Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top 9 Signs that Totalitarian Democracy is Here To Stay

Ever get the feeling, living in the West, that the end of your civilization, as you know it, is here? Well, you are not alone. The cycle of Monarchy-Revolution-Republic-Democracy-Anarchy-Totalitarianism is almost done and most of the societies are now in the Democracy-Anarchy-Totalitarianism stage of transition, closing in on the final end game.

1 -- The elites of the West wage global wars, against the very laws of their own lands, ignoring the will of their people and their own constitutional boundaries for nefarious reasons. These wars cost billions of dollars and euros which the bankrupt nations do not have, leading to further cuts in services to advance the lining of the pockets of the military industrial complexes backing NATO.

2 -- Even as this goes on, a race to the bottom with massive printing of cash, is the status que of the West. In 2008, CBSNews had this interesting article. Central banks open different cash spigots

The world's central bankers are strapping on some pretty exotic monetary gear these days as they try to prevent a global financial brush fire from becoming a full-blown economic recession. Before September, monetary authorities — whether at the Bank of Canada, the U.S. Federal Reserve or the Bank of England — basically used interest rates to control inflation and economic activity.
As panic took hold of Wall Street and almost every other equity market, central bankers started pumping new money into the financial systems of various countries as fast as possible. The amounts involved grew so quickly that what were shocking figures at the beginning of the crisis became mundane as more companies ran into financial trouble.

The process has not stopped. Inflation of the money supply has led to sky rocketing prices. In America, for example, the cost of a Memorial Day picnic, compared to just a year ago, has gone up by 29%! Less banger for your buck: The Memorial Day BBQ will cost you 29% more this year thanks to inflation

3-- This in turn has made retirement extinct and has thrown the savings of tens of millions of seniors, and the seniors themselves, under the proverbial train. As interest rates are kept at zero, retirement funds, set aside, are now earning nothing and in some cases actually loosing money, while pensions are not adjusted upwards, through accounting gimics that show inflationary pressure at zero while prices surge. In this, the UK is already leading the charge.

Millions of people are expected to struggle as they cope with a smaller retirement fund than they expected to. Reports suggest that retirees will likely see a significant decrease in income as they face the prospect of hardship in the coming years
UK retirees to suffer financial hardship

4-- Then there is the general financial oppression of the people of the West. The elites, never ending the gravy government train ride that has shifted the vast majority of the wealth of all the Western nations into their hands, are out to squeeze what's left of society.

Just in the UK, this spring alone, the VAT has gone up, mandatory contributions are up, and another 1 million people have been re-bracketed into a higher tax bracket. Clapped-out UK finally squeezed to the last drop even as in the US municipal taxes are sky rocketing, there are increases in sales taxes and the working rich, those actually earning an income, as opposed to the elites earning percentages off of existing money, are facing increases in personal taxes, from politicians owned by those elites.

In Greece the public is facing incredibly higher taxes, cut benefits and a massive sell off of government assets to the banking elites, while the country takes out billions more in loans that will not go help the people but to pay the creditors: aka, the elites of Europe. The same disaster faces Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal in the first wave and everyone else afterwards. Greece and Spain react to the Euro-pact of painful economic reforms

Of course all of this is killing businesses and employment, leading to yet more on the government dole in an engineered endless vortex, which itself leads to mass demonstrations and protests, thus hurtling the West straight into the Anarchy phase it has entered, even as all the machinery of the Tyranny phase are in place.

5-- And the state is watching you and worse yet, the Totalitarian Democracies are exchanging data on their citizens, so there is no escape from your "freedom". From groping transportation security agents or naked screen shots, first at airports and now at railways and bus stations, to hundreds of millions of cameras tracking a citizens every move, to smart phones logging in your location every couple of minutes, you are never alone, not even on the crapper. Researcher: iPhone, iPad track users' whereabouts

In the UK there are dust bin patrols, looking into every citizens rubbish to see what they have consumed or not. Busy bodies that can not get enough of the voyeuristic life style. In the US, the government spends billions not on crumbling bridges or decayed schools but on monitoring social networking. US government plans mass monitoring of social networks while the American enforcers, er police, are actively stealing innocent people's data off of their smart phones. ACLU wants to know how Michigan cops use 'data extraction devices'

But as if all this was not enough to break the back of the average citizen:

6-- Out of control crime and minority "rage" is everywhere. In America, mobs of youths are now rampaging through business districts, robbing stores. A mob of over fifty such youths, building on the social media of "flash mobs" went on just such a rampage near Chicago. “Young people are risk takers; they do things in groups far more than adults do. A medium like Twitter plays into the characteristics of young person’s behavior,” Scott Decker, a professor of criminology at Arizona State University, told

Meanwhile Norway is experiencing an insane wave of rapes, as third world migrants run rampant destroying the lives of non-believers, that is, the indigenous locals. This is ok, since this destroys any coherent control of a culture by the locals and ushers in the Totalitarian Democracy. Both the perps and the victims are useful idiots to the plans of the power elite. Police Report: All Assault Rapists in Oslo Follow Muhammad .

But Norway has a long way to go to catch up to Sweden, as Stockholm is now and has been for a long time, the capital of rape in Europe. Sweden tops European rape league. Sweden has 46 rapes per 100,000 people, which is double the next highest, UK and up to 20 times higher than most Eastern European countries. Of course, just like this article, Swedish elites, controlling the media, do not want to admit that the third world scum they bring in is behind this. An example of this:

Swedish girls Malin and Amanda were on their way to a party on New Year’s Eve when they were assaulted, raped and beaten half to death by four Somali immigrants. Sweden’s largest newspaper has presented the perpetrators as “two men from Sweden, one from Finland and one from Somalia”, a testimony as to how bad the informal censorship is in stories related to immigration in Sweden. Similar incidents are reported with shocking frequency, to the point where some observers fear that law and order is completely breaking down in the country. The number of rape charges in Sweden has tripled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six - 6 - times as common today as they were a generation ago. Most other kinds of violent crime have rapidly increased, too. Instability is spreading to most urban and suburban areas.
Muslim Rape Wave In Sweden

7-- Which brings us to the next point. The power elites, in order to hasten the final cycle, have flooded the West with the third worlders who actively disrupt and destroy the cohesion of society and are used as excellent storm troopers to and voting blocks to bring the Republic-Democracy cycle to its full swing and quickly launch the Democracy-Anarchy cycle. Then what is left of the indigenous population will be begging for the Totalitarian cycle to save themselves from the very barbarians they so actively allowed in. After all, the fools of the West were bribed with sympathy for those poor suffering masses or by promises of cheap goods and services from the imported slave labour.

In 2009, the brilliant and oft silenced mind of Patrick Buchanan brought Americans the warning of the invasion in "State of Emergency". The book of course was little noticed and mostly ignored. In Europe, leaders of movements that are stirring notice are either murdered, such as Jorg Hader, who died in a mysterious car wreck right after winning power, or the assassination of the Belgian rising political star Pim Fortuyn or are prosecuted such as Geert Wilder in the Netherlands or the British Nationalist Party.

8-- But of course, the excuse of bringing in the Third World for labour would not have worked if the West had kept aborting its own children in the millions. In Britain, 40+ women have the second highest abortion rates after teenagers. This is linked to care free, Devil may be life styles that bare no responsibility for their actions and care about life not one bit. 40-Something Women and Troubling Abortion Trends But this study found that American and Canadian women were the same.

The U.K. article cites another statistic indicating that higher abortion rates are not accidental, the result of contraceptive failures and surprise pregnancies, but are a lifestyle pattern in many older women. It states, "It is not clear from the statistics how many women had had an abortion before. But 44 percent of women aged 30-plus having terminations were on at least their second, 9 percent were on their third and 2 percent their fourth."

Women, who are supposed to be setting the role model for the next generation, showing wisdom are instead acting like careless teens, running around after a childhood that was supposed to have been shelved decades prior and murdering their own unborns with mindless and guiltless ease.

But even as abortion rates continue to hold high, what is even more impressive is the overall dropping birth rates, no not of the nations, but of the indigenous populations of the West. Indeed, if one looks at the overall US, French, British birthrates, they continue to be impressive, until one notices that they are composed of Mexican illegals in the US and Islamics in Europe. Then one understands that the end is near.

9-- But the biggest and most basic concept of why all this is happening is quite simple: the post Christian West. The elites, who knowingly or not, serve the Enemy, have also made the majority of the population into slaves of the Enemy. Many actually think of themselves as God fearing "Christians" even as they don't mind abortion, look the other way on degenerative popular culture or dance in the streets at the assassination of a man, even if that man was the evil Osama.

This reign of relativism which is so striking today is due, in part, to the necessities of our time. Societies are so mixed, with such plurality of peoples. You have to keep a balance between various creeds. You must not take sides. Every belief is supposed to be accorded equal value. Inevitably, even if you are not a relativist, you must sound like one if not act like one.

As a result, we have more and more relativism. And we have more and more people who hate any kind of faith. This is especially the case in the university. And it hurts intellectual life. Because all truths are treated as equal, since there is said to be no objective Truth, you are forced to be banal and superficial. You cannot be truly committed to anything, to be "for" something—even if only for the time being.
The Dictatorship Of Relativism And The Post Christian West

Christians in the West are frowned upon by the intellectual class, that is the elites and their useful idiots. Having a strong faith can cost you a promising career, especially in the sciences. Just like the previous Tyrannical system of the Soviet Union. Christians are even arrested for simply being "in the way" of gay pride parades or Islamic "culture" gatherings, while the elite owned media mocks them at every step.

The EU constitution, itself passed through absolute non-democratic means, rejected even mentioning Europe's Christianity.

Of course this most modernism, this post Christianity, that recognizes no absolute truths has led to this train of disaster and how could it not have? Once the Christians rejected the very form of government that is God's, the divine monarchy, they embarked on a path of relativism that could and can only lead to their enslavement and is almost complete.

Unfortunately, of course, the rising satanic Totalitarian West is all to happy to help any force on earth that promises to eat Christians and the Christian faith: be it the revolutionaries in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, the powers that be in "liberated" Iraq, in Turkey, Bosnia, Albania or the dear allies in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan and so on.

Evil is what Evil does and those of you unfortunate enough to live in the West are slaves to more than just mortal evil, you are now the play things or the Enemy.


Cheryl Pass said...

I'm surprised to see no other comments on this one...but I guess you actually said it all. Just please pray for those of us who see all you describe and can do very little, if anything, to stop it.

sobaka said...

Stanislav, I was born and live in the West, and I agree with everything you have to say. We are living in a post-Christian society which is well on the way to becoming a totalitarian hell-hole. However, I was born to Russian parents and I am a Russian Orthodox Christian, and whilst most people around are mere slaves of the elite with their mindless pop culture and politically correct plurality, not all people have yet succumb. I stand firm in my belief in God, monarchy and fatherland. Но я думаю что ты прав и что скоро здесь станет невозможно жить. Может быть в будущем придется вернутся на культурную и духовную родину - хаха а пока надо русский выучить.

Sean O'Brian said...

Pim Fortuyn was Dutch, not Belgian.