Thursday, July 8, 2010

Russia Respects the Victims the West Spits On

The dust has barely settled in Kutaisi from the destruction of the memorial to Georgian veterans of the Great Patriotic War (WW2) by the US/EU suckpuppet Saakashvili, genocider of small sleeping children and bane of silk ties.

However, in Russia, in the Poklonnaya Gora park, the replacement statute is already being planned. That is correct, to find the memorial to Georgian bravery, one must now go to Moscow Russia. Is it any wonder that one in four Georgians lives in Russia rather than the Western "democracy" and "heaven" that is modern Georgia?

Historical Heritage, a society that preserves monuments from WW2, allied with the Union of Georgians, appealed to Moscow to build the monument. A replica was impossible, as the blue prints of the original have been lost. Six projects, out of 25 submissions were chosen for the final vote, which is due soon. So at last, the sacrifices of over 200,00 Georgians will once again be remembered.

But, dear readers, you should not be surprised, since it is also Russians who are the only onese to have memorialized the Twin Towers and their victims, with a large monument, in New Jersey, across the water from the fallen towers. That memorial has been up for over five years, while two American administrations have shown their absolute disdain for their own people by not only not placing a memorial but actually flooding their own lands with the very people who killed their citizens.

But remember, according to the Anglo media and their mass entertainment, it is us Russians who are evil and cold hearted, bloodless bastards...right?


Ranger said...

you left out the western view of a "Godless Russia."

Arius said...

This is amazing! I didn't know about it thanks to the overrated US media.

Bob said...

Here in the west I guess money solves everything. If I remember correctly, Bush gave each victim family something like $1.0M to keep quiet and not sue the airlines. Easy come, easy go when its the taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

People who live around NYC don't know about the Russian donated memorial, just like they don't know anything else about 9/11.As for the the 'US' government building a memorial forget it. They did nt even investigate 9/11. Bin Laden did it , case closed. Bring in demolition companies to destroy evidence and give CIA director a medal of FREEDOM !!! LOL.You can t make this stuff up.

elrushbuni said...

The opposition of the current Marxist administration believes that current admin including leftist controlling congressional associates have a vested interest in the ideology that respects multiculturalism and diversity, but even to the point of existential threat! They are choosing ideology over national security and it is this choice that makes many not respect the current admin.
Following thusly...if your ideology is right of center (opposition to Obama) then this also explains why we have thousands of the masses of the very people who attacked us on 9/11 here. When congress makes policy according the utopian ideals of multiculturalism, diversity and Marxism - think about it because that will help you understand why Obama opposition has a disdain for "communism" which unfortunately for the past couple of generations means "Russia".

(For prior admin he signed off to the desires of a controlling leftist congress during his admin. to make or break a deal for cooperation)