Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plan Kavkaz -- План Кавказ

Plan Kavkaz, a documentary that aired a while back on Russia 1, that details how the CIA, the US government, with backing from the UK, France and Saudi Arabia, launched a Jihad against Russia, in an effort to break apart Russia. An effort handled by the cabal of wicked leaders, starting with Bush Sr, through Clinton and Bush Jr and for that matter, may still be quite active under Obama.

It is in Russian and is based on interviews with former idealists who helped run this and are now disgusted with themselves.


Rusty Mason said...

No chance of an English or German translation anytime soon, I guess.

jack said...

That’s more like it Stas.

Actually the conspiracy goes far deeper and longer than simply the end of the USSR dating back to the period of the Crimean war the Chechen war is just the latest manifestation linking the Cold War era Gladio network created by the CIA and MI6 and there organised crime network who took control of the collapsing Soviet Union with the Jackson-Vanik amendment as a criminal laundering front and establishment of western banks in the USSR in the 70’s and there Islamic network created by Brzezinski under Carter in 79 all for control of Eurasia and world dominion of course Russia is a major counter force against.

The so called Al Qaeda terror network which does not exist is Bin Ladin and 25 other terrorist personal in his group who in 97 decided to target US interests is terrorists recruited by Bin Ladin in mainly Chechen terror camps in Afghanistan and working through Saudi/Chechen terrorist front NGO’s and banks first in 98 by carrying out the Embassy bombings in Africa which even US own DEA 98 report documents and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Since 9/11 splinter cells from this Islamic network have conducted terrorist attacks in Europe and the US with all of them either having connections to Bosnia, Chechnya or both.

The Madrid bombing for example was organised in the Panski Gorge with explosives obtained in Madrid.

I wrote a unfinished piece that I posted on Underground Serbia Café that the 9/11 conspiracy was originally intended with US and British support detailing according to French intelligence report that the 9/11 attacks original intent was to hijack US planes in the US land them and demand the release of Jihadist in US prisons and Russian withdrawal from Chechnya conceived by Bin Ladin, Khattab, Chechen and Taliban leaders in Afghanistan in 2000.
But unknown to British and US intelligence apparently Bin Ladin recruited the pilots on a secret suicide mission which the cell itself was not aware.

I intended to update it with major connections and events since then revealed in court cases in Bosnia, Turkey and Germany.

Kafir Harby said...

When is an English translation available? This is an important document, the sleepers in the West need to see this !

And by the way, Kosovo is Serbia, for eternity.

Leos Tomicek said...

If I was more tech-savvy I would do subtitles to this film a long time ago. Maybe someone should take this as a challenge...

jack said...

@Kafir Harby

You should read this,-Madrassas,-HeroinTerrorism

And definitely this US own 1998 DIA report which talks about Khattab moving Chechen camps in Afghanistan into Russia after Clinton bombed the one in Khost in 98 as a response to the African Embassy bombings.

Also lists the different terrorist groups which includes off course KLA and Bosnian Muslims as well as Hamas and others and lays out there objective is to acquire and use WMD’s in Russia expelling the Russia population of the entire Caucasus and control the whole of Russia to active sleeper cells and use Russia as a staging ground to spread global jihadist revolution.
Sound familiar?

Some Chechen connections to 9/11 that in 2000 was organised by Bin Ladin, Khattab and Chechen and Taliban leaders in Afghanistan. (to be updated).


I take it my previous comment is just stuck in moderation waiting to be cleared?

vonbach said...

Its little surprise to me Russia is currently the biggest
threat to the jews NWO. They'd love to see Russia fall.

Juniper in the Desert said...

This is very worrying:

Juniper in the Desert said...

Mmm: @vonbach, I see no mention of Jews anywhere here except in your comment. As it is a negative comment I can only presume you are a nazi, who is always ready to find a Jew to be your scapegoat.

As you know nothing of real Jews I suggest you stick to what you do know: nothing.

vonbach said...

Who do you think runs the CIA USA and UK? It really doesn't take much brains to figure this out.

Anonymous said...

@juniper in the desert.The reason you dont see much mention of Jews here is because it would be redundant. We focus on their their goyim helpers because thats the only way we know to wake people like you up. The jews and muslims have been operating in conjuction alot more than in opposition[against us] throughout history.The conflict between them now is a family matter.Eg . the seed donor [Mr. Deak] for ground zero mosque is a muslim who was a christian who was a jew lol.He also owns Goldline , a Fox / Glen n Beck advertiser.His father laundered money for the drug cartels and was murdered in hi Manhattan office. Before that he was in OSS which became CIA.Just because you dont agree doesnt mean the rest of us "know nothing". Also what the hell is a "real jew?"

lee woo said...

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