially at NASA. They are well liked and have influence. I'm certain they are steering opinions.....

Yesterday's paper:

Probably more "bottom up" than you realize Stanislav. Agree what the Ukrainians did with their Russian relations seems reckless and foolish...bordering on crazy. But they had also disarmed themselves *very* significantly - obviously never dreaming of mischief from Russia.

So where are all these artillery shells coming from?

Then there's this:

Now I was part of that bunch who handed Obama a big defeat last year, but part ways with the zealots who instinctively condemn him.

How do you think he perceives this mess after stripping Ukraine of all those munitions? What does he tell those people now? Ooopps, sorry?

What do you think "rest of world" sees in this? Think anyone pushing "ain't gonna study war no more" will ever get traction?

And what do you tell those little countries all along Russia's border who are now scrambling to do what they can to prevent themselves from being seized as human shields? Just a year ago probably most were only concerned about increasing their business with Russia.

Now the grandchildren of those despicable people you outlined are just trying to save their skins...

Ukrainians aren't the only ones crazy here.

Fay said...

Ιf you believe in prophesies,the annexation of Crimea(Tauris in greek),the unrest in Ukraine and the coming war between Russia and the West was foretold in the writings of an Athos monk,Agathangel,back in 1279 AD.Into his text there is a calling to Russia:"wake up Russia from your sleep...and reform the world"

Anonymous said...

Does Russia even have a chance, though?

NATO is really a huge alliance, and the US alerady outnumbers Russia in everything (manpower, aircraft, ships) by itself.

Anonymous said...

Putin and Russia have taken the moral high ground. They also acknowledge their dependence on God and the Lord appreciates that. With God on your side numbers don't matter. Pray for Russia and thank God for them. My husband I do every day.
I'm so sorry our 'conservative' Senator Inhofe sponsored a bill to send 'lethal' weapons to Kiev.
That brought shame to our state of Oklahoma. I'm so sorry:-(