Saturday, May 3, 2008

Georgia and the West once more on the March in the Caucuses

The Western backed Dictator of the Republic of Georgia are once more on the march towards regional instability, once more on the march to the creation of a Western backed Islamic state that would steal the south of Russia from the hands of Russia.

The interesting thing, of course, is that Georgia is an Orthodox Christian state, the same as Russia next door. That being said, it has done much to support the Islamic Jihad in Russia's south. Not satisfied with just giving visas to the scum of the earth, hell bent on mass murder, Georgia, with US taxpayers' monies, is actively giving comfort to the Islamics, all with the express knowledge of the "With us or with the terrorists" crowd in DC.

The latest anger is the growing ties between their break away regions of Abkhazia and S.Ossessia and Russia. Never mind the fact that the Georgians tried, with Western financial and political backing, and failed to exterminate their minorities from 1991 to 1994. Both wars ended in disaster for the Georgian proto army. Simply put, Georgia not only sits on an energy corridor vital to the US to by pass Russia, it also sits in a position to further the American/Saudi backed Jihad in southern Russia. Best of all, it's leadership are whores, more than willing to sacrifice the future of their people for Washington's monies and the people still left in Georgia (the well educated fled long ago to Russia and in five Georgians is now a Russian resident or citizen) are ignorant and under educated and easily manipulated by the Trotskyte clones Washington has imported.

The downed drone, over which Georgia makes its latest stink and reason to move more troops towards it's shared borders was illegally inside Abhazia, according to the UN Peace Accords Georgia signed...signed to stop the Abhaz counter offensive which had routed a Georgian army some 5 times larger.

As for Georgia, not only has it sent (and I say this from first hand knowledge) terrorist groups into Abhazia and even hired Chechen warlords to attack, and has continuously opened fire on S.Ossessian villages but it has given thousands of Visas to Islamic Jihadists (and damn well the US knows about this, again from reports I wrote myself) heading into Chechnya.

Georgia spends 10% of it's meager GDP on weapons and the military and an unknown amount (surely around $1-2 US billion) from the American taxpayer.

Except for war there is little on the agenda of the dictator. His advisers are just, just smart enough to know that without Americans stupidly dieing on the Russian doorstep, the Georgian dream of finishing the extermination of Abhazians, Ajarians, Ossessians and Armenians will never come true.

The people of Abkhazia and S.Ossessia know what's in store for them and have voted with their passports: 96% of both are Russian citizens. Russia is now morally and legally bound to defend them.

Thus the question than becomes: are Americans and Brits stupid enough to go die over this dispute? The Georgians are betting on

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