Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The American Elections Are On, But It Does Not Matter Who Is the Winner

Regardless of who wins these elections, Americans, their few freedoms and the world at large will continue to suffer.

It is always interesting to note how much the world and its peoples like to believe in fairy tales and lies. Anything rather than face the truth. After living through eight years of the Bush incompetency and imperial hubris, Americans, the world and Europeans especially have once again deluded themselves in believing that the "new" wind in Washington, this time Obama, will some how change the way things have gone.

Once more they are in for a post narcotic painful wakeup and it will not take long. When both candidates come from the One Party Two Branch Marxist system of America's so called democracy, where third parties and independents need not apply, nothing changes. If anything, American suffering under either of the two "candidates" (really this was just a bit more nerve racking than Soviet Politburo elections) will only escalate. For example, the US Congress has an approval rating of 18%, actually lower than Bush Jr, but the re-election rate will be 95%+, higher than even the Soviets or Saddam achieved. The only candidates who can thus break through, are the party loyalists and thus when their solutions for America's ills are:

1. Continued deficit spending and money printing to solve a problem created by deficit spending and money printing.
2. Continued nationalization of the free market for problems created by to much government manipulation of the not so free market. In truth, America is the most regulated nation in the world. There is a law for everything, believe me. The mere tax code is well over 100,000 pages in depth and everyone is a criminal and only the bureaucrats know enough of the laws to hold power.
3. Amnesty for 20 million illegals, while leaving the exact same situation and conditions that brought them to the US in the first place, untouched, thus insuring yet another 20-30 million in the next few years, thus impoverishing their own peoples while propping up corrupt regimes through taxes off of expatriated funds.
4. Continued wars of aggression. That's right boys and girls of the deluded Europe. If you think Obama is going to start fewer wars than McCain would have, you are sorely mistaken. In its short 230 year history, the United States has known fewer than 20 years without war, less than 10% of its existence. Besides the dozens of Indian tribes it has warred with and destroyed, America has fought:
a. Canada
b. Mexico
c. Columbia
d. Haiti
e. Cuba
f. Dominican Republic
g. Panama
h. Grenada
i. Hawaii (which it annexed)
j. Japan
k. China
l. Vietnam
m. Cambodia
n. Afghanistan
o. Iraq
p. Turkey (Ottoman Empire)
q. Russia (Soviet Union..Cold War and unofficial engagements in proxy wars)
r. Germany
s. Romania (WW2)
t. Bulgaria (WW1 & WW2)
u. Croatia (WW2)
w. Austro-Hungary (WW1)
x. Hungary (WW2)
y. Italy (WW2)
z. France (by proxy in Mexico)
aa. England (Revolution & 1812)
ab. Spain
ac. Barbary Pirates
ad. Somalia
ae. Philippines
af. Serbska Republik, Bosnia
ag. Serbia
ah. And the bloodiest of all American wars: the US Civil War.

To this long list we may add bombing and or short attacks on Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, Lybia, Lebanon and I am sure there are at least a few that I have missed and my readers will correct me on.

In short, all presidents love a good war, it creates their legacy. Be it George Washington who while busy fighting to break with England still found time to send an army to exterminate 40 Iriqua villages (never mind half of them were US allies, but their land was so valuable) or putting down the Whiskey Rebellion with overwhelming force, to Bill Clinton who bombed Iraq for 8 years, bombed the Serbs in Bosnia and Serbia, forced the Makedonians to cede 1/3rd of their country to Islamic Jihadists, fought in Somalia and bombed Sudan. There is nothing to get the attention of the sheep off of the bad economics, the failed policies, the stolen freedoms, like a good war.

To this end, Obama will not leave Iraq, will escalate destabilizing Pakistan, will strike into Syria again and will continue to push Russia till something pops. All the while he will sit high on his horse, as both "parties" like to do, and preach to the "ignorant" peasants of Europe how to live and die for the "cause", while his English lap dogs continue to lick his toes.

That is the way of an imperial system where political descent has been blocked by layers of laws only the two main "parties" can afford the lawyers for. Where politicians are bred on imperial hubris and drunk with self righteousness, and the people are the best kind of serf, the one that thinks himself a freeman.

Bread and circuses will distract the already distracted Americans, who care more about where Anna Nichole Smith and her giant breasts are buried than about where their future prosperity is cremated. In Europe, through NATO, the system will continue to push chaos on the Europeans through division of "old" and "new" Europe and conflict with Russia. All of this is of course against the European best interests, but the Euros can not see that either, well not the majority anyways.

So in short, what to expect for the next 4 years? Short of a total economic collapse, more of the same of the past 4 years, just with a different smirking face.


Kyle and Svet Keeton said...

How correct you are!

Good post.


petkov said...

That's why I would have really preferred for the McNutso to have won. He would have surely continues Shrub Jr's ways thus ensuring and quickening the fall of the American empire. While with Obama USA will get the much breathing room and most of the world will be deluded into believing he will be "better" and not as aggressive as Shrub Jr. Obama is a a wolf in sheep's clothing; he is much more dangerous than mcNutso cuz his real intentions will be masked fairly well. I guess we just ave tow ait a bit longer to see the USA empire fall, but it will eventually.

Katy Delaney said...

Your ignorance is just funny. I am an American, but have studied Russian culture and language extensively, and one common thread I have found, is that both American and Russian people buy into the propoganda of superiority of their country. I truly do have all the freedoms I could care to have. There are no limits to what I say or do, that I would not choose. Further, any presumption that we are prevented from gathering information by our government is laughable. I read multiple newspapers a day, in multiple languages, including Pravda, where I found your distorted opinion piece. Surely, a portion of the American populous has fallen prey to Bush's lies, but do not presume that it is a rampant plague. The overwhelming party turn-over should evidence this fact. I pray that one day you can see the world as it truly is, not through your distorted glasses.

Stanislav said...

Madam, if you believe that there will be any difference between the two parties, you are sorely mistaken and have not bothered to learn your lesson over the past 80 years. If you think the troops will be back in 30 days, 60 days or even 180 days from Iraq, you are wrong again and any that leave Iraq will go straight to Afghanistan.

But than again, the American "democracy" (funny that not one of your founding documents mentions democracy and by the writings of your founding fathers, they dispised democracy) will make sure all you ever get to pick from are the two branches of the one party and their approved candidates...yes you are free, until your government decides to spy on you with out warrent, to warrentlessly search your house or any of the dozens of other things it does. Who knows, maybe your city councel will decide to seize your house and give it to another person who can bring them more property tax on that is freedom.

Delusions such as yours are what all tyrannies are built upon.

Katy Delaney said...

Oh, I have no delusions. I call embassies daily, have worked in DC, and get pulled aside at every airport because I happened to move out of the United States September 10, 2001. I am sure that I am being monitored. At least there's no pretense that it isn't happening.

No, there's not any particular difference between the parties. The turnover is significant because it demonstrates the public's disgust with the current administration. And, no, we aren't supposed to be a "democracy". Rather a republic. Whatever.

Eminent domain serves a very useful purpose for turning over blighted areas. People are compensated, and, in theory, it does not happen at one's whim (though, yes, there were some issues with condos in the NE a few years ago).

My eyes are open. I know what I face. I make no assumptions about others. I just am disappointed when others presume to be able to stand in my shoes.

Stanislav said...

The turn over in what? The US president, at least that law is still upheld, so that was a given. When the US congress has a 18% approval rating and a 95%+ reelection rate, that if nothing else should demonstrate that the US system is broken beyond belief. The Politburo had more turn over.

Stanislav said...

****Eminent domain serves a very useful purpose for turning over blighted areas. People are compensated, and, in theory, it does not happen at one's whim****

Eminent domain, outside of the use originally for roads and canals for not just the public good (in terms of taxes) but for direct public use, is illegal. It is a tyranny that says you do not have a right to your property, but than again, the moment you pay taxes on land you are not an owner of land but a renter from your government.

In Russia, there is no tax on land, only on property built upon land, land which for that can not be taken legally.

**And, no, we aren't supposed to be a "democracy". Rather a republic. Whatever.***

It is not a what ever but a critical point. Only two forms of government protect the minority's rights (both racial and political minority): a constitutional monarchy and a constitutional republic. As your Thomas Jefferson wrote: "Democracy is the 51% taking away the rights of the 49%". Hitler's Germany was a democracy. Thank you but no...

Xeo said...

you are shit, so eat shit.

Stanislav said... are so deep and your intellectual capacity is do you do it?

Joe said...

Your news all with a HUGE Russian slant - The Evil US - It never changes! And most of it is Hogwash. Accept the Obama writings - unfortunately you are right about this Socialist-Marxist Emperor as you call him - rightly so. The stuff you write about Lincoln is at best comical and as usual the socialist-marxist agenda must always show through to tarnish such a great HERO. Ashamed!