Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who Owns the US Dollar

At first glance, this would seem like a rather silly, stupid and pointless question. Why, the average person would answer, the American people own it. Or rather, if one had to get more technical, the American government, which is in turn, being a Republic, owned by the people, one in the same.

But, as most such simple seeming things in life, the truth is neither simple or straight forward and the answer is neither silly, stupid or pointless, but indeed is critical to the well being of nations and hundreds of millions if not billions of people.

For the truth of it, neither the people of America nor the government of America owns the US dollar. How’s that, you say? Well, if one was to really dive just a bit deeper, before hitting the rocks just under the US greenback pond, one would quickly discover that the actual US dollar has not existed since 1913, where it was effectively killed. What is now called the US dollar is actually a Federal Reserve Note, says it right at the top of each bill. Why does that matter? Read on.

First of all, a US dollar, as something before 1913, was an instrument of wealth. That piece of paper, or just as common a gold or silver coin, had actual worth, anywhere in the world. It was worth its weight in gold, be it actual gold or paper. A Reserve Note, on the other hand, is a debt instrument, which not only is not wealth but is the opposite of wealth. Its very existence is a sucking sound on wealth, wealth being transferred, in this case not to the poor masses (as defined by defunct and unworking Marxism) but to the top 1% (equally defunct and unworking, but its only now starting to go that way).

How is that you say? Why quite simple, but for that answer, again, we must follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole.

The Federal Reserve, unbeknownst to many outside the US and almost everyone in the US, is NOT a Federal, that is, government entity. It is about as governmental as Federal Express. In truth, it is a wholly private, untraded, and thus unsupervised, banking corporation, with a secret cabal of owners. One can assess some of those probable owners by those corporations/banks who were bailed out, while others were allowed to die.

Effectively, this private banking concern, the only one of its kind in the world, has the exclusive right to make the US dollar, or rather the Federal Reserve Notes (debt) called the US dollar, the one and only legal tender of America. Now, when the US government wants or needs money, it can not simply “have” money. Put aside the notions about not starting the printing presses and so on, the simple fact is, not only can the US government NOT coin currency, it can not just have it either. Remember, these are Reserve (debt) Notes.

So, when the US government wants money, the Treasury Department prints bonds (promissory notes aka debt obligations) and “sells” these to the Federal Reserve (private banking concern), which than “gives” the US government Federal Reserve Notes (tender). Thus the money the US government and thus in turn, the US people and all peoples and nations in the world who hold dollars (and why do you think they push these on the world so much?) are debt instruments owed to the Federal Reserve, by the holders. Thus, sooner or later you must return them, plus a percentage. Of course, to the Federal Reserve, the percentage is better.

But, let us take this one step further, and here is the really scary part. To note, no one’s logic ever seems to go this far, so for many, this may be your final Eureka moment, when you figure out just how screwed and owned you really are.

If the only legal tender is the Federal Reserve Note and it must be paid back at its face value plus percent, again, in Federal Reserve Notes, well how do you do it? Let me explain. If the Fed offers you (like a crack dealer) $100 million Federal Reserve Notes and you must pay it back, sooner or later with a 2% add on, thus, let us say, in 1 year, you will owe and must pay $102 million Federal Reserve Notes, well, how do you do it? Simply put, you only have $100 million, where do you get the other $2 million Federal Reserve Notes? You can not print them, you can not mint them, well, you have no choice but to ask the Federal Reserve to print them. Thus you get your $2 million more to pay back the debt, but that itself has a 2% attachment, that again, you must ask the Fed to print and at a percentage and so on into perpetuity….well not really, because in a rather short order, the Fed and its owners will own everything.

Rarely has so brilliant and patient a ponzy scheme been dreamed up than this.

And by exporting it overseas, they are sucking in the rest of the world’s finance, into their ever greedy, chubby and purely evil little hands.

So, leaders of the world, why the bloody Hell, are you giving away the future of your peoples and nations to this tiny group of American parasites, who have already bleed the US dead dry, where the top 1% holds over 60% of that nation’s raw wealth?

Cut them off and starve the beast.


Looney said...

It does seem to me that no matter how you define paper money, its value can go to zero. At the end of the US civil war, the confederate money lost all value. The Bible tells us that wealth can sprout wings and fly away without any restriction on the form of the earthly wealth.

Anonymous said...

All true and good to see you getting to the core of the problem. Dont forget the Fed prototype was the Bank of England chartered in 1694 under William of Orange . He was a puppet of the Marrano Jews in Amsterdam.This same crew financed Wellington/Napolean,Hitler/Stalin and hell even Soviets/ Islamos in 1980s.The more you look into this the more irrellavent all this political/ religious crap becomes.Let us not forget the moneychangers were the only ones to anger Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Completely correct

vonbach said...

The fed reserve is about as federal as federal express
and its about as jewish as lox and bagels. Kennedy
tried to do something about it and ended up with his
head blown off. Another interesting aside Adolph Hitler
got rid of the jewish run fiat banks and WW2 started.
Its about debt slavery.

jack said...

Was the Beslan massacre organised and rehearsed in Bosnia?

Robert said...

I am fortunately living in an absolute monarchy funded by a sea of oil.

Stanislav said...


So let me get this straight, by getting rid of the bankers and fiat currency (we'll ignore that Germany had the same thing under Hitler and inflation was again gaining momentum on the eve of war), WW2 was started by the Jewish bankers? Had nothing to do with the annexation of Czeck, the invasion of Poland or anything of the sort...definitly didn't have anything to do with that little brochure: Mein Komft, where der Furher desided to make Liebensroomen out of Russia, minus us Russians of course...oh, but that was just a fight against communism, right? Never mind Fascism is just the other side of the Marxist coin.

Stanislav said...

The nazis didn't believe in debt slavery, just the old fashioned type, which is why they stole our women and children to work their factories, while exterminating 20 million of our people.

Cobra said...

The talmudics DECLARED WAR on Germany in 1933, many years before any laws against them were passed.
I was shocked when I learned and the saw the declaration in an original newspaper of the day.

Stanislav said...


considering how much Jewish money was behind Hitler, not to mention also American protestant money (Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, etc) rather hard to believe that statement.

Either way, to blame WW2 on them is a long long stretch, especially considering what the Nazis did throughout Eastern Europe, Italy, France and Russia.

vonbach said...

The jews declared war on Germany in 1933. He had an economic system based on "trade credits" essentially a more complex system of barter. It would have destroyed the jews financial empire. Without the jews meddling WW2 would have never taken place. At least not as a world war. The reason the jews wanted Hitler gone so bad is he wouldn't play the debt slavery game. Lincoln was assassinated after trying to make his own currency to avoid this too. Kennedy tried to break them and look what happened to him. Bluntly put 60 million people died
in WW2 because the jews wouldn't be denied their

Cobra said...

No, I'm not blaming the WWII on them only.
Hitler was a monster.
On a different subject, what nazis did in Eastern Europe was a picnic compared to what the Russian troops and the talmudic commies did after the Nazis left...

Stanislav said...


You really believe that, sad. So tell me, did the Soviets exterminate almost 20% of the Polish population with the aim of wiping out everyone?

Did the Soviets kill off 10-20% of the Serbs and Greeks? Or how about the Czecks and Slovaks?

No. Stalin did a lot, true, but no where was there a forced mass extermination of whole peoples and to equate that to or to worse than what Hitler did is absolute revisionism.

Stanislav said...


Lincoln was a tyrant who created a central bank, which is against your own constitution and then started mass printing of worthless paper monies. He imprisoned tens of thousands of his constitutional critics. Blaming Booth on Jews is beyond insane. Booth was a constitutionalist who murdered a tyrant. By the way, your precious Lincoln was a penpale of Carl Marx and most of the founders of the Republican party were members of the 48ers, Prussians mostly (GERMANS) who fled after their failed 1848 Marxist revolutions (18 seperate revolts).

Hitler had a drive to wipe out the Slavs, its called Drag Noch Ost, nothing new. He failed and if we were half as evil as he was, there would be no Germans left alive in Germany. As it was, only 2 million German civilians died from the Red Army (6 million from allied fire bombings) compared to the 20 million the bastards massacred of my people and my family.

As for Hitler, he was a MARXIST.

Cobra said...

The communism brought by the Russain tanks destroyed mentally and physically at least 10-15% of the population. The best of the best ended up in gulags, reeducation camps, Siberia or so.
As I told you, I am not Polish, but Poland is a very good example of what the Russians do to their neighbours, communism or not, since the days of Peter the Great, certainly from the days of Catherine the Great...

Stanislav said...


--s I told you, I am not Polish, but Poland is a very good example of what the Russians do to their neighbours, communism or not, since the days of Peter the Great, certainly from the days of Catherine the Great...--

Well as a man of historical integrity, why do you forget the 400 years the Poles sat on our land, burning and massacring, especially those who did not want to become Catholic? Peter the Great did what to Poland, exactly? He was fighting to save the nation from invading Swedes and Turks. Oh, that's right, when other nations, be they Latvians, Swedes, Poles, Teutonics, Turks, Brits, French or others invade us, that's ok, but when we follow them home, it's examples of our "barbarity".

Here's a historic clue, Russia launched few preemptive wars, we just tend to destroy our invaders and then conquer their lands. Don't screw with us and we won't follow you home. For some reason, Eastern Europe can't ever seem to learn that lesson.

Rusty Mason said...

The suggestion that American and European Jewry are innocent, powerless lambs is deeply offensive. Jews are 50-60 of the most powerful people in the entire world. They own and control all of the mainstream press, publishing houses, Hollywood, advertising companies, the Fed, and are thick and highly influential in congress, the White House, and throughout academia.

Jews have historically voted 95-100% liberal, that is, anti-Christian and anti-European-traditionalist. The Jewish press and academia has always loved Soviet Communism and has always pushed for Marxist regimes all over the world. They hate Hitler and European nationalism with a passion, digging Hitler up every 15 minutes for a good public flogging. But they don't do that to Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Che, Mandela, or any other Marxist regime (unless it's bad for business).

These lying, thieving vermin have been actively working to destroy our country ever since they took over in the 1960's.

Sure, there are innocent Jews. But it's the monstrous ones I summarized above who give the innocent 5% a bad name.