Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Anglo-American Extermination of the Germans

The US/UK, the Anglo world, so loves to throw around the legends of the Red Army massacring the poor German people, as we conquered our enemies, while the US/UK brought the suffering masses, free of Hitler, the glory of their humanity and love.

One German journalist was recently quoted as saying that if one counted up all the supposed victims of the Red Army, in Germany, ever German would have had to be killed three times and then raped twice. It is, as always, open season on those who suffered the most under the Nazis and mum on those who suffered under the Anglo-Americans, such as the hundreds of thousands of rape victims in Sicily and Italy, the results of the English colonial forces.

Interesting how the Anglo-Americans have always refused to utter even a word about the 6 million, out eight million, civilians killed by bombings or of the over one million German POWs who died from 1945 to 1946, in the hands of the US/UK, or the forced starvation of the civilians in western Germany.

The few times they have, such as the Dresden bombings, they have worked to down play it or throw the blame on others. Dresden, by the way, was only the last of several dozen German cities that were fire bombed to absolute destruction, to murder, through fire storm, some five million German civilians. All done only by the Anglo-Americans. Soviet bombers aimed only at the German factories, not the German apartments. In 2009, a director of the American NGO Heritage, Ted Bromynd, blatantly stated that even the Dresden fire murder of 20,000 civilians was only done because of Soviet requests. How he explains the dozens of other cities and towns? Simply, he just does not acknowledge them.

"On this field were placed, maybe 200,000 or more. No barracks, no tents were here. Where, we were told, would they find so many tents? We lived on the naked earth. Those who had strength, dug themselves trenches, with their hands. We started to die off in September, rains came, people got sick in the thousands. There was almost no food to eat -- we caught mice to eat." bore witness Detrich Zaitst, as he showed historians around the field where he spent 1945. Detrich, now 80, was only a school boy who was pulled in to service on the last desperate days of the war, and after three days of war, surrendered to American forces. His camp on the Rein river was like dozens of others.

When asked about SS or Gestapo, Detrich responded: "There were none. Mostly there were young soldiers and teenagers like myself. Almost all combat capable units were thrown into the Eastern Front. Ten thousand people? (the official US quantity of those who died in these camps). Yes, in our camp alone, but probably died more. We had no toilets, soup from old roots, disentary. Look, I do not want to speak about this anymore. Some will accuse me of excusing Nazism."

In 1989, Canadian historian James Bacque published his book "Other Losses" which documented the million or more POWs who were murdered or "allowed" to die, by the Anglo-American forces. His book was attacked out right, and character assassination was the order of the day, however, none of his critics ever produced evidence to the contrary. Commander of Allied Forces, Dwight Eisenhower, placed the German POWs into a new category, one not covered by the Geneva Conventions: Disarmed Enemy Forces, which in turn allowed him to do as he pleased. So telling, in Bacque's book, that evidence has surfaced that interment records, with the names and identifications of these POWs were already being destroyed by the end of 1945.

The accuracy of Bacque's numbers, when the issue was Germans who died in NKVD camps, was confirmed, when the KGB archieves were opened and those crimes revealed. However, while the Anglo-Americans have no problem using that part of the work, they absolutely deny their cost of this crime. The uber voice of the American elites: the New York Times, was quoted on a review of the book as stating: "Facts about Russians are absolutely the truth. They hated the Germans. But Americans were incapable of acting in this way with the Germans."

Thus, out of the 5,5 million POWs, over one million, or 20% died, and all after the end of the war, absolutely a war crime. The USA acknowledges that only .15%, less than 1% died, a mind boggling difference. This is on the level of Nazi Holocust deniers who say only a few thousand died in the concentration camps, when some 12 million died.

Another book: After the Reich: The Brutal History of Allied Occupation, written by Giles MacDonogh - Basic Books, 2007, goes even further in its review of history in Western Germany. His work covers not just the POWs but the very civilians. In his Preface, MacDonogh says his purpose is to "expose the victorious Allies in their treatment of the enemy at peace, for in most cases it was not the criminals who were raped, starved, tortured or bludgeoned to death but women, children and old men."

MacDonogh tells us about the "30,000-40,000 prisoners sitting in the courtyard [at the Pioneers' Barracks in Worms] with no protection against the rain they froze." Is this not a war crime?

Additionally historian James Bacque tells us that "the comparison of the censuses has shown us that some 5.7 million people disappeared inside Germany between October 1946 - a year and a half after the war ended, and September 1950." These were census in the US/UK/French sectors.

Bacque tells: "General Eisenhower sent out an 'urgent courier' throughout the huge area that he commanded, making it a crime punishable by death for German civilians to feed prisoners. It was even a death-penalty crime to gather food together in one place to take it to prisoners." He says "the order was sent in German to the provincial governments, ordering them to distribute it immediately to local governments. Copies of the orders were discovered recently in several villages near the Rhine."

In Silesia, "streams of civilians were forced from their homes at gunpoint." A priest estimated that a quarter of the German population of one Lower Silesian town killed itself, as entire families committed suicide together. Now, before one says, well that was eastern Germany, so that must be Russians, no, this was the work of "Nationalist" Poles, really basically Fascist Marxists, who were in power at that short time in history, before being driven out by Communist Marxists. But than again, these were the same Poles who created a fascist dictatorship in 1926 and ran gulags for Orthodox Christians, while allying themselves with Hitler from 1936-1938, to get a chunk of Czeck.

In 1947, due to the mass starvations in western Germany, the Germans came to refer to that year as Hungerjahr, the "year of hunger,", though these conditions persisted well into the middle of 1948. People ate dogs, cats, rats, frogs, snails, nettles, acorns, dandelion roots and wild mushrooms in a feverish effort to survive. In 1946, the calories provided in the U.S. Zone of Germany dropped to 1,313 by March 18 from the mere 1,550 provided earlier. Victor Gollancz, a British and Jewish author and publisher, objected that "we are starving the Germans." Senator Homer Capehart of Indiana in a speech to the U. S. Senate on February 5, 1946, similarly voiced his outrage: "For nine months now this administration has been carrying on a deliberate policy of mass starvation."

When the Red Cross, Quakers, Mennonites and others wanted to bring in food, their donations were denied entry and redirected to other parts of Europe. In the American zone of Berlin, "it was American policy that nothing should be given away and everything should be thrown away.

Bacque says "foreign relief agencies were prevented from sending food from abroad; Red Cross food trains were sent back to Switzerland; all foreign governments were denied permission to send food to German civilians; fertilizer production was sharply reduced The fishing fleet was kept in port while people starved."[Bacque, Crimes and Mercies, p. 91.]

The Anglo-elites got their booty too, of course, in more ways than one: from material goods to a removal of future competition:
The British royal family received Goering's yacht, and the British zone of Germany was stripped of "plants that might later offer competition with British industries." MacDonogh

Thankfully, the true Anglo-American plan for the German people was stopped well short, in 1947-8. Keeling, in Gruesome Harvest, says that by seeking "the permanent destruction of Germany's industrial heartland" it would have had as an "ineluctable consequence the death through starvation and disease of millions and tens of millions of Germans.[Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, p. VI.]

It is true, the Red Army raped hundreds of thousands of women, it is a black mark upon our people and soldiers, though, however it is also understandable, considering that most of those Red Army soldiers had seen first hand the corpses of the twenty million Soviet women and children murdered by the Nazis. That part is always left out. However, to the positive, they did not murder in kind and how ever horrid rape may be, it is a far cry from out and out genocide.

But luckily for the Americans and English, they did not need to rape though to a much lesser degree there was still many incidents. As described by Christian Century for December 5, 1945: "The American provost marshal said that rape represents no problem for the military police because 'a bit of food, a bar of chocolate, or a bar of soap seems to make rape unnecessary.'" [Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, p. 64.]

Arthur Jacobs, a US citizen, of German parents, who immigrated to the USA in 1928, and who himself had spent 22 years serving in the US Airforce, retiring in 1973, had this to say about his own German war time experience and that of his brother: The family was taken and held for some time at Ellis Island near the end of the war, and was then interned for seven months at the Crystal City Internment Camp in Texas, where they were well treated.
They were "voluntarily repatriated" to Germany, after being threatened with deportation in October 1945, several months after Germany's surrender.
When they arrived in Germany, Jacobs' mother was sent to one camp, the father and two sons to another. Yes, US citizens, deported to starve with the rest of those of their "blood" in war camps that operated strictly post war. This is very similar to what happened to Japanese Americans, though legally, they were never citizens of the US at that time, no matter how many generations. It was only in the 1950s that Japanese and Chinese were finally allowed to become American citizens.

The camp where Jacobs, his father and brother were at was at Ludwigsburg was in effect a holding centre pending release. "At breakfast we received one glass of 'grey' milk and one slice of black bread. There was no lunch meal." At supper, "each person received one bowl of soup..., mostly water flavoured by bouillon. There were no second helpings I always had hunger pangs."

These US citizens were released from camps in late 1946 but were not allowed to return to the US, having to move to relatives in the British zone of occupation. Jacobs and his brother were brought to an Arizona ranch in October 1947, adopted by another American family, leaving their American citizen parents in Germany. It was 11 years before they saw their parents again.

Thus is it any wonder, that while the Yanks and Limes, in their revisionist arrogance, throw rocks, boulders and missiles around in their glass palaces, the Russian and German people are busy forgiving and building bridges to each other.


Loki said...

dear stanislav,

the intelligent considerations of a russian citicen about the anglo-american rape of germany (still continuing) is a heartwarming reading - at least for an german.
alas - the mainstream media (sys-
tempresse) doesn't make mention of it until today.
my father -now deceased- survived the anglo death camp for german pows at bad kreuznach and he told me a tale or two about his liberators (liberator - wasn't that the name of an anglo-american bomber which helped to incinerate german womenfolks, kids and elderly persons?)
personally i admire the calm and level-headed form of the soviet-russian armed forces during the evacuation of the former ddr.
the peacefül abdication of the kingpin of the soviet-russian zone of interest gave me hope than - and until now.
you mentioned the willingness of many -if not the most- russians of today to build bridges towards the old "enemy". rest assured: most germans think the same way.

regards from germany


vonbach said...

Like I said before what the hell is the western allies excuse? We were deliberately lighting women and
children on fire then starving people to death after the war. The marshall plan not to mince words was blood
money to try and make the Germans forget what we did to them.

Stanislav said...

If it was not for the English splitting the the Tsar and the Kaiser, WW1 and thus WW2 would not have happened, nor the past 100 years of mis-history.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Fills in alot of gaps.The British/Israeli/American axis are digging an ever deeper hole of arrogance and evil while they vomit up WW2 era propaganda and call it history.Lets hope they dont drag the world down with them.

I visited Volgagrad recently and had a dinner in a German style restaraunt .Now thats a nice development.

@Stas You are right that British intrigue split the Tsar and Kaiser, but it was their duty not to succumb.The Kaiser bears the most blame ,for supporting the satanic bolsheviks for short term gain,still we have the benifit of hindsight.

Unknown said...

being 13 years in 1945 and apolitical at this age i never liked the ami, sovjets or limeys to this day. may the rot in hell infernal fire together with the nazis!

Cobra said...

Very sad and true, unfortunately.
But all this happened because the "chosen ones" took over the government.
The US will not become free again, until it will expunge this cancerous influence from its political life.
In this regard, the USA can learn a lot from the Russians...

Stanislav said...

Especially those choosen families like the Bushes, Fords, Clintons, Huessins, Turners and so on, especially the Windsers and such.

The anglo-elites are far from just Jews, the majority are just plain old Anglos on power trips.

By the way, the majority of America's founders were Masons and those were not Jews but occultists.

Anonymous said...

@stas The jew Morganthau plan called for the forced sterilization of all German males as suggested by a Mr Kaufman. It was shelved by the anglo elites you hate so much. Of course it was only because they didnt want to exterminate their newly colonised exellent workforce.Any one who lives here knows the jews hold the big stick, the wasp occultists are not even their equals anymore.
Remember the World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany in 1933.

Stanislav said...


Are you saying that all jews are in some kind of cult working for the over throw of everyone? Rather a stratch, especially when one considers that the majority of those oligarches in the West and their marching robot NGOs are very very anglo.

Anonymous said...

No most jews are as ignorant as everyone else. The nexus of zionisn ,illuminism and or freemasonary is the the cult that is plotting the overthrow of everything honoable and wholesome.

Consider,Mansassah ben Israel,Cromwells handler , Adam Weishaupt who was worshipped by the degenerates in Paris 1789 . The Rothschild dynasty , who have profited from every conflagaration since Waterloo.Jacob schiff who bankrolled the bolshies. The Warburg brothers who formulated the federal reserve.These guys were / are much more focused than the wasps who are only good at inflicting misery. Anyway what else are talmudic zionism and wahhabi islam if not cults?

Robert said...

I admire your work except for your Holocaust fetish.

Anonymous said...

It's a crying damn shame they didn't wipe the rest of you cursed krouts off the planet along with the italians and japs.