Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Modern Russia Military, Food for Thought


Anonymous said...

The comedian was a nice touch. (shrug) Didn't wander through the weapons displays since everyone knows Russia manufactures good weapons....

Sad that some need to call attention to them?

To a point, everyone needs weapons. Especially private citizens. But anything beyond that point is just gubmint pissing the people's resources away.

Perhaps citizens around the world need to push harder to collect that peace dividend?

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Without nuclear weapons Russia would be in a difficult position. Sustainability and maintainability are key issues. Also it is said that an army travels on its stomach . The point is that a war a third world war will be a protracted war. Gone are tbe days where many thought a war would last ten days and then negotiations will start. Another key issue would be a fifth column if it exists of populations which may be exploited such as the tatars chechens and others. What would happen if China claims lands in SE Russia? Lands they claim belong to them? What will happen if the USA agrees to give Taiwan to China as a bargaining chip against Russia? Many things remain open in a major conflict such as what would India do? Russia is still behind in key aspects such as aircraft carriers. The failure of delivery of the Mistral by France was a blow Russia could have proceeded with its own heli carriers there is more lost time. There are many aspects still and Russia is working hard to close the gaps time will tell. In the end the nukes will fly and that is what keeping a certain balance not to mention Jesus Christ and the Angelic forces watch everything since the anticrist is now among us. In the end Russia will be saved because it is the will of God.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is tense over immigration - but I just don't understand these people dredging up Nazi horrors *especially* within victimized countries.

Is it natural law that 80 yrs is the limit of human memory? So that descendants revisit their parent's mistakes?

I hope not.