Friday, July 1, 2011

Georgia's Dead End Obsession

Georgia's Dead End Obsession

Having failed to exterminate their minorities, first in the 1920s, then in the early 1990s and finally in 2008, you would think the Georgians would have faced international scrutiny and sanctions, but instead they are couched by the West to keep at it.

They had lost, for all intents and purposes, control over Abhazia and S.Ossessia in the early 1990s, when their murderous genocidal rampages through these small territories, combined with a defunct ineffective "fighting" force, better able to rape and murder women and children then to actually fight a war, was routed and demolished. Thus for all intents and purposes, since 1993, the Georgians have had no real, physical control of either of these independent Republics for the better part of 18 years.

This has not stopped them from trying and trying and trying. Even today, the Georgians passed a series of new laws, granting everyone in those territories naturalization papers and passports for Georgia. To add to this insanity, the documents are not free, but must be purchased for 35 lari, the equivalent of $22USD. For that, the person has to travel across the militarized border and pursue the issue with the Georgian. As if, any of those peoples, having lived through 2 Georgian loving caresses in a span of less then 20 years, would wish to delude themselves to be family with Georgia.

However, this split with reality, is coached by the Americans and English, the fires stocked by the NATO and EU bureaucrats. Georgian lust for the land and perceived wrongs, in being thwarted in their homicidal national endeavors, are constantly being reinforced, as are their desires to return to these lands, which are not their own. The parallelism here with the Palestinians is striking, as is the mental abuse upon successive generations taught this lunacy and encourage by interested third parties.

Of course these interested third parties are not doing this for the betterment of the Georgians, indeed the effect is quite the opposite. By pushing these national fantasies, they have assured that the Georgians have perpetually, or at least as long as they keep up these delusions, have ruined relationships with Russia, which was their first and foremost market place for the produce, wines, mineral waters that Georgia produced, as well as the origin of the vast majority of the remittance monies and a fountain head of tourism.

The economic hell that this has caused the Georgian people, this severing of ties with Russia, is exactly what the Anglos want and need. It keeps the Georgians poor and angry and their leaders, themselves American puppets, are able to easy march them off to endless provocations and wars against Russia. While they have no chance of winning any of these, the purpose is not to win, but to antagonize and cause problems for Russia with spilt Georgian blood.

When will the Georgians wake up and realize that they have been used by their "friends"? Sacrificed on the alter of geopolitics of which they can have no hope of being a player and are only the sacrificial pawn? When will they finally give up on the pipe dream of returning these two republics back to their borders and instead will work on constructive economics with Russia?

In other words, how many more tens of thousands of Georgia's sons will have to die before they swallow their pride and lunacy and wake up?


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Thank you for your great work on these posts. Very helpful for an American like myself, who is also an Orthodox Christian (convert).

I am indebted to you, and mention your work in this latest post:

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"indebted"???!!! Остерегайтесь!!! Они отрицают или хвастаются об их задолженности и нападают на их кредиторов!!! БОГ ПРОКЛИНАЕТ ИХ ВСЕ!!!