Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now There Can Be Only War

The Americans, the British, heck, the whole of the Leftist Totalitarian Democracies, such as the Fascists in France, the Socialists in Spain, all the imbeciles and arrogant vengeful know it alls, do gooders and other assorted scaly wags and their puppets throughout the world, have made sure that we can expect only more and more bloodshed, the world over.

How so? Simple, by setting a precedent. Which precedent? Why the one that says, lie through your teeth and never honour what you have committed to.

The West, in dealing with either their designated boogyman of the year or with their latest back stabbed ally, constantly promise safe haven and immunity, if only the target steps down, but instead deliver prison at best and death at worst and more and more it is death.

Be it Augusto Pinochet, Radovan Karadžić, Slobodan Milošević, or Saddam Hussein, and now Mubarek, are but a few examples. Pinochet left power, after rebuilding a broken country into the prime economy of Latin American, only to be betrayed, arrested multiple times, including in Spain, and finally tried and found guilty, the last days of his life, turned into a hell. Then there was Radovan Karadžić, who worked with NATO and the EU to end the Bosnian civil war and even betrayed the Serbian cause in helping create the Bonsian Frankenstien that is now a Jihadist state, first and foremost. His reward, a decade and a half of running and hiding, only to be sent to the kangaroo court in the Hague.

Or the case of Slobodan Milošević who also worked with the enemy of Serbs and Orthodox to end the Bosnian civil war and then stepped down peacefully after the NATO terror bombing of Yugoslavia. His reward? Murdered in the prison of the Hague, when it was obvious the kangaroo court in the Hague was failing to convict him, regardless of how much illegal, immoral shenanigans it was pulling.

Or the case of Saddam Hussein, who after being a good puppet for the Yanks, starting a disastrous war against Iran, on their command, to punish the Mullahs, fell for the American bait of Kuwait, which itself was stealing Iraq's oil. Then he and his people endured ten years of embargo and on and off terror bombing, which cost the lives of over half a million Iraqi children. This modern genocide by the West, is of course, ignored. Or as Madelin Albright stated: it is regrettable but worth it. Why Madelin, for a Jew, you sure sound like a certain short Austrian and his sentiment about your people. Finally, the Americans invaded, when the 911 opportunity presented itself, as usually on false pretense with the cover of a UN mandate. Finally arrested, he was tried not in a neutral court but by his political enemies and hung.

Now we have the latest, Mubarek, a man who carried the American bucket for decades, only to be back stabbed and replaced by the Islamic Brotherhood. He was promised amnesty, to hand over power, without a fight, and in less then a month, arrested and will now be tried.

So what message to Quadafi and others, when the lieing Totalitarian Democracies squeech that he and others should step down? Why to fight and fight to the bloody end, no matter what.

I believe the term here is "blow-back", something the Anglos and their French co-sycophants, never seem to learn from. So it will be war and bloody war at that.


Pervych said...
Подробнее мечети??? Нет мечетей оскорблением Бога и России!!! Шаг вниз??? Они должны уйти в отставку и снаружи, в свои земли!!! Кровопролития??? Их кровь!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!

jack said...

Video of Pastor Jones trial and burning of the Koran.


Why do you dislike the Chinese?

They are fighting the same enemy as you are both NATO encroachment into Eurasia and western backed Islamic militants and the Tibetan tyrants supported by the CIA since the 50’s.

They are a natural ally of Russia and could help develop Russia’s infrastructure which Russia seemingly has hardly spent a dime on.

The talk of Chinese talking over Siberia is BS and Russia’s insane policy of importing tens of thousands of Central Asian Muslims is treasonous.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Moskva.The problem is these pigs love war, as a blood sacrifice and as a way to make huge profits.They know what they are doing and they dont give a damn.

Anonymous said...

from the day that soviet union collapse.the americans and the western europe dont care if the people disagree with their wars tactics or with their economic strategies.becase they know that the people have no other option to follow but only them.because they have the money ,they have the media ,they have the banks ,they have the guns ,they have their peoples in the goverments.who and how can anyone resist?in the same time which murder,steal the natural resources from the countrys making their peoples slaves,the same time they drink champagne in luxurious wedding partys.who will challenge their power?the only thing that will stop their criminal plans will be an other world power which will inspire the people to follow her .then usa and their followers will have to think twice if they want to do anything illegal.