Monday, April 4, 2011

Doing Business Georgian Style, or How to Screw a Couple of Jews

It is ever so curious how the Western mind thinks. Here we have the blathering blow hearts of what passes for Western media intelligentsia screaming about Russian corruption this and Russian corruption that, though one would not know it by the volumes of investments flowing ever faster into Russia, but not a word, when its favorite Caucuses Mass Murderer and Eater of Silk, Saakashvili and his government are out to rip you off and throw you in jail for noticing.

Thus begins the curious tale, with the all to common out come, of 61 year old Zeev Frankiel, who was sentenced to 6 years and 6 months in jail and 64 year old Ron Fuchs was sentenced to 7 years. Their crime? Well according to the Georgian mafia, er government, they were caught paying bribes. Their real crimes? The Georgian government of genocider and American neocon hero Misha the New York Lawyer lost a case in the International Arbitration Court to these two men for a tidy sum of $100 million and was not about to pay up a bloody American cent.

To add further insult to injury, both men must now pay additional fines to the Georgians: Frankel 60 000 USD and Fuchs 300, 000 USD.

In 1992 when Ron Fuchs’ company received exclusive rights to carry out oil/gas exploration and development work, throughout Georgia. As Gumsahordia's government fell, the new US backed Georgian regime of Shevardnadze revoked the rights and gave them to the Georgian Oil and Gas Company. The Israelis went International Arbitration Court which on February 28, 2010 found for the plaintiffs to the sum of $100 million.

The Georgians lured the two men back into Georgia, with a hand signed invitation from the Georgian Prime Minister, after requesting a meeting in Turkey for a face to face settlement.

After losing the case, Georgian officials reached out to Fuchs and requested a principal-to-principal settlement meeting which took place at a hotel in Istanbul, Turkey in mid-September 2010. This meeting was covertly and illegally videotaped by Georgian officials in an effort to unlawfully entrap Fuchs. The tape shows the Georgian minister repeatedly pressing Fuchs for a payment and attempting to incite Fuchs into making incriminating statements concerning a payment which the Georgian government is now alleging was an offer of a bribe. This conduct so disturbed the government of Turkey that it has since issued a demarche to Georgia protesting the apparent unauthorized use of covert surveillance equipment by Georgian agents while on Turkish soil – which, a Turkish law expert found violated Turkish law.

Though many intervened for them, there was no going back in the Saakashvili crime syndicate (by the way, his mother is the richest woman in Georgia: thank you American tax ever). If the Georgians released these men, they would be tacitly admitting they were holding them illegally to begin with.

The trial itself lasted 3 months and Fuchs' lawyers were not permitted to question key witnesses in his case. Furthermore, the court refused almost every defense request to introduce evidence and witnesses. Yes, this truly is model Western Totalitarian Democracy.

I must wonder what that arch American conservative and presidential race horse, The Trump or the Donald thinks of his bosom buddy with whom he was all kissing cousins on TV? Maybe the Trump likes these business practices? Fox News sure seems to approve, and don't even mention the Great Leader Obama, why he loves Saakashvilli almost as much as Bush Jr did.

Transparency International has accused Georgia of practicing "tax terrorism," using tax collection as a tool of political intimidation and control. Shake-downs of investors, foreign and domestic, by Georgian officials are increasingly routine. As described in Freedom House's 2010 Report on Georgia, Georgian authorities abuse state resources, intimidate public employees and opposition activists, and apply improper pressure to a judiciary that suffers from "significant corruption."

The Israelis shit upon themselves hard enough for Georgia, when the Genocider In Chief started his mass murder of Ossessians and the victorious Russian army found him stock full of Israeli toys. Russia is Israel's 2nd main trading partner, main supplier of petro-chemicals and tourists and the Russian Orthodox Church is the biggest private land owner in Israel. Israel's stupidity hurt them hard enough and now this. Once again, they get spit in the eye and as usual do almost nothing.

Sure Georgian chair of the parliament David Bakradze and Minister of Economy Vera Kobalia had their trips canceled. But the Georgian analysts are of one mind that the Jews will buckle under, since after all, Saakashvilli is an American whore and the Israelis know better then to screw with DC. It is amazing how passive the Israelis have become, how well the so called conservatives there take this. A few canceled meetings with the very criminals who kidnapped their citizens. Pathetic.

Of course, if anyone expects either of these men to ever walk free, they are insane as well, at least not if Saakashvilli is still in power. More then likely they will either die from disease in Georgia's prisons or will fall upon someone's knife. Either way, this is a death sentence for both men.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell did they go back there?Its amazing how even seasoned business men and jews no less could trust this nutjob.The power of propaganda I guess.

Daniel said...

I certainly will not take issue with your clear understanding of all things Russian, but I would like to point out that the two Jews in question are not lily-white victims. This whole affair looks much more like a "thieves fall out" scenario. In other words, there are no heroes in this story, only two sets of villains each trying to outdo the other in chicanery.

The Russian Oligarchs who looted Russia in recent years were also Jews of this type, so let us keep things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

israelis have a lot to think about.this is what happens when you try to do business with the devol.i belive israelis start to understand that countries like georgia or turkey are the true enemies.And that some times money must not be the only reason to make business with someone.