Friday, April 23, 2010

Russia, Serbia and Israel

What have those three countries have in common? Well, several things. To begin with, and maybe to the chagrin of many Israelis, all have very large Orthodox populations, the first two predominently and Israel at almost 20% or more. The next? All have and continue to be victims of endless Islamic aggression. Which leads to number 3:

All are the enemies and thus the victims of Western, particularly Anglo (US/UK) yellow, pro-Islamic press.

That is correct, the two biggest enablers of Islamic Jihad world wide, outside of Saudi Arabia itself and the two exporters of Jihad (US/UK Islamics are now fighting in all Jihad theaters and both nations do next to nothing in stopping this, unless the fight is actually against their own forces) are also the biggest media enablers of Islam.

What reach has Al Jazeer in comparison with CNN or BBC? Even the local "conservative" station FOX, that is local to the US, is over 30% owned directly by Saudi royalty. The media blitz is endless. Terrorism enablers in the Anglo world, that is the leadership of the Anglos, has invented dozens of new words or twisted the meanings of dozens of others, to brush over, deflate or excuse brutal Islamic terrorist acts and JIhadist expansionist war. Victims are almost always portrayed as the aggressors or as somehow being responsible.

The usual story goes something like this: If only (Russia, Serbia, Israel...and soon others) had been reasonable and humane, instead of evil and subhuman, and given in to the reasonable demands of the moderate Muslim political forces (aka the Jihadist fronts), the militants (never terrorists) would never have had to be radicalized (become strict followers of Islam) and launch the actions (never terror attacks) that resulted in these casualties (queue pictures of slighted Muslims protesting, not victims, unless the slant is to pump the results).

Of course what is never mentioned is that those "moderate" demands are usually the annexation of land, the forced conversion of expulsion of the people, and the establishment of Sharia, the barbaric system of "law" that the Anglo elites all get a tingle up their legs and arses about.

The point of all this, is of course, that it is well past time for the 3 modern primary victims of this disgusting shame to mount a united PR/Media campaign against the Anglo elites and their media whores. For further backing, you can always add in the past and more minor victims of Islamic Jihad and Anglo enablership: Macedonia, Greece, Crete, Ethiopia, Lebanese exiled Christians, Egypt's exiled Christians, Iraq's exiled Christians, India, China, Indonesia's exiled Christians, the Christians of Nigeria and many others.

Information warfare is just as important as results on the battlefield, time to get wiser.


subscriptionblocker said...

(Sigh)The continual reduction of all disgreements into religious significance is creepy. A relatively new phenomenon in modern times.....

And Fox is just Fox. They'd sell their (or your) mother to make a buck....peddling outrage is their occupation.

But you're correct in your observation that American irreverence isn't what it once was. Was delighted earlier this month to see the first junk food episode of Southpark (we all like junk food occasionally) - but now am pretty upset they wimped out:

Do any muslims have a sense of humor? Apparently not.

***k em. We won the last time we faced suicide cults. And we'll regain our traditional irreverence backbone :(

Have the first episode if you want it (MPEG2). Could compress into H.264 and send it to you.

subscriptionblocker said...

A Statement from Matt and Trey
In the 14 years we've been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn't stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn't some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle's customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn't mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We'll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we'll see what happens to it.

subscriptionblocker said...

Ahh...they thought of us.

Prepare your flash downloaders for May 15, 2010

The entire uncensored episode. I know, American decadence at it's worst. Enjoy!

Be sure to pen a nasty letter to Comedy Central. Cowards extraordinaire.

Time to make "muslims who threaten" ~pinatamen.

Arius said...

With all the evidence that is in only a blockhead can't see that the West has used the Islamic jihad in wars against Russia, Serbia, and Israel. When I refer to the West I am referring to its dominate elite of multiculturalists, PCers, secularists, progressives, Jew and Christian haters, and Muslim allies.

Juniper in the Desert said...

I love it!

In Nigeria, all the oil comes from the southern delta region of the Ibo people who are Christian.

The British piped the oil up north to the muslim area so they could control it.

Unfortunately for subscription blocker, if some head-chopping peadofiles come along and say, we're going to kill you because of your religion and steal your land, it is not Mat Rodina who is reducing everything to religion but the jihadis!

Why don't you go and educate yourself by reading a translation of the koran? I can tell you on the first page it commands all muslims to kill all Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians wherever they find them.

Contrast that with the first page of Genesis in the old Testament, and the first page in the New Testament, which gives Jesus family line back to King David.

This is the last time I reply to SB because he is clearly retarded.

subscriptionblocker said...

"Unfortunately for subscription blocker, if some head-chopping peadofiles come along and say, we're going to kill you because of your religion and steal your land, it is not Mat Rodina who is reducing everything to religion but the jihadis!"

(shrugging)Would never happen. Our heavily armed "primitive" culture is actually quite civil. Deviate too far from "attend your own business" and you're just dead. Most of the murders foreigners seem to delight in painting us with are really just scores settling. Only rarely should they ever be a surprise.

"SB because he is clearly retarded."

Perhaps. More likely I'll vastly outlive bitter old losers who tuck tail and run from muslim boogeymen. Clearly, they read you correctly.

Sorry to ugly out your thread Mr. Mishin. Please forgive me.

vonbach said...

For your information the "Muslim" group that threatened south park is actually run by a jew.

subscriptionblocker said...

"For your information the "Muslim" group that threatened south park is actually run by a jew."

Hmmm...I recognize your statement might be completely true. But how could anyone *really* determine without some jury's verdict? You must have some idea of the crap-for-news here?

(grinning) They say one of the best ways to lie is to tell the truth within a setting where no one would believe it.

Unfortunately (because it may not be fair), we're more conditioned to believe jihaddists are at the root of everything now. Decades of terrorists have cemented that view so it's unlikely to change. Makes you respect just how difficult it was to believe homegrown terrorists executed the Oklahoma bombing. That's why it's so dangerous if regular folks ever lose confidence in the government's criminal prosecution capacity (as we have concerning Wall Street).

Remember that time. Would only have required a small match to bring out real ugly. Look what we did in a blind rage overseas during the last 10 years.

Have no idea if Mr. Putin means us ill or not. But his analysis of that situation proved sober and thoughtful. There are many now dead on both sides who might have grown into fine responsible citizens. The world is poorer. Just as it will be poorer if we fail to put this religion genie back in the bottle.

A good start? Prick this "I'm special" attitude which gives muslims the right to kill someone because of what they said. And of all the religious groups out there, muslims have a responsiblity to "just suck it up more" given previous stunts like Rushdie and Thee van Gogh. This is their mess to live down. Religion snorting muslims resemble gay pride activists in the eyes of most normal folks. They want both groups to just shutup.

subscriptionblocker said...

"For your information the "Muslim" group that threatened south park is actually run by a jew."

No mention of that here. Looks like a simple "douchebag wanna be special" living in his mom's basement because he can't find a real job. If that's a current photo, am pretty sure potential employers would regard him as a self affected "tatooman" - and just pass.

Wish someone would interview his mom. Then again, might be embrassing if she starts sobbing...

Pretty sure this cements things. We're gonna see lots of depictions of muslim gods as disfunctiona1 introverts with cocaine habits. Exactly what happens to obnoxious geeks in primamry schools - they get picked on. Those two are vicious when they sense pretense or this threat made things a *lot* worse for muslims here.

vonbach said...

subscriptionblocker said...


OK, I followed your link, looked it over, and find it disturbing. Standard id tools don't help very much, and I certainly don't have the resources to perform the tasks true journalists once provided.

No entries on

Will be doing the best I can to confirm/disprove your assertion here....but sure hope you have success in getting a real investigator to look into this. Shouldn't be too difficult for a newsman to establish identity.

If there is a silver lining will likely take the form of "truth inevitably leaking out." Television clowns can't stop that.

subscriptionblocker said...

Have requested that this reporter flesh out more details here. Don't know much about the NY post..are they credible?

Arrgh....."Joseph Leonard Cohen" just brings up site after site with opinions. All most of us want is mug shots or something provable :|

Whoever he is, this is looking more and more like he's just a publicity junky. And unfortunately by the look of it, Cohen may have incited "jihad" here ...with many wanting to crack his skull - then bomb "everyone else".

And we still haven't paid for our last jihad :(

jack said...

I think Israel is the odd one out Stas. I don't see Neocons coming to the defence of Palestinians or on the payroll of NED except those fighting against Russians and Serbs which is pretty stupid as the most senior Jihadist groups in Russia are from Palestinian based groups in Jordan like Abu Hafs who are developing chemical and biological weapons and the Chechens have ethnic Kinship with people across the Mid East including the Palestinians.

HAMAS is even identified in the US own 98 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Intelligence Information Report (IIR) declassified of one of the senior foreign terrorist groups working in Chechnya.

Remember Colin Powell’s UN speech for war against Iraq and the segment on the Panski Gorge?

There is probably a YouTube clip of it but I can't be bothered to look for it.

subscriptionblocker said...

7,640,000 hits for "Everyone draw mohammed day"? Now an annual event for May 20.

John said...

Mr. Mishin, WOW!!! Now if only we Americans would get our heads out of our "4 point of contact" and see what the President and clones are doing. Instead of being starry eyed that a well "groomed" Afro-American is in office for the first time. want an Afro-American in office?? Let's get Alan Keyes!!! The country that I love...was born and raised in, served "honorably" for 8 yrs and in combat, is going to hell in a hand basket and everyone is wearing rose colored glasses. UUGGGGHHHH!!! We will wake up "hopefully" when judgment comes.

petkov said...

You got it backwards as usual:
It's NOT Islam fighting the West, it's the West actively attacking the Islamic countries cuz there is 'ool in them hills! Imperialism runs on 'ool after all.

All Islam is doing is fighting back defending itself. Wouldn't you?

More bullshit and Islam bashing by you as usual.