Saturday, May 29, 2010

Axis of Evil, a Matter of Perspective

The American body politic and the sheeple that obey them, are ever so fond of the now coined and excessively over used term of "Axis of Evil", placing one nation after another into these Axis. This is almost as much fun as labeling one nation after another a "rogue" nation or issuing out human rights reports slamming and defaming one group of people after another. Are some of these deserving of the labels given? Of course, which, like the Marxists, both the Red and Brown, ever so loved, makes the whole and entirety of the lie so much more potent. Add just enough truth and then apply the label with a sloppy hand to any nation that does not bow down the Empire.

We will ignore, of course, the absolute loss of real freedoms in America; the constant police violence; the over 7 million rotting in jails and millions more on parole; the wars of aggression waged against neighbor and foreigner, almost nonstop for the better part of the past 250 years; or the constant arming of Islamic jihadists around the world while the US exports revolution and regime change like some Trotskyte on meth.

But, what, from an Orthodox Christian's point of view, is the true Axis of Evil? Why the US-UK-Saudi Anglo-Jihad Axis of Evil of course. Allow me to expand.

Who armed Ataturk while he massacred Armenian, Assyrian and Iotolan Greeks, all Orthodox Christians? Yes, the West's paid for revolutionaries in Russia did, under Lenin, as well as the US and UK. The US and UK who also armed the Turks while they exterminated the northern Cypriot Greeks after their 1970s invasion of that nation.

By the 1950s, when Saudi Arabia's worldwide Jihad was coming into full strength, the Anglo angle was there to stay. From the continued support for Egypt in the 60s, while it exiled more than 10% of its population, half of its Orthodox Christians. From the backing of the From Carter's backing of the Islamic Fanatics in Afghanistan to the backing the Turks vs the Greeks by Reagan or his saving of the PLO, who had murdered 100,000 Lebanese Christians, from destruction by the Lebanese Christian Army and the IDF.

The real Axis of Evil has led terror bombing of Orthodox Christians in Serbska Republic, forcing them to live under the Islamic overlordship, to the terror bombings of Serbian cities and the theft of Christian lands in Kosovo. To the betrayal of Orthodox Macedonia in favor of the Islamic Albanian minority, in effect stealing a third of that country, with US troops providing body shields to walk the surrounded Islamics out. To the backing of Chechen Islamic Jihad with NATO bases in Turkey and Axis of Evil funding. To the over throw of the Socialist Saddam and the purging of Iraq's Orthodox Christians.

Where there are no Islamics to launch Jihad, the Axis of Evil has armed Catholics and attempted to split the Orthodox with made up heretical groups of "localized" splinter Orthodox, who hold their allegiance to Rome. Ukraine under the sock puppet Yushenko is a prime example.

So what new anti-Orthodox Christian crusades has the Axis of Evil planned for us?

To the Orthodox, the true Axis of Evil, the post Christian Anglo demonic alliance with the Jihad crazed Saudis is plain to see and a threat to our very souls.

And yes, you, the vast majority of the American and British people, are just as guilty of this as your despotic and low life leadership. Why? Because without a doubt in your heads, you go along with everything they say and demand of you. Like mindless drooling zombies you repeat the cry for "brains" or "blood" that your owners and keepers instill into you. They sacrifice, bomb, murder, one Orthodox group after another, and have done so since WW1 and you go right along, buying and mindlessly repeating idiot concepts like "they had it coming", "they stood in the way of a multi-ethnic state", "they were guilty of fighting" and so on and so on.

The few brave souls amongst you who stand up and scream this is a lie, are screamed down, booed down as unpatriotic, as evil, as shills. Instead it is you, the majority, the vast majority, who are shills, dhimmis for Islam and to stupid to see the fact of the matter. It is you, who will happily swim in your Christian brothers' blood, as long as you believe that Islam will respect you and view your Axis of Evil as something nice and good. What kinds of bloody Christians are you when you whore yourselves to these Jihadist savages and murderers, when you so happily drop bombs and shoot missiles at Orthodox Christians, while getting your hard ons watching the missile footage? All in the service of Islamic foot soldiers?

What, pray tell, do you think God's Judgment of you and your societies should be? I would say, about what you are getting now and much more to come. You worry about why the Islamics hate you? Worry more about why God should love you after you butcher your fellow Christians for gold, oil and the sought after love of the haters of Christ.

The words "Repent" still falling on the ears of the deaf and self absorbed. Damnation, short to follow.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Superb article. This has been going on since the Fourth Crusade, when the Roman pope declared war on the Eastern Church in Constantinople. Well said.

vonbach said...

Have you ever read 1984 Stanislav? You really should.
The type of "reality control" the western world lives under doesn't lend itself to independent thought.
Most Americans I know are almost painfully ignorant
or simply apathetic feeling that caring is pointless because they have no input. God and our culture has mostly been stripped from us. Some Americans do
have God in their lives and a sense of Culture or pride.
They are called racists, rednecks, or morons or all of the above.

David B. Carvalho said...

The Orthodox Church was no preferred target in the overall picture. The history of the XXth Century was a history of persecution of the Roman Catholics as well, as could be witnessed in Eastern Europe, first persecuted by Hitler, then by Soviets, in Spanish and Mexican revolutions, Vietnam, etc. Of course the Anglo world today is the axis of evil: they persecute any true follower of Christ that objects to abortion, gay parade, euthanasia, sex "education", etc. These contemporary Jacobins will eventually prohibit any public display of Christian faith, punishable by death, and the Catholics are the main course, with occasional Orthodox targets. (Muslims will be left untouched, of course.)

Today the communists in Lisbon were protesting against lack of socialist commitment by the socialist government. Of course: there's no infinite money to afford socialist welfare forever.

TSR said...

Wow...strong, but mostly true. Please realize it is Rothschild money controlling the West for over 200 years, and profiting off conflict, with no moral qualms at all...we are all not so guilty, as they are masters of deception and distraction.

Their end is shortly coming...profiting off pure indebtedness can only last so long before it all blows up, which is happening in slow motion since 2007.

jack said...

“The real Axis of Evil has led terror bombing of Orthodox Christians in Serbska Republic, forcing them to live under the Islamic overlordship, to the terror bombings of Serbian cities and the theft of Christian lands in Kosovo.”

Last year there were reports of Bosnia on the brink of civil war with the Serb Republic and Croatian enclave pushing for independence and given that Croatia has signed on to a Gazprom gas pipeline project the US will either enforce Bosnia as a state hence the show trial of Karadicz and Serbian guilt or support Jihadist in Bosnia they are protecting and drafting in from Germany and Austrian to wipe out the Serbs and displace Croats.

Serbs in Bosnia want to claim their independence

Croats claim independence

Strain shows in Bosnia-Herzogovina

MI6 terrorist mastermind former UN administrator for Bosnia Lord Paddy Ashdown opposes Bosnia’s break up and pushing like Soros the resurgent Russian threat narrative. Not sure if his tenure as HRBH was when the Beslan massacre was rehearsed and planned.

“To the backing of Chechen Islamic Jihad with NATO bases in Turkey and Axis of Evil funding.”

Not just backing but CREATING the Chechen Islamic Jihad and it is more than just Turkey like the Chemical and radiological weapons they are developing in the Panski Gorge. And it is not just Chechnya Stas they are supporting Jihadists to overthrow and destabilise the entire Eurasian sphere.

German intelligence is running Jihadists colonies in Waziristan province to destabilise Uzbekistan.

“Court jails four Islamists for failed bomb plot in Germany (Roundup)

Two German converts to Islam were jailed Thursday for 12 years each for leading an Islamist conspiracy by four men aimed at blowing up US army bases.

Police arrested the four plotters in September 2007 and seized nearly a ton of materials to make bombs before the group could act.

The four admitted association with a group called the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), an affiliate of al-Qaeda, during a 10-month trial in a heavily guarded courthouse in Dusseldorf.”

“Their organization, the IJU, began in Uzbekistan and has bases in the lawless Waziristan region of Pakistan.”,1518,693216,00.html

“Iraq's Orthodox Christians.”

I haven’t heard they were Orthodox Christians before Stas where is your source of info on this?

ioannes said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts for a long time. You have out done yourself in this article.

The American Government that was set up by my Ancestors died in 1865. When the government was set up Popery was a second class religion. Then the migrants came with their idols of Mary. The bankers needed cannon fodder for their up and coming war. Now look at us.

Gavrick said...


1965 was a terrible year, too, thanks to "Now Roasting in Hell" Ted Kennedy's immigration bill and the multicultural disaster that this brought about.

Arius said...

I can't argue with your article or any of the comments. The West is certainly in rapid decline and easy to criticize. But I am nagged by concern while watching Russia arm Iran and Syria, and the latter while it 'plows' Lebanon. Iran will certainly have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver. Is this what Russia or the world needs, another Islamic nuclear power, led by blockhead clerics. How is this good for Russia? Explain the Russian alignment with Syria and Iran.

Pervych said...

Известный украинский (православные) историк В. Мороз заявил что украинская католическая церковь является краеугольным камнем украинской цивилизации!!! Да будет проклят советов, а также американская и др. грязи, порочащих их за большую услугу выполнения и увеличения всех славянских народов через эту избирательности и дискриминации, это Достоверный рост!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

jack said...


Georgia is also courting Iran.

Georgia: Tbilisi Woos Iran While Washington Watches by Giorgi Lomsadze

Cobra said...

I have to second Stas here.
Only Eastern Europeans can understand the scourge of islam and ottomans.
And we also know full well the "jew".
Hey, the Bolshevik Revolution was the talmudic revolution after all, and it impacted us first and foremost, afterall.
But there is no question, Islam is much more deadly.
Just ask yourself: were would you be wo. a passport: Israel or Saudi Arabia?

Kill Whitey! said...

I protest the notion of Lenin as "Western" agent, which suggests he was an agent of the Entente. He was an agent of Imperial Germany, was tasked with anti-Entente propaganda and with removing Russia from alliance with the Entente. Indeed, the early Soviet Union -- as opposed to pre-Revolutionary Russia -- was effectively part of the Central Powers, and Ataturk was friendly with Lenin despite Lenin's animosity towards his government.

Everything you say about the purging of Assyrians under American occupation, the atrocities committed during the illegal, unprovoked bombing of Serbia, the American support for the PLO and the Taliban, and Saudi jihadist fanaticism is true.

But Russia has done even more, according to former Soviet intelligence personnel such as Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, who explained that the Soviet Union (and Romania under Ceaucescu in particular) created the PLO. There is far more guilt on the Communist, Eastern side than on the Western side, since America was simply fooled by the DIE and KGB into accepting the Palestinian cause. (I am sympathetic to Palestinian Christians living under PLO/Hamas rule, but that is for another time.)

Until recently (and things have changed), the United States did not actively arm the PLO, but merely compelled the Israelis to show them mercy out of misguided faith that had been inculcated in them by the Godless Communists, who used the PLO as a proxy against American Zionism. Now, the United States government arms Fatah, and Russia controls Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, who completed his PhD in Moscow under SVR chief Evgeny Primakov.

By way of conclusion: Great Britain was at war with the Ottoman Caliphate in WWI, and it was only because of Kemal Ataturk's supreme mastery of military affairs that the Turks were able to repel the occupation of the Entente. I must strenuously object to your sly insinuation that Anglos were in any way responsible for the evil that was the Young Turks.