Friday, November 14, 2008

As the World Tilts Towards Depression, Russia Must Take Radical Measures

The world is heading towards one of those history making, life shattering economic events. When this is over, much will change, many nations will be in turmoil, others will be gone, new ones will appear, for with all major economic turmoils, wars always follow.

Only for a small handful of nations, this does not have to be so. It is those nations who are not only blessed by large size and population (at least over 100 million) and those with all the major resources that they need to survive but also those who have the industrial capacity to support their people's needs, for those nations this does not have to be a catastrophe.

Russia is the preeminent such nation.

It has a large enough population with a birth rate that is now quickly rebounding, plenty of room to grow, all the mineral and energy resources and a large industrial base for consumer as well as military goods. So, as the world heads into disaster, as the trade bonds unravel, as mass importers find that they can no longer import the goods that keep their people from revolting and the mass exporters find that they can no longer export the goods that keep their people working and not revolting, Russia must take radical measures.

What are these measures?

Russia must first and foremost divorce herself from the outside world. The Americans now call this "decoupling". Fine, let us now decouple.

This must be done as follows:

1. Withdraw from all monetary unions, trades and associations.
2. Reissue gold coins for internal use.
3. Insist that all payments by foreigners for any Russian goods be made in valued substances, first and foremost, gold and silver.
4. Enact very high trade barriers to all foreign goods, except those that can not be manufactured by Russian suppliers. For those industries, the government must subsidize the industries until they develop strong enough to push out the foreigners.
5. Open the borders for immigration by the Christian nations, especially of their now or soon to be unemployed engineers, doctors and scientists.
6. Prepare the military

As the world sinks into depression, as old regimes and economies collapse, wither, and die convulsing, Russia will enjoy a stable currency, cheap energy and a booming internal market. It is from this market, boosted by several million economic refugees from the former first world, that Russia will build her future success.

When opportunity presents itself, she should than directly draw the near abroad back within the borders, while selectively supporting Pan-Slavic and Pan-Orthodox nations into her block, forcing them to also integrate into the Russian gold standard and economy.

By blocking off the chaos of the coming collapse, Russia will better place herself to be the assertive super power of the Eurasian land mass. She shall not only be the beacon of stability and hope but also of the Church, guiding those fleeing Christless hyper capitalism to more traditional and quiet shores.

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