Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Spy Truth Comes Out

As always with such things, a little light and the truth comes out.

As I stated in Obama is a Bum, Quick Bring Out the Bad Russians the FBI's case is less than air tight, as a matter of fact it is so much a joke that those accused are accused of effectively being unregistered lobbyists, not spies.

Now, less than a month later, the truth of DC's motives comes out. It would seem that DC wants desperately a swap, a swap of an innocent and accused person verses a real spy. Of course this spy, a certain Igor Sutyagin, who as a Russian citizen and a nuclear weapons expert and researcher, was a real spy. The simple fact that he worked for the hypocrites in DC, stealing real nuclear secrets and sending them to a British front company for the CIA, verses people who were guilty of making political contacts, just like hundreds of thousands of other American lobbyists. Sutyagin was guilty of passing secrets on nuclear submarines and the warning systems they used.

According to (Reuters: U.S.- Russia May Seek Spy Swap To Free Agents)

"They want to exchange Sutyagin for one of those arrested in the United States for spying," Anna Stavitskaya, a lawyer acting for Sutyagin, told Reuters."

So, Washington wants its spies, obviously it thinks that it can get some more millage out of them, not to mention it makes the Obama opposition howl at the moon in their rabid hatred of all things Russian and that took a good 60 years to properly program. Like Pavlov's dog, they howl on command.

Hypocrisy in the West seems to be well ingrained.

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Bob said...

Stanislov said..."Hypocrisy in the West seems to be well ingrained."

Stan...The words "stupid" and "ignorant" may better describe the Western mainstream population. Remember what we have for news sources. Everything is "government issued" except "conservative talk radio" and most of those have their heads up their ass when it comes to Russia. I realize how frustating it must be for Russian officials having to deal with these Western simpletons and fools.