Sunday, April 3, 2011

Western Hypocrisy: Lands Stolen From Whites Are Never To Be Returned

Western Hypocrisy: Lands Stolen From Whites Are Never To Be Returned

The Western Man-Gods are ever in a humble mood when serving non-white victim claims and ever the beastal savages when the issue is that of oppressed whites. Not only do these servants of Satan oppress their own whites, first with mass migration of third worlders then when the locals are upset, with draconian thought crime laws.

But as bad as all of this is, and it is evil, at least in these cases, it is the owners and elites of the Totalitarian Democracies aka Police States of the West doing it to their own.

However, throughout the past 600 years, especially in the past 60 years, the West has been busy betraying whites to non-whites.

The claims on stolen land are tremendous. The Boers are a prime example in southern Africa. They settled a barren empty land and built something there, only to be conquered by the British, who then brought in millions of black Africans as cheap labour. Then the whole thing was collapsed and those black Africans, most of them, themselves immigrants, given the right to rape and murderer the Boers and Africaners off of their land.

Then there is all of North Africa, previously Philistine, Greek and Roman lands and then Germanic, after those invasions. All of that land was stolen by the Muslim Arabs, who to this day continue pogroms against the few indigenous residents left. Note how Egypt ousted almost 20% of its population, all Coptic Christians (real Egyptians as opposed to the Muslim Arabs sitting there now) and 2/3rds of the Christians of that day. They continue persecutions against the remaining Christian Copts (Egyptians) to this day. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood, with American and UK cash and political backing, is coming to power, the persecutions are sky rocketing.

Then there is the case of Cyprus, a Greek territory from the times when America's ancestors were still covered in furs and sitting around fires. When the Asian Turk invaded Cyprus and started the civil war in the 1970s, it was with US blessings and US weapons. That over a hundred thousand Greek Cypriots were massacred, matters nothing. That these people are now pushing to get half their island back, well, we know whose corner these "man-gods" are in and it's not the indigenous whites.

Same goes for all of Asia Minor, where the local indigenous Greeks, Armenians, Khurds were over run by Arabs and Asian Turks and have been oppressed for the better of the past 1300 years.

Even the Greeks, Bulgars and Romanians, having made their devil's bargain, by joining the EU, are now being forced to swallow waves upon waves of Arabic Muslims, Pakistanis and yes, those ever so lovable Turks, all as "refuges" aka invaders.

To make the point simply: North Africa, southern Africa, Asia Minor, Kazakhstan, and much of the Middle East were all white lands, though not German Aryan lands, that have been invaded and those invaders, under the banner of Islam and with the moral, financial and military backing of the Man-Gods, continue their invasions and genocides to this very day.

Is it any wander, with Little Somalia in its heart, that Stockholm is now the rape capital of Europe?


Anonymous said...

And right on cue , the illumists are now providing air cover for islamists in Libya because Quaddaffi wants to do deals with Russia and China.All these pigs have left are cruise missiles and depleted uranium rounds. Check out horrifying deformed babies pictures in Serbia , Iraq or wherever these rounds were fired.It isnt so much whites although they seem to have special hatred there, but anyone who tries to break from the shackles of the dollar and the Us / Uk axis. Even the darling Israel looks more like a sacraficial lamb every day. Maybe thats the plan , to push Tel Aviv into mad - dog mode to really spice things up.The Palistinians problems dont even make the news now.

Pervych said...

"Boers...conquered by the British"
Никакая честь среди негодяев!!! И Лондон и Амстердам, приветствуя их талмудических владельцев, соперничали, чтобы быть центром системы антихриста..."black Africans"...использование любого доступного естественного и тайного доступного ресурса!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Pervych said...

"Quaddaffi wants to do deals"??? Черномазый песка, используя некоторые из тех 'Петр
долларов', должен был сделать 'дела' обеспечить его собственные границы!!! Истинное порочное наследие!!!БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

Anonymous said...

people thought when the united states and the european union spread money and dreams for a better future,that they will help the world for a better future.Today we see that all these money and promises was given just to take our countrys independence and to make us slaves so to not be able to oppose to their plans and why not to help them instead.with the help of the corrupt politicians and clever bankers the man-gods succeed.i belive that its time for russia to speak someone must to speak to give hope to the world,to unite the world who just want to say NO .the silence is scary i belive it will not last for long because we haven t see the worst yet.