Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Israel, Time to Wake Up

Last week, the 60th anniversary of Israel's existence came and passed and all in the face of continuous oscillation of violence and a growing threat to it's very existence. But wait, how could this be, even as Israel lives under the beneficial wing of the DC Eagle?

I have always found it humerus when Nazis and conspiracy theorists pontificate on Israel controlling Washington and thus America. One must ask the simple question: who owns whom, the one who gives the money or the one who takes the money? Obviously Israel, as a recipient of US aid and cash is owned by DC, but than again, DC is in turn also owned and owned by the worst enemies that Israel has: the House of Saud, a butcher's bill of snakes and lizards responsible for murders and genocide in the name of the Satanic cult of Islam, throughout the world.

So even as Kassam rockets come falling down upon more and more of Israel. As suicide bombing after suicide bombing rips through Israeli town and village and family, to whom does Israel cling? To Bush Jr? Hailed as it's greatest defender, this is the man who brought it the Road to Peace or rather the Map to National Suicide, at the behest of his kissing buddies in the land of Saud. Petro dollars talk and Israel has none.

Even as the US gives Israel $4 billion a year, it gives Israel's Islamic neighbors almost twice as much and sells them all the new toys in it's arsenal, many often better than what go to the US Armed Forces.

So, on it's 60th birthday, it is time for Israel to look reality in the face and make some new choices, the main one is whom to ally with?

I at this point, most humbly will put forth one nation in particular: Russia.

Why Russia? Russia who arms the Arabs?

Yes, Russia and for many reasons. To begin with, Russia maintains it's alliances with certain Arab states, certainly those states like Syria are no where near as evil as Saudi Arabia and other close "friends" and owners of the West. But mostly it maintains those relationships as a deterrent and counter weight to the US. In truth, Islam is in a rather bad light in Russia and Arabs are down right hated, put the two together and the average Russian feels loathing, especially when it should be remembered that the school massacre in Beslan, the two downed passenger airliners, the destroyed apartment buildings in Moscow, the destroyed Metro train in Moscow, the theater hostage taking, the rock concert bombings, the various other terrorist plots and actions of the past 15 years were sponsored by Arab monies (often with the West's blessings, usually through aid of Turkey and Georgia) and often enough with the participation of Arab Jihadists.

To boot a common enemy is a common enemy. If Israel was to jettison the US for Russia, Russia would have the political capital to jettison the Islamic Arabs those few it still calls 'friends". Least we forget that on Arafat's last trip to Russia he got no more than a second rate flunky for his meeting.

Furthermore, Israel has two very precious commodities: Russian citizens and former citizens, to the tune of 1.5 million, whose friends and relatives at home form a major special interest group and whose residency in Israel forms an enduring and powerful bridge back to Russia, both in culture and business and even as important, it has Christian holy places. The Russian Orthodox Church is the single biggest land owner in Israel, bet you did not know that, did you?

If Israel took the step of declaring Eastern Orthodoxy the second main religion of the country, they could and would quickly win a massive backer for their existence. Even if the Church is not in love and ecstasy of the Jews, it realizes quite well that without Israel, it's holy places would be pillaged and raped by the Islamic fanatics beyond the borders of the jewish state.

Add to this the fact that Russia, unlike many in the West, has historically always supported her allies with extreme loyalty. Just ask the Serbs, Austrians, Greeks and others for whom Russia (do not mistake her with the abomination of the Soviet Union) has marched to war on numerous occasions, even when it was disadvantageous to her.

Russia will give Israel the green light Israel needs to deal with the Islamics in the only way the Islamics understand and Russia understands all to well what that means and has shown a great willingness to use that force herself.

So Israel, think hard about whom to lay yourself with, because they just might have a Saudi saber under the bed waiting for you.


Rich said...

I do agree that Israel should seek alliance with Russia. US always betrays friends and its government never been friend of Israel. Read Francisco Gil White, D. Wyman, J. Loftus and M. Aarons. Still Americans seem less Jew-hating than other nations, but this may change if economy goes in shambles.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Yes, I think you may be right. Russia is the only world power who doesnt put up with sh!t from islamonazis.