Saturday, July 3, 2010

Open Letter to The American People: What You Are About to Face and Who Your Friends Are

People of America: I write this to you, as I have seen and preached over and over again, that your elites are the corrupt sons of Satan and the worshipers of Mammon and human degeneration.

We the people of Russia were the first to recognize your independence. We the people of Russia backed your Union in your civil war, though I now apologize to the Confederacy for this. We were your allies during the Chinese uprising. We were your allies in WW1 and WW2.

Your elites, for all of this, have betrayed us and our Motherland countless times, backing and financing and creating the forces of evil that rent from us our Holy Orthodox Monarchy and gave us evil of Marxism for 70 years.

As to what you are facing, I for see one of 2 possibilities: either absolute tyranny by your elites, in the form of a "progressive" cult of personality and one party rule or the dissolution of your empire abroad and your nation internally.

You must understand that if it is the first, your only chance, in this generation, is to win on the open battlefield. You can not out partisan a Marxist, for they will happily wipe out a village to kill a single guerrilla. If you fail in a straight up fight, you can only hope to survive and outlast the regime's economics, which almost always collapse in thirty to one hundred years. That many of you will meet your fate in labour camps or simply shot or starved to death, is beyond question.

To that I urge you to have faith in Christ. While the Catholic and Protestant faiths are rather weak in that regard, I urge you to come to the Orthodox Faith, the original Christian Church built upon the bones of martyrs to the faith. For even when the Marxists murdered hundreds of thousands of priests, monks, nuns and deacons, we still survived and once again, it is the overwhelming faith of Russia, stronger than before and growing rapidly. For truly in our faith will you find the strength to survive the trepidations that the Devil will bestow upon you and with which he will test your faith in God.

If it is the later, your nation will be no more. Your standard of living, already falling, will fall further. This will not be a simple thing to survive. It will not just be adjusting to living within your means and away from the temptations of usery, as the assets of living, those very means, will daily become fewer, as your best and brightest, your factories and your academies shutter and flee for lands more receptive to them.

This will be a continuous grind of misery and poverty upon your standards of living and even more importantly, upon your soul and your moral. Again, this will test you daily, as you will fondly remember the good old days of your lives and will have little to look forward in a decade or two of misery and the slow rebuilding. But there will be much to rebuild as first and foremost, your nation will more than likely collapse and splinter into smaller entities. Many cities and areas will be rocked by war and riots.

Again, weak faith will lead many to self destruction and despair. You must stay strong in Christ and I believe only the Orthodox Church can give you the true strength of faith upon which your survival will depend.

Lastly, let me remind you, that the first nation to call you after 911 was ours and the ONLY nation to put a monument to 911 and put it on your soil was not your own but was ours. We Russians, at whom many of you are now baying at the moon for blood for supposed spying, were the only ones to memorialize all the names of the victims in a giant monument in your oblast of New Jersey, across the waters from your felled twin towers.

We are not your enemies, but you continue to follow an evil elite that pushes you to hate us. This will lead you to ultimate destruction. We have shown that we have what it takes to survive any tragedy thrown at us, have you? You will need the Third Rome as your friend and ally, yet you treat us so often as your enemies.

Repent before Christ, come to the Orthodox Church and bring wisdom to your darkness in seeking us as a friend not an enemy. Your time of Judgment is upon you and the chances for repentance almost up.


jack said...

Not only the 9/11 monument Stas but the Northern Alliance and all the information on the camps they recieved (3 of which were Chechen).

And who did the US respond?

By shipping and transporting the Islamists into the Panski Gorge in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

"Your elites, for all of this, have betrayed us and our Motherland countless times,"

This is very unfortunately true, and it hasn't just been Russia that has been a victim of this behavior.

As for the first option: there are too many guns in this country. The number of guns sold to private individuals in the USA during the first 6 months after Obama was elected was approximately equal to the number required to equip the Chinese and Indian militaries combined. Admittedly, having the guns is one thing; having the will to use them is quite another, and most Americans still take the virtues of law and order too much for granted. I expect things will get far far worse than most of the gun rights people expect is possible. But when things DO finally crack and something unexpected triggers the firestorm (as I think is essentially unavoidable), the sheer quantity of guns in this country will make it impossible for any central control to be exerted any longer.

Oh, and the spies really aren't a big deal to anybody who is capable of thinking about it. Of course there are Russian spies here. Just like there are American spies there. Nobody with sense cares very much.

Ranger said...

I have been an Orthodox Christian now for over two years. I do believe our country is headed in the wrong direction, and I appreciate your speaking so boldly on the subject. Pray for us and forgive our ridiculous foreign policy.
It is extremely ironic that we go boldly into regimes that we have declared war on two regimes, that we essentially set up against the Soviets in Iraq and Afghanistan. We fight the insurgents in those countries and promote them in Kosovo. We may actually leave some of our marxist ways this fall election on the domestic side, but we will continue our pro Israel anti-russian policy on the foreign side.

Cobra said...

I mentioned many times before that the neither the US, nor the US government were/are responsible for the funding of the bolshevik revolution.
The talmudics who did it at the time, were not part of the elite.
But unfortunately, they are now.
Certain developments during the last year make me think that the disastrous scenarios described by you may be averted.
Time will tell.
As for your Orthodox plug, I, as an Orthodox Christian, do not quite appreciate it.
The American people are very religious. This internal dissension, in Christianity, only allows talmudics and Islam to divide and conquer us.
By the way, re. gulags in America, I do not think this will be necessary, in the slim eventuality the talmudics win, because the methods of population control have improved greatly from the bolshevik era.
Why bother with gulags, when debt does the job of enslaving the people?
But I must agree that the US and Russia have common interests and enemies, like China, Islam and talmudics...

Adolfo Giurfa said...

As the amrican psychic Edgard Cayce said, many years ago: "From Russia comes the hope of the world..."

Anonymous said...

God knows you are right.It is instructive to look at a globe and see the huge area occupied by USA , Canada , Russia , and Australia. Truly they comprise the true 'promised land'.Yet what are we doing?Bogged down in ancient fueds in toilet countries , and hand wringing over 'spies'while the devil's spawn loot our treasuries. Also re Cobra the Wasp elites were just as culpable in financing the bolshies as the pharisees along with the mental midgets in Imperial Germany

ioannes said...


I accept your apology for Russia supporting the yankees during civil war.

Please accept my apology for Communisum being spread by the money from American Banks and the tracks of American Tanks.

petkov said...

So. Let me get this straight. With ALL the advancements in science including fractal math and nuclear physics, philosophy, ethics, art, and so on you advocate a believe in an explanation of how the Universe works from stone age times. Congrads! Show you how advanced your thought processes really are.
But the next tops the cake. Just like any good Christian would do, you dismiss the OTHER Christian sects and advocate that your own sect is what's "correct" and "true". You are NO better than the Muslims you like to put down so much who, the ones who separate themselves into Sunni and Shiiti.
Millions of Europeans died over disputes started in religious wars.O fcoruse you will NEVER acknowledge that,. given that your own brand of Christianity is so "pure" and "perfect".
This is your true face, eh? A secular religious maniac, beliving in a stone gae religion. At east you could have chosen something cool and interesting such as Scientology or New Age but I bet Mother Russia doesn't allow those to practice inside it.
Dont worry about the American sheeple, they are just upset about losing their 1st world lifestyle is all. They dont really got the brains to figure what they are upset about or who to blame. Most likely that Obama guy who is bringing Communism to USA according to them.

Anonymous said...

I was raised Catholic and I do not understand your lack of respect for the faith. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Try to view Catholics as brothers and sisters in a broader faith instead of the heretics you think them to be. Catholics hold many of the same beliefs as Orthodox although they follow the Latin rite.

Cobra said...

As the possibility of the Internet being shut down and/or censored (due to the demsheviks in power now) and the war against free speech in full force, I think you guys, who know Russian, and have lived through the dark ages of communism, can help the humanity by helping the English speaking western world know what happened, and prepare for what could be.

How about you help break the censorship around Solzhenitsyn?
Let's do something!

Jerzy said...

Dear readers
Please consider that the Americans today are the victims of the same group of people who did their best to enslave and destroy YOU country since 1917.
Before if was the brainwashed Russians who died to support and spread Jewish Zionist ideas hidden behind :"Proletarians of the world.."
Now it is brainwashed Americans who die for the same purpose.

I be glad if Stanislaw could get in touch with me.
I would like to publish his materials in my forum.

I am 56 years old Polish -Australian.
Since almost 25 years I do my best to find at least proof of Jewish "holocaust' .
So far I wasn't able to do it.
So long as long this myth is hypnotizing the people around the world so long all you words will be unable to reach the mass population.

All the best
Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

Ranger said...

Yeah, maybe you need to figure out when the stone age was, because it wasn't when you think. Also "Scientology" "cool", enough said.

anon- it shows more disrespect for Catholics to pretend that we don't consider many of your brliefs to be heretical. Scholasticism has brought about a much larger riff in the two confessions than even existed in 1054. Read some of Bernard of Clairveux and even Thomas Aquinas views on the Virgin Mary and compare them with modern Catholic belief. It is a night and day difference. If you'd like, we can refer to you as hetero-dox, but certainly, you are not orthodox.

Stanislav said...


While plenty of Jews were running the Marxist enterprise, at least the Russian Marxist enterprise, not the German or Italian ones, to deny the holocust is silly.

The Red Army freed plenty of camps in which were Jews, Russians, Poles and others.

Cobra said...

The holocaust was real. I do not know how many died. But that is not the point.
The thinking people know what crimes the talmudics perpetrated, but butchering them, like the nazis did, was wrong.
Besides, for the nazis, every other group of people was inferior.
The intent was to extend the "final solution" to other populations once the Jewish holocaust succeeded.
For "lebensraum"...
By the way, the holocaust was very detrimental to the German people.
Just look at how the holocaust marked the German people, to this day, and God knows for how long the guilt will follow them.

You lose your credibility when you profess that the holocaust did not happen.

David B. Carvalho said...

@Ranger To realise that much, if not most, of the modern Catholic clergy is heretic is one of the great dramas for us Catholics. But the good part is that the modern clergy cannot revoke a single dogma of the past. What they do is just pretend that the dogmas do not exist, so they won't follow them, while preaching their heterodoxies. We traditional Catholics have always existed and we won't go -- nor need to go -- to the Oriental Orthodox Church: the Oriental Orthodox Church will come to us.

Cobra said...

I would have no problem becoming a catholic.
I do not think it's necessary, as there is not much difference between the Orthodox and Catholic churches.
My wish is the two sister churches become one as in the beginning.

Ranger said...

@ David,
Yes, I was born Catholic and I have a very amazing Catholic Father. But the differences persist, including the Papal claims. and just for the record, Russian, Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Antiochian, Serbian, etc. Orthodox are not Oriental Orthodox, that was a split that occured after the 4th Ecumenical council. Those Churches include: Coptics, Armenians, Ethiopians, Syrian-Jacobite etc.