Friday, April 15, 2011

The Blood Thirsty Hypocrites of the West

The Blood Thirsty Hypocrites of the West

Murderers and vampires upon their own people and upon those of foreign nations, the so called liberal democracies, better labeled as Totalitarian Democracies, ruled by a feudalistic banker elites, facing economic collapses across all their kleptocracies have once more played wag the dog.

Not enough to create anarchy throughout the N.Africa-Middle East zone to artificially raise the price of oil and thus the demand for American debt, its chief poisonous export, the American bankers, leading their British, French, Spanish and Italians parade of idiots, has launched an illegal, immoral war on Libya, massacring dozens of civilians and creating a stalemate that has led to a longer war and yet more casualties. The initial UN, itself a Marxist, anti-Christian tool of Islamic murderers and their Western vampiric allies, gave cover to initiate what was always meant to be an invasion and destruction of Libya, Iraq style.

From day one, the No Fly Zone was a hunt for Quadaffi. When it failed, as air bombings alone have every single time for the past 70 years, the strikes spread to murdering civilians and conscripts, while upholding a renewal and uptick in the violent civil war, led by Islamic Jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, naturally, talk has risen of sending in ground troops, an invasion, even as news arrives that the Americans are sending 3,000 marines to the region, on top of their already present forces.

Fronting this war, the American/Western media, owned by the governments and their oligarchs, are fronting Arab talking puppets, no different then the sociopaths that heralded in the invasion of Iraq while creating an internet revolution of fake accounts and fake appheals for invasion. The public in Britain, at least, is rising in protest, at the bankrupt government, busy laying people off, and spending a fortune on murdering others. The Americans, neck deep in their superiority, self love and laziness, could not give a bigger damn. They send out letters by email to “support the troops” which is a key note for so called conservatives to stop worrying and get in line behind the latest war and like Pavlov’s dogs, spittle dripping from their lips, they scream for the mass murder of foreigners. All the while their leftist opponents prove once more to be whores of a greater order, as the former anti-war protesters are no where but guzzling cheap beer, trying to forget how their Sunni brown messiah leads one blood soaked campaign after another.

Already, Neocons, the fascist branch of the American one party system, in cohort with their Democratic, aka communist branch, are in one voice, calling for the occupation of Libya, for the invasion of Syria, for the bombing of Iran and even the more extreme calling for an intervention and imposition of a separation on Israel. All for democracy of course....that is, the democratic exploitation of the local resources by their own masters.

All of course, is done with blood thirsty intent, while covering for the petro-dollar, Jihadist pay masters in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf princedoms, who massacre their own Shiete populations, while having long ago exterminated their Orthodox Christian and Jewish populations. That Baharani and Saudi and Qatari soldiers massacre Shiete civilians, well that’s the internal matter of those Sunni fanatics, not for the Western whores they own. That socialist, Shiete, Jewish or other groups must defend their own governments, well that’s just fine for invasion, but only after you “soften” up the population with terror bombings.

Of course, that all of this takes away the population’s attentions from the beginnings of hyperinflation, mass unemployment and a rush into the third world life “style”, does not hurt either.


Juniper in the Desert said...

You are absolutely right! Back to the very worst of colonial days and feeding off the blood of their own people, sacrificing us all at the bloody alter of islamo-nazism.
But be aware also:

jack said...

Well I thought you would write about the recent developments in Finland regarding the year long persecution and defrocking of Pastor Molari for tackling the Kavak-Center website and it Finnish Editor-in-Chief Mikael Storsjo who is also accused in aiding Chechen terrorists smuggling them in from Turkey.

Oh wait it deals with western support of Chechen terrorism so it is no surprise you would not be commenting on it.

jack said...

@Juniper in the Desert

Is the Islam in Europe blog yours?

If it is I have some things you can post.

Stanislav said...


Look Jack, since you have all these ideas for topics, and all the information, why don't you write your own blog, and we link them? I write on what I write and since this is not a full time job or even a job at that, I write on what interests me.

I have already hit on the Chechen issue more than once, but I am not a one subject writer.

You should, by all means, not wait on others, but go ahead and publish something yourself.

jack said...


I would like to but there is no information out there which the criminal Putin/Medvedev has made ZERO effort in providing any information which could be used in criminal prosecutions that would help stop the follow of terrorist financing into Russia.

Do the FSB or Russian anti-terrorist organisations have a website or e-mail address where you can request information?

Previous material I have already posted on the comment section on this blog as well as posting threads on the Underground Serbian Café.
I have also sent to an e-mail in the past.

Anonymous said...

its the truth.i wonder when europe will wake up from the deep sleep and see before its too late these hypocrites that rule her.the people think that the problems in their lifes is caused by lybia or egypt or greece or ireland.i belive that soon in this summer the people of europe will understand the problem that europe have is in their home and is called "big banking debt".all the world suffer today for the survival of the banks all the wars all the pay cuts all the taxes everything happens to serve the banks but soon all this system will collapse and then the king will understand that he is naked.

Anonymous said...

When Quaddaffi was present at the opening of the 'man made river', the greatest water project in Africa since Aswan, he said 'now American efforts against us will double'.The banking - illuminati beast is on a new rampage, it smells fresh blood.Russian and Chinese leadership have been found wanting in this episode.They could have stopped it . Leadership flows to those who take responsibility.