Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Tyrants: Hypocrisy of the West

A Tale of Two Tyrants: Hypocrisy of the West

To find the hypocrisy of the West, one never has to look far or search hard, its proliferation is ripe and robust. Simply, let us compare two tyrants: Quadaffi and Saakashvili.

Momar is now busy fighting a civil war, against his own people, the eastern half of whom, rebelled against his rule. True, he has murdered many, while serving the goals of the Americans, British and French, with oil sales galour. Sure, they had no problem with him for that matter.

However, the moment that France lost the military contracts, from Libya, to Russia. The moment word came that future oil contracts were going to Russia, China, India and others, that is not to the US, UK, France, the West started funding the insurgency. That this insurgency is Islamic fanatic in concept and style, matters nothing. The Western Totalitarian Democracies have no problems living with that fact, as long as they get what they want.

Thus they pushed for a no fly zone, which in turn instantly turned into a regime change crusade, a mass murderous terror bombing free for all that will soon be followed up with a land invasion and an Iraq style “democratic” hell on earth for what had shortly before been the leading nation, in terms of living standards, of Africa.

Thus, in attacking a tyrant, and at the same time, defending the same types of tyrants in Saudi Arabia, Bharan, Qatar and Yemen, the West, they moralistic nannies, proving themselves as always hypocrites, walk in absolute contrast to the Saakashvili tyrant in Georgia.

Just three years ago, a US/UK puppet, a New York City lawyer placed on the throne of Georgia, initiated an unprovoked mass murderer, through artillery fire, not on demonstrators hurling Molotov cocktails but on a sleeping city, capital of a break away region, an oppressed ethnic minority that had lived independently for 16 years. That such a mass murder, indiscriminant shelling, followed up by a tank and infantry assault, as out to kill the defenders as genocide the civilians, would be defended in the media, by the full weight of the propaganda machine of the West, is beyond the pale, but that is exactly what was done.

Even now, three years later, when the South Ossessians are putting their lives back together, the same mass murderer sits in power, basking in an endless stream of hundreds of millions of dollars, even as the Americans and British peasants are taxed for his palaces and organs of oppressive power. Why? Because he is obedient and ready to marshal another ten thousand of his own serfs off to the slaughter against Russia, at any time, as demanded by his masters.

Yes , the same masters who, having failed in their colour revolution in Libya are now bombing the population and regime, sending in the spooks and special forces and preparing the ground invasion, while continuing to pamper their other tyrant and true mass murderer and US citizen, Misha.

There is no end to the real hypocrisy of the West, just as there are no end to their victims, be they their own citizens or those of foreign nations. Equally, there is no fore seeable end to their hypocrisy.

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"Equally, there is no fore seeable end to their hypocrisy."???
конце было предсказано в Фатиме!!!