Sunday, June 5, 2011

Serbia: What is a Society That Betrays Its Heroes?

A nation of whores and slaves, of mindless worker ants, and spineless cowards. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must now look upon our Serbian brothers as just that. As Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ for silver coins, so do the Serbs, do they betray Christ for EU credits? Yes, yes they do. They, like the crooked and corrupt Pharisees bring blood sacrifices as well.

The capture of Ratko Mladic and his upcoming extradition to the kangaroo court, in the best of the Stalinist tradition of justice, is a crime against just that: justice.

This is how the British Marxist rag, the Spectator and its local propaganda mistress, Charlotte Eager, described the situation.

‘Why wasn’t Mladic arrested before? After all, British, French and US special forces wandered Bosnia freely for many years after the end of the war and he used to be spotted in restaurants, boils and all. The problem, according to some ex-SAS chums, was that our governments wanted Mladic to be taken alive. ‘That would not have been possible then,’ said one: back then, his thugs were still pumped up enough to die for him. Sixteen years after the war, the adrenalin has ebbed. Mladic’s praetorians are bodyguarding Serb oligarchs or back tending their pigs, and the azure-eyed warlord is a shifty pensioner with a withered hand. And Serbia has traded its bloodstained mythmaker for hope of the EU.’

General Mladic, a real hero, who led his troops from the front, risking his own life, for his people, over and over, only to be betrayed and surrendered to the very tyrants who first financed the Islamic Jihad against the Serbian people and then actively participated in it. Are the Serbian authorities insane? No, just evil to the rotting marrow of their rotting bones, but the people are. Yes, the Serbs of ancient history are no more, replaced by fools, cowards and the soullessly corrupt.

Yup, your heroes, the defenders of your people are mythmakers and butcherers, and those who cleansed you from your ancestral lands are noble warriors. The men who raped your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, the men who butchered your priests, fathers, uncles, husbands and sons, are heroes of America, of the UK of all of the West, the noble Croatian Nazi and the Super Noble Islamic Jihadist. The owners of these men are now your owners and you give them their blood sacrifices. Fools and cowards!

Sure, the Radical Party voices its decent, and takes to the streets, proving that there is at least of core of people who still remember what being SERB means. But the majority are spineless, withered, soulless creatures, no different then the Greeks, Bulgars, Romanians and the rest of the drones of the EU and America.

I say this unto you, oh brother Serbs, though I do not expect you to listen, but hear me, oh foolish and sinful people: as the wind blows through a forgotten and deserted graveyard, past broken markers, so does it blow through you future. You have surrendered your faith in Christ, in your own history and majesty. You have surrendered your honour. You have given up all, for Euro blood money, and will thus also be given up upon and given up as sacrifice on the alter of Lucifer.

Repent, while you still have time. Throughout the puppets, thieves, and haters of Christ that now own your souls and play the tunes to which you dance. Struggle for your freedom and we will help you. Surrender your faith and freedom, and we Russians will turn away from you. You need only look to our Greek Brothers for what will befall all those who follow the West.

Did God not punish the Greeks with the destruction of Byzantine by the Islamic Turk, for going into thrall to the Catholic Heretics? Is God not again punishing the Greeks for again, foolishly, following into another Western Heresy, the EU and NATO? This is your future, the only future.


guss said...

Dear S.M.
I have to tell you that the Greek state is founded and since then governed by the coalition of the Francs, the Saxons and the Visigoths. This situation holds since 1830 and was established after the 1821 revolution against the Ottomans.
The first king was to be Otto, a 17 years old bavarian prince.
In the Treaty had not been mentioned for obligation of
Otto to govern under the Constitution or that should be
embrace Orthodoxy.
The first political parties were: the English party, the French party and the Russian party (does that tells you what was the political situation then?).
Since 19th century nothing has changed substantially in the political landscape.
Greek people never accepted the Ottoman sovereignty and since the 15th century more than 70 anti-ottoman movements had occured.The most serious was the Orlov events (1770) under the conduction of Theodore and Alexi Orlov officers of Ekaterini B' of Russia.The period was typical of the intervention of a superpower that was trying to make its rights.
The mercenaries of the Russians commited atrocities and looting against locals.The coast of Asia Minor, Thrace and Macedonia looted. Greek pirates, fly Russian flags and sow terror in the seas and coastal populated areas. Finally, the Russian officers engaged in systematic plundering of antiquities.
The Cycladic population refused to cooperate with the Russians. Many leave their homeland and others talking secretly with the Turks for the restoration of the Ottoman administration.
With the Russo-Turkish Treaty of Küçük Kainartzi (10 July 1774) the Russian fleet left the Aegean Sea, leaving behind poverty, misery and desolation. The Russian occupation lasted four years and revealed the Roman island population of the true face of Big Brother Orthodox. The power of Konstantinoupolis is established again and the Christians return to the old regime, before the "Russian intrigue" - in the words of the contemporary with the events Moraitis P. Papatsonis - the system that where "Christians prospered near the Turks".No complaint against the Russian people from me.I know it was all imperial policy but I warn you: the situation is not romantic.
The Greek state has taken divorce (or was never married) the feelings of the Greek people.

Pervych said...

Did God not punish the Greeks with the destruction of Byzantine by the Islamic Turk, for going into thrall to the Catholic Heretics? Нет!!! Фактически, снижение, ускоренное после 1054 ...!!!

Is God not again punishing the Greeks for again, foolishly, following into another Western Heresy, the EU and NATO? Да, но был предсказан в Фатима,
что эта измена может иметь глобальные разветвления ...!!!

David said...

Dear Stanislav,

My name is David and I am from Belgrade. I have been following your blog with interest for some time now, and I agree with most of the opinions you give. However, I cannot completely agree with your opinion on the matter of Mladich's arrest.

First of all, most Serbs are heavily confused and have fallen into a lethargy after all the lies which have been heaped upon the Serbian people. A majority of the people do not know what to think. And there is a small group of people who are highly patriotic. (I am among them!)

The reason for this apathy is that unlike Russia, Serbia has been subject to constant negative selection and humiliation since the establishment of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1918, and even more so during Tito's Yugoslavia. Under these two anti-Serbian regimes, it was considered contrary to "brotherhood and unity" to say that you are a Serb, as that would offend the Croats and Slovenes (and later the other peoples which were invented from the Serbian nation). On the other hand, in Russia, when Stalin came to power after Lenin's assassination, it was a godsend for the Russian people. Lenin was a Western agent and, had he lived and ruled as long as Stalin, Russia would be on its knees today, or non-existent.

Second, as I had mentioned before there are quite a few patriotic organizations and people in Serbia. They fight every day against Tadich and his government. For instance, look at "Geopolitika" ( or Neboysha Malich ( - in Serbian; - in English). The question now is not only whether the Serbs want freedom, but whether Russia has the courage and will to support the cause of those individuals in Serbia who fight against the West.

Our forces are almost spent, and if Russia doesn't step in and relieve us of some of the burden, there will be no Serbs left.

We have suffered long enough.


brgytangub said...

As an American I have been disillusioned since our intervention in the former Yugoslavia.....I know the history there and the Serbian people fight for the right and freedom.The other groups there have in the past hid under the emporors skirt....colonial stooges.Serbia has been beat up with sanctions and isolation and of course people become weary and disengaged.Even in US people seem that way(for different reasons).Mladic Is a hero!

brgytangub said...

Serbia is beaten up and weary.....but they will be fine.....history shows this.We're pulling for you! God Bless Gen.Mladic!

Anonymous said...

Sad situation. The pigs are somehow tricking Serbia to join euroland when all the other rats are running down the ropes!It just seems the marxist pigs are going after any country/people/ or leader that is trying to save themselves from the banksters.I dont know what this crew in Belgrade are playing at , they only have 700 years of history of treachery to learn from.

jack said...

Coffee calling the kettle black Stas at least the Serbs make a noise exposing western backed machinations against Serbia with terrorism, war, organised crime, etc.

Russians have done absolutely nothing except from the extreme right Nazi facist groups whose only concern is Jews and immigrants and the other Russians mainly expats who are anti-Russian.

As far as I can tell I am the only one who posts direct evidence of western support for Chechen terrorism and this whole Al Qaeda thing is targeted towards Russia and the Eurasian sphere mainly on the Underground Serbian Cafe.

Now (which was entirely predictable) NATO and their Islamic terrorist groups are gearing up for a Yugoslav style war against Russia creating the army of the anti-Christ the Neo Ottoman empire.

What has Russian done for Serbia? Pretty much nothing in fact Russia’s foreign policy consists making agreements with regimes that will be part of an oil consortium deal like Pakistan now that was the biggest whore of the US/Britain/NATO running camps and supporting international Islamic terrorism.

ISI were so active in the first Chechen war they were said to actually be running it and Basayeav was trained in an ISI terrorist training camp.

Cautious optimist said...

Yes it is pathetic. Current serbian government treats EU like a holy cow. If you say something against it you're fascist, ultranationalist etc. They label people with such an ease (learnt at NATO, NGO, CIA, EU schools) that in most cases you get expelled from society you grew up at. Russian bonds are strong over here but obviously NATO has studied its doctrine perfectly. Before we knew what was going on they have putted us on a leash knowing that pathetic figure of 7 mil. people cant do nothing that will stress them. Russian support is weak mainly focusing on "harsh" diplomatic "reactions" and no deeds. Russia will wait for us to "disappear" and then they will have one less problem. Current situation presents russian "interests" over here in Serbia. Time will come when we will all be killed and Russia will "harshly" protest in a ridiculous UN assembly. Thats it. Thank you anyway.

Stanislav said...

@Cautious optimist

I disagree. However, Russia can hardly flex its muscles to Serbia when it has absolutely no access to get to Serbia, which is now surrounded by NATO puppets. If Greece breaks free, then it will align with Russia and then there will be Russian bases in Greece and then there's a way. Which is why the EU is more then happy to bleed Greece into extinction to avoid just that.