Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Ukrainian Autonomy Vote

Straight out of the best of double speak, we get the Ukrainian constitutional amendment for autonomy. Or rather that is how it is being sold in Ukraine and the West.

No less then Nuland herself had to fly in to try and convince the Ukrainian Rada to vote for the constitutional amendment for autonomy...what could be better? After all, this is what Donbass wanted is it not?

And here as with all such things, we find that the reality has no baring on the crap that is pushed by DC and its vassals. Lets explore this issue, which in this case has actually two parts: special status for Donbass and autonomy or federalization in general.

First the special status. The special status, which is not even guaranteed, is offered under the following rules: 1. Donbass surrenders, 2. All those who stood for their freedom will either leave Ukraine as a whole or go to jail for their "crimes" of wanting a say in their lives and 3. then the new Rada will vote on a limited "autonomy" status with a good through date of 3 years. What a deal. Yes, sir, all those who fought, bled and died, not to mention had their wives, children and others maimed and murdered and are still to this day being killed by NATO funded artillery, will just role over for this prize.

But this will give the US the lever to pull for war, as now they will be able to scream that autonomy was offered and Donbass turned it down so these terrorists must be ground into extinction....charge.

The second part is even more cynical and is the reason behind the riots in Kiev. This is the final silver bullet to kill any pretense of a constitutional order in Ukraine. Under the guise of federalism, the US is pushing through the Rada (ok its Porridge...but he is the face of the US in Ukraine) the power to fire, at will, any locally elected provincial politician. So the president of Ukraine would become an all but absolute tyrant with the ability to replace, at will, any and all elected representatives in Ukraine....this is federalism? Well, it is in a West that is running forward to dictatorship in all its various parts.

When the constitutional court in Ukraine looked at this and was set to turn it down, the chief justice was in an autowreck (perpetrator never found) the day before the vote. This is a common tactic in Ukraine, from the 90s, to kill off pesky political opponents. The court got the message and voted the next day that this was all perfectly constitutional. Now only the Rada is left and it has already voted on the first more bought vote to go to dictator Porky.

Now, dear readers, how is that for channeling Orwell?

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Anonymous said...

Stuff like this is popping up all over the world. No country is immune. Stasi are ascendant. It's almost like someone planted a disease in the water.

And while many do try to sort through the mess by returning to the raw information - that too is fraught with problems. In too many cases that "raw" information just shows a portion of the real story. Just how many times can observers "get it right" when so much is stacked against them?

That's why *local* pushback is so important. Despite the loon cost (senseless tragedies) - things always calm down when *everyone* is armed. Instead of just the zealots.